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idevaffiliate vs post affiliate pro

Let us show you why OsiAffiliate is the best compared with other software.

15 Day Free Trial

Starting an affiliate program for your business is really easy when you use OsiAffiliate. You can sign up now, integrate the software with your shopping cart or checkout process, and start recruiting affiliates. In no time you will be on your way to grow your business. Best of all, to get started you can sign up for the 15 day free trial.

Easy Setup Wizard

Starting an affiliate program has never been this easier. As soon as you are logged in, OsiAffiliate prompts you to go through the easy getting started wizard which will walk you through all the steps of getting the software setup. In less than five minutes, you will have the software integrated with your shopping cart and have your first affiliate program created. Within the setup wizard, you will have voiceovers that you can listen to that explain what you are seeing on the screen. Get your affiliate program started today and start growing your business.

No Contract/Free Setup/No Hidden Fees

No other affiliate software in the industry has better pricing than OsiAffiliate. There is no contract, no hidden fees, and the setup is free. Most importantly, the price is affordable. Start your affiliate program today and you will not only double your sales but you will also improve your seo.

Additional Marketing Resources

Do you like free stuff? Guess what? As an OsiAffiliate customer, you will get additional marketing resources to help your online marketing and seo goals. You will get marketing e-books, link building e-books, and many other resources that will help expand your business.