How to Get Your First Customers for Your eCommerce Store

Get the first 10 to 100 customers for your ecommerce store is not an easy feat. In fact, it’s like a test ground that takes a lot of work to help build up. Luckily, you don’t have to use traditional method and go about old ways of marketing to get those customers. Use your creative liberty mixed with technology to help create a customer base. Once you are able to … Continue reading

How to Better Use Social Media Tools and Internet Marketing to Grow your eCommerce Business

  On this episode of the eCommerce Marketing Podcast we have Krista Neher from Boot Camp Digital. Krista is going to share with us strategies for using social media tools to grow your eCommerce business. This episode will give you actionable tips you can use to grow your business now. Marketing Strategies Revealed in this Episode: How to figure out exactly what is it that people care about in social … Continue reading

10 eCommerce Marketing Tools To Use For 2015

Already four months into the year and it seems like new technology spreads faster than wildfire. While you don’t need to change your marketing tactics completely, elevating your repertoire certainly gives you an edge up against your competitors. Great tools can only mean creating longevity and making things easier to manage. Luckily for you, there are a lot of tools on the market that will help you get through this … Continue reading

4 eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Coming up with clear cut strategies from the jump is very important. You need to know the ins and outs of your brand and how to really capitalize from your base on a number of levels. You don’t have to get too expensive and go above and beyond. Keep to your mission statement but evolve with the times to make sure your head stays way above water. Here are some … Continue reading

Dos and Don’ts of Your eCommerce Referral Marketing Strategy

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in your marketing campaign only to find that it’s ineffective. Profit is something you definitely want but a horrible marketing plan will severely halt your chances of building longevity. Referrals certainly add a much richer customer base. A quality referral strategy certainly helps you reach out past your limits. However, it takes time and a good product to really sell the dream. Experience … Continue reading

How eCommerce Marketers Can Use Ahrefs

If you’re in eCommerce marketing, you’ve probably heard of a site called What is Ahrefs? To put it simply, it’s a tool used to measure, analyze, and monitor backlinks. It really helps when you are trying to find out what links do well for your page and trying to see a trend in your particular niche. Additionally, it’s very useful for finding information on domains and how well certain … Continue reading

Best 15 Books for eCommerce Marketers

Getting inspiration can come from a number of things. You can never knock a good book that just has the information you need to succeed. Before going on with our businesses it’s important to have some plan of action. Whether you have time to actually sit down in read a physical copy or time in your business schedule to look through your tablet, a good business book can spark the … Continue reading

Advanced Marketing Strategies for Your eCommerce Business from Mailbird CEO Andrea Loubier

On this episode of the eCommerce Marketing Podcast we have Andrea Loubier from Mailbird. Andrea is going to share with us the current marketing strategies she is using to grow Mailbird. This episode will give you actionable tips you can use to grow your business. Marketing Strategies Revealed in this Episode: How to use content marketing to promote your business and get customers Great paid advertising marketing strategies How to … Continue reading

The eCommerce Marketer’s Guide to Conversion Optimization

On this episode of the eCommerce Marketing Podcast we have Linda Bustos from Elastic Path Software. Linda will explain how you can use conversion optimization to make your eCommerce website and mobile website have a winning customer experience. This episode will give you actionable tips you can use to grow your business. Marketing Strategies Revealed in this Episode: Top mistakes people make Best tools for conversion optimization Advanced tips & … Continue reading

10 eCommerce Referral Program Examples – Food Industry

Food is a very interesting market that has a lot of niches in store. It’s a great place for an ecommerce marketer to dive into with social sites like Pinterest and Instagram showcasing unique recipes and different food markets. If a marketer has a special talent for food, setting up an ecommerce referral based site is definitely a good strategy. Here are some nice food ecommerce sites that have good … Continue reading

Best Alternatives to Amazon Webstore

Amazon is closing their eCommerce platform, Amazon Webstore in July 1, 2016. The Amazon Webstore platform is/was used by businesses to create and run their online shop. If you are looking for an alternative to Amazon Webstore or you are shopping around for eCommerce software, these are the best eCommerce platforms for you. 1. BigCommerce eCommerce and big go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s no wonder why BigCommerce … Continue reading

Best Help Desk and Live Support Software for eCommerce Companies

Works for: Bigcommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, OsCommerce, Volusion, YahooStore, Miva Merchant, X-Cart, Drupal Commerce, and most eCommerce carts. It’s not enough to be a top rated ecommerce company and not have the support needed to help your customers in need. If there are any disputes or some concerns, you need to be prime example of what customers can depend on in an ordeal. Customer service can ultimately break or make … Continue reading