How eCommerce Companies Can Use BuzzSumo

Works for: Bigcommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, OsCommerce, Volusion, YahooStore, Miva Merchant, X-Cart, Drupal Commerce, and most eCommerce carts. BuzzSumo..sounds like a big Japanese guy who had a bit of fun with Sake. Very creative name for a creative brand in its own right. Have you ever wanted to scope out the market and see what particular topics are hot button for your niche? BuzzSumo gets right in between the sandwich … Continue reading

How To Grow into A Million Dollar eCommerce Business

On this episode of the eCommerce Marketing Podcast we have Jock Purtle from Jock is going to show you how to grow your eCommerce business into a million dollar business. This episode will give you actionable tips you can use to grow your business. Marketing Strategies Revealed in this Episode: How to find the right niche How to make your product great How to prioritize your time Learn How … Continue reading

IFTTT for eCommerce Marketers

Works for: Bigcommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, OsCommerce, Volusion, YahooStore, Miva Merchant, X-Cart, Drupal Commerce, and most eCommerce carts. Online marketers have to complete a plethora of tasks to ensure that everything is running smoothly. If you are an eCommerce expert or retailer you probably already know how much time and effort goes into the planning and execution phases of an online strategy. That is mostly because there are several mundane & … Continue reading

eCommerce Marketing Weekly Round-up #3: Top 10 picks from the Digital Marketing World this week

25 Lessons From Guest Blogging For The Top Blogs In The World: In this article Greg Digneo who is the founder of where he teaches businesses on how to double sales with content marketing strategies especially guest blogging, lists 25 lessons that he has learnt in the long journey. During the past few years, I’ve written for some of the most popular marketing blogs in the world. Blogs like … Continue reading

The 7 Factors That Affect Your eCommerce Conversion Rates

On this episode of the eCommerce Marketing Podcast we have Kevin Hermansen from Kevin shares with us the 7 mistakes that hurt your conversion rates. He details why these 7 mistakes turn customers away and affect your bottom line. Listen to this podcast now to make sure that you are not making these 7 mistakes and learn how to boost sales and conversions for your eCommerce store. Marketing Strategies … Continue reading

The 10 Best WooCommerce Templates to Use For Your Store

Some will say that WooCommerce is the most comprehensive and feature-rich eCommerce plugin for WordPress websites. To be honest, we can’t argue with them. This superb plugin was designed with business in mind and it will take care of the most important eCommerce aspects of your site. Since it was first released, WooCommerce has been at the forefront of most eCommerce platforms. The main reason why businesses and entrepreneurs choose … Continue reading

The 10 Best Shopify Templates and Themes – December

More and more Ecommerce stores are popping up online, and although a vast number of retailers decide to build their online shops with the help of WordPress, more and more have decided to choose Shopify as their main platform. We can’t blame them. Plenty of web designers have also taken a keen interest into this all-in-one ecommerce solution and are providing elegant, fully featured and robust themes. In case you … Continue reading

The Best Email Marketing Tools for eCommerce Businesses

Email Marketing has been one of the oldest, time tested, still more relevant and a successful medium to reach out to customers. The first and the foremost factor that play a most important role in the success of an email marketing campaign is the quality and the volume of qualified email subscribers that you have in your database. This guide helps you to get acquainted with some of the best … Continue reading

How to Create More Engaging Content for Your eCommerce

Content Marketing has now become a byword and a must have strategy for anyone who are into digital marketing. With thousands of content being published every day ranging from blogs, Tweets, Facebook updates, infographics and ebook and each and since each and every article is carefully devised to attract and engage customers, your content must have a little extra that should clearly demarcates your content from the rest. There are … Continue reading

How to Increase YouTube Engagement for your eCommerce Website

One of the hardest things about YouTube marketing is promoting your own channel. YouTube marketing is a huge component of your eCommerce strategy, and its effectiveness will most likely affect the overall performance of your business. Proper promotion of your YouTube channel means more prospects, and more prospects provide the competitive edge, drives the demand and increases your ROI. While search engine optimization and social media marketing is essential for … Continue reading

eCommerce Marketing Weekly Round-up #2: 25 Best Articles

A while back we shared our first eCommerce Marketing Weekly Round-up. Because you have enjoyed the suggestions we made, we decided to create a second round-up of articles that will prove useful for entrepreneurs, internet marketers, business owners and tech savvy individuals. We strongly believe that eCommerce Marketing has a lot to do with listening to what others have to say. Also, it is only by listening to thought-leaders in … Continue reading

90 Must-have Tools For eCommerce Startups

As a startup, with financial challenges and man power constraints it is always smart and wise to invest in tools and applications that help run, manage and automate business activities. The following is an exhaustive list of applications that enables you to manage a whole range of business activities. Marketing Software: 1. OSI Affiliate Software: The best software for boosting traffic and sales using referral and affiliate marketing. 2. HubSpot: The complete … Continue reading