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eCommerce marketing isn’t only about implementing the best strategies and trying to drive the best conversions. As you may have already noticed, it is also a lot about listening. When we say listening, we aren’t just referring to your customers and prospects, but also listening to other thought-leaders in the industry. For this purpose we have decided to share a Weekly Round-up for the best eCommerce Marketing articles, tips and tricks from the experts. Let’s see what they have to say.

As retailers, we try to do all we can to ensure that our customers have a great experience with our brand, site and products. However, as much as we try to control the process, some things are simply out of our hands. Sure, it is up to you to create an interesting and user-friendly design, to place product descriptions, write emails and follow-up on them, engage with your client-base on social media and so on, but once your product is shipped to the customer you can do nothing but wait.

Unfortunately, many eCommerce businesses are not using YouTube to market their companies. YouTube is a great marketing strategy because it can be used to maintain and develop relationships with your customers. Do not lose out on selling more and getting more customers by not using YouTube.

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Infographic: How to Increase Your eCommerce Traffic by 37% Using YouTube

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Having set your WooCommerce Web Store up and running, your next step must be on the efficient management of workflows and functionalities that helps run your store efficiently. This is where plugins play a most important role in helping make you life easier. Plugins are small software applications that can be installed on your WordPress WooCommerce Website that performs specific functions.

The following are the list of must have plugins that enables you to manage and automate functions that are required for the smooth functioning of your online store.

Do you ever feel like you are running out of ideas for your website’s content? You are not the only one! Even the most experienced bloggers and business owners are faced with writer’s block at some point in their career. Coming up with new, interesting and thought-provoking content, for eCommerce websites is tough, especially if you have already written all there is to write about. The good news is that there tens, if not hundreds of sources that you can use to boost your creativity. There are even more tools that will help you do this, and tens of thousands of voices that you can start listening to.

More and more companies are taking to the virtual world, and this means that we will see a significant increase in eCommerce websites and online stores in the following years. But how exactly does a search engine know the difference between an excellent eCommerce site and a mediocre one? It takes into account several factors including SEO, social media outreach and service quality. Building good links is essential for online stores, but it also extremely challenging to do. The most difficult part of eCommerce link-building is prioritizing page types (home pages vs category ones)


The online world has provided us with countless opportunities. Authors and talented writers can effectively promote their work online, artists can reach out to new audiences, and small businesses can further expand their presence without having to invest in brick-and-mortar stores. If you are a small local business owner you should seriously consider investing in your online presence. Not only is it cost-effective, but it will also help you attract customers faster. The solution is Local SEO.



The advent of social media platforms has completely revolutionized the way customer perceives and interacts with companies and brands. Social media has helped reduce the chasm that historically existed between both companies and customers.

Businesses both small and enterprises should now take social media more seriously than ever. This article acts as a guide that helps you decide on the best social media management tools and how they rank against each other in terms of unique features and pricing.


TweetDeck is one of the earliest and the most powerful real time Twitter management and tracking tool. TweetDeck’s intuitive and comprehensive features allows you to,

The concept of Schema.org has been on the SEO radar for more than three years. Although it is one of the most powerful forms of optimization, it is also the least-utilized. According to statistics, less than 0.3% of internet marketers and website owners use it on their pages. Effective e-Commerce schemas from the GoodRelations project have been integrated in Schema.org. This is great news for retailers, as it can vastly increase the click-through-rates for their sites. What Schema.org does is provide with additional information within the search engine snippet.



Shopping-cart abandonment has become an extremely popular subject for eCommerce experts. What exactly determines prospects to go through with a purchase, and why are there so many who leave your website? These are questions that you must absolutely find an answer to if you want your eCommerce website to become successful. According to Baymard.com, the average abandonment rate on online shops is over 65%. This means that 650 out of 1000 customers do not convert. You are, therefore, losing a lot of opportunities.



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