Omnistar Technology Partners

Omnistar Interactive has formed strategic partnerships with the following companies to provide our customers with the best services. We are constantly looking for like-minded companies whose products and services offer outstanding value to our customers. Listed below are companies that are committed to help our customers excel in their business.

woocommerce affiliate software WooCommerce is the best shopping cart plugin for WordPress websites. Install WooCommerce for Free in your WordPress hosted website. You can integrate WooCommerce with hundreds of free and commercial WooCommerce extensions that will help you manage your online store efficiently.

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mad mimi affiliate software Mad Mimi helps your business create simple and beautiful email marketing. This powerful email marketing company will make it easy for you to create a well-designed and elegant email. Some of the happy customers who use Mad Mimi are Seth Godin, Aol, and Columbia University. Create, send, share, and track your emails using Mad Mimi.

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big commerce affiliate software Want to create a professional online store easily? Then, BigCommerce is the right ecommerce software for you. With BigCommerce you can create your online store in minutes. There is no coding required. Simply sign up with them and choose from the many templates they have to offer. BigCommerce is a reliable platform that will grow with your business and is easy to customize.

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Shopify is a easy to use online store builder. It has a fully customizable store design and the store includes ecommerce hosting. You can sign up for our affiliate software from Shopify's app store and we will do the integration for you.


paypal affiliate tracking software PayPal is the ideal, easy, and convinient transaction method chosen by web users around the world. You can use PayPal to accept payments and also make payments online without sharing your financial information. Omnistar Affiliate Software integrates with PayPal to help you grow your business. You can use our affiliate program to double your sales.

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affiliate software partners You can easily ingrate Mailchimp into OSI Affiliate Software. MailChimp is the leader in email marketing software. To learn more about Mailchimp visit: To integrate with Mailchimp you will simply enter the API Key and the List ID of the email list you want affiliates to get added to.


amazon webstore affiliate software Amazon Webstore is a stand-alone eCommerce platform that integrates seamlessly with the entire Amazon Services portfolio to provide a complete set of eCommerce features and functionality in a single solution. Use Fulfillment by Amazon to provide your customers with a world-class shipping experience, offer Amazon Prime shipping, or advertise your products using Amazon Product Ads.

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moz affiliate software If you want the best inbound marketing analytics software then you should definitely checkout Moz. Moz provides inbound marketing analytics software and they create free resources to teach you inbound marketing.

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cloudhq affiliate software cloudHQ is a service that continuously synchronizes and replicates data between multiple cloud services and cloud accounts in real-time.

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livechat affiliate software We believe that every business with a website needs tools to communicate with its customers. LiveChat fills in for phone calls, which are expensive and e-mails, which tend to be slow. Unique greetings and powerful reporting are just some of our features that will aid you in your day-to-day activities. Over 6000 happy customers rely on LiveChat in their everyday duties.

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dispop affiliate software Drive new clients to your site and retarget lost ones with Dispop's self serve platform. Free set of banners and $75 in free advertising.

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efulfillment service affiliate software eFulfillment Service (EFS) is an established, award-winning leader in eCommerce order fulfillment. Every day, hundreds of merchants around the world depend on EFS for fast, simple, affordable order fulfillment.

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zopim affiliate software Just like in a real shop, Zopim lets you have live conversations with visitors on your website. Impress and convert them into loyal customers before they move on to the next site. Place our beautiful, customizable chat widget on your website, and start having genuine conversations with visitors within minutes.

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cubecart affiliate software CubeCart is one of the most established and widely used ecommerce software solutions avialable. Trusted by tens of thousands of merchants globally to sell digital and tangible good. CubeCart is robust and has true flexibility for growth.

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sendloop affiliate software Sendloop is the best and the easiest email marketing and list management service for SaaS and small businesses.

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avactis affiliate software Avactis Shopping cart gives you everything you need to create a successful ecommerce website. Whether you're looking to start an online business or are already actively selling online, it provides you with powerful and easy-to-use ecommerce software.

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addshoppers affiliate software AddShoppers helps online retailers boost shares, sales, and conversion rates with FREE, clever social marketing apps.

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foxycart affiliate software FoxyCart helps developers create flexible, powerful, custom ecommerce in less time, while equipping merchants with the fastest checkout flow available to their customers.

Learn more about the FoxyCart and OSI Affiliate Software Integration


unbounce affiliate software Unbounce is a powerful self-serve landing page builder. It's the easiest and quickest way to build, publish and test a landing page without I.T. (think PowerPoint for landing pages). With 50 fully-cusomizable templates designed to convert, use Unbounce to create sign-up pages for your OSI Affiliate Software programs within minutes and no HTML knowledge required.

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3dcart affiliate software Create an attractive online store quickly and easily using 3dcart. 3dcart will have you up and running in no time and it is very easy to use and customize. Whether it is your first time creating your online store or you are just switching from a different platform, 3dcart's powerful store is perfect for your online store.

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affiliate software partners Highrise is a web-based contact manager that prepares you to do business. Whether it is a new lead, a client, or contact you can use Highrise to take notes so that you will know what you discussed the next time you talk to them. You can also manage tasks and keep track of leads and proposals. Highrise offers a 30-day Free Trial on all their plans.

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wordpress affiliate software WordPress is a web software you can use to create a website or blog. The software is free and easy to install. If you don't know how to install WordPress you can sign up with one of their hosting partners who offer a one click install. The Omnistar WordPress affiliate software plugin allows you to setup an affiliate program to double your sales.

Download the Omnistar WordPress Affiliate Software Plugin


affiliate software partners X-Cart is a feature rich ecommerce shopping cart software that allows businesses to start an online sales channel. To multiply and increase your success using X-Cart, you can integrate with our affiliate software and reward commissions to affiliates who bring you sales. To integrate with X-Cart you will simply add an affiliate tracking code on the confirmation page of your X-Cart shopping cart.

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affiliate software partners Wufoo is a hosted web form builder. It allows you to build forms online while the application builds the database backend and scripts needed to make the form work. Wufoo is very user friendly and makes it easy for you to get started. You simply sign up and create an amazing web form in minutes. It is quick and easy to use. If you want to give it a try you can sign up for free from the Wufoo website.

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Campaign Monitor makes it easy for you to send beautiful email campaigns to your customers. Their email software allows you to see results of all your campaigns and also manage your subscribers. To integrate with Campaign Monitor you will enter the API Key and the List ID of the campaign list you want your affiliates added to.


Omnistar has partnered with Rackspace which is the leader in managed hosting. Through our partnership with Rackspace we are confident that the data center, physical plant and network infrastructure and security will allow our customers and partners to know their data is secure and protected. Rackspace has been a leader in the managed hosting industry for over a decade and servs over 14,000 customers in eight datacenters worldwide.


Batchbook allows you to keep track of your business, personal, and social networking contacts and share them with the rest of your team. You can create a flexible, easy-to-use contact database from scratch, or import your contacts from an existing system To integrate with BatchBook, enter the API Key from your BatchBook account.


If you are looking for a great team of designers to create your banners for online marketing campaigns then 20dollarBanners is the company for you. Whether you order just one or a hundred banners, each and every banner is designed and carefully crafted to maximize your CTR.


nexternal affiliate software Looking for the the best eCommerce platform on the market? You have found it! Nexternal will help grow your business using their online store. It comes with built in SEO tools that will help drive more traffic to your store. More traffic to the store means more conversions. With more conversions, your business will be booming.

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oscommerce affiliate software Oscommerce is a free open source shopping cart software. It is easy to use and install. It comes with many features like providing better reports on products, better system to store order information in the database, and even temporary shopping carts for guests to your e-store. Additionaly, there are no hidden costs or fees and the software is not limited.

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google signle sign-on Omnistar Affiliate Software allows you to log in to your affiliate software using Google's Single Sign-On. This seamless login experience makes it easier for you to get access to your affiliate software and gets rid of the burden of trying to remember all your usernames and passwords.

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ordoro affiliate software Automate and simplify your dropshipping process using the smartest shipping app in the world, Ordoro. Ordoro makes it easy to ship and deliver all your orders in minutes. It saves you time and it brings all your shopping carts, marketplaces, and shipping accounts in one place. Work smarter and grow your business with Ordoro.

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social rebate affiliate software Social Rebate is an innovative e-commerce solution that converts your customers' purchases into highly credible Social Media marketing. We believe your customers are your best marketers. Hire them.

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