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How to Make Your Business Go Viral Using LeadPages and Omnistar Affiliate Software

This guide will show you how you can use your customers and website traffic to promote your business. All you need is LeadPages, and Omnistar Affiliate Software. LeadPages helps you generate leads with their beautiful landing pages and lead capture pop-ups. Omnistar Affiliate Software makes it easy for you to create a referral program. When you combine the power of these two applications, you will create a viral marketing loop … Continue reading

15 Great SEO Tools to Spy on Your Competitors

It’s one thing to have great content and products, but unless you know your competitors – all of that goes for naught. This poses a you really have all the time and energy in the world to dig up the dirt on your competitors? No? I thought so. That’s why it’s important to have an arsenal of tools to help you along the way. Luckily for you, there are … Continue reading

15 Tips on How eCommerce Companies Can Market on Quora

Quora is actually a great forum to help you indirectly promote your site. There are a lot of people on their with different queries as it relates to any form of marketing, and you can actually plug-in your own brand with a link. The main thing is having the right information and value to give to the users on the board. You don’t want to go to there aimlessly promoting … Continue reading

eCommerce Roundup: Top Articles for eCommerce Marketers (April-May 2016)

Here’s another quality list that will help you take your business to a different stage. There’s a lot of useful ideas that will help you build more revenue, list out different email campaigns, boost your confidence to keep things in order as well as talk to potential clients, and even mistakes to look out for when you make certain decisions. These 20 articles will certainly put your mindframe in another … Continue reading

eCommerce Roundup: Top Articles for eCommerce Marketers (Feb-March 2016)

Hi, everyone. As you all know, there’s constant evolution in the realm of ecommerce marketing. You always want to stay afloat in this ever changing topic because there’s room to grow and evolve. Below are some articles carefully selected due to the use it’ll have for not only the latest information, but new ideas to implore as you foray into your 2016 and beyond. These are some good articles to … Continue reading

25 Movies, Series, and Documentaries Every eCommerce Marketer Must See

Inspiration can come from anywhere – even films. Books are great to read and provide a solid perspective on things to help you achieve your goals. However, a visual, sound, and seeing humans play a role can be more effective sometimes. It conveys a more powerful message because you get to see everything in action rather than attempt to picture the words coming to life in your head. Yes, even … Continue reading

4 Online Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Increase Traffic and Sales

Nobody wants traffic out in the “real world.” Longer commutes, traffic jams, flaring tempers: No wonder the word inspires dread in every motorist. But things are different in the digital world. When it comes to your online presence, traffic is a very good thing. If visitors to your site were cars… you’d want them lined up bumper to bumper! Regular traffic on your site is crucial for your business. It’ll … Continue reading

eCommerce Roundup for the Month of January

Omnistar Affiliate remains a premier source for all of your ecommerce needs. However, there are other great articles online we highly recommend you take a look at on your free time. It never hurts to get a second opinion or some sound advice in an ever changing realm of marketing. Here’s a roundup of 15 articles we find engaging for you to read. 1.  5 Content Marketing Ideas for January … Continue reading

5 Tips to Get in the Referral Marketing Mindset

Referral marketing has become an integral part of a business’ branding plan. There’s a lot to say about interacting with your core audience, but also including them as a big piece of your brand. You want supporters not only to buy, but to promote and genuinely believe in your brand in a way that can create more organic growth. That’s why referral marketing is so important because it bridges different … Continue reading

Case Study: How CardKangaroo Increased Their Sales by 50% in 5 Months Using OSI Affiliate Software for Referral Marketing

Yes, you read that right and just in case you missed I will repeat it again, 50% in 5 months. Not only that, from using the strategy discussed below, CardKangaroo decided to drop and forget Google Adwords and just focus on referral marketing using OSI Affiliate Software. So, how did they achieve this success? To fully grasp why referral marketing works for CardKangaroo we have to understand the business first. … Continue reading

How NBA All-Star Jonathan Bender Increased Sales of His JBIT MedPro Product Using OSI Affiliate and Referral Marketing

NBA All-Star Jonathan Bender entered the NBA in 1999 as the number five overall draft pick. At age 25 his knees forced him into retirement.  Desperate to take pressure off his knees, he engineered his own apparatus using a few supplies he picked up at a drugstore. That apparatus is what is now known as the JBIT MedPro Product. It is used to relieve body aches and pain and for … Continue reading

How to Do SEO for Your Bigcommerce Store

Having an ecommerce store for your business is imperative these days especially when the clientele wants to have a uniform place to buy products and services. Bigcommerce has been around the market since the late 2000s growing into a multi-billion dollar revenue company. It’s helped the online presence for those building a brand on the web. SEO is still an important element for online businesses to get the traffic and … Continue reading