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Affiliate Marketing KPIs: What to Focus on and What to Ignore

Affiliate marketers will agree that KPIs (key performance indicators) are essential in determining the success of an affiliate campaign. Without it, you will also have no way of telling if a program has a high chance of succeeding. How to Use KPIs You can use KPIs in two ways: to determine a program’s profitability for marketers and to optimize your program for managers. For marketers, they need to focus on Read More >>

How to Do Internal Linking for Your eCommerce Website

Internal linking – We may heard about it but for most of us eCommerce website owners, it is just way too complicated to even bother with. We already have so much on our plates. We need to set up our websites, add some products and optimize each one for SEO. On top of these, we need to look for places where we can promote our online stores so as to Read More >>

How to Do Deep Linking

Do you have a lot of products in your store? Want to make it easy for affiliates to promote all of your products? Of course you do! Then you need to use Omnistar’s deep linking feature. Without deep linking, creating affiliate links to all of your products can be hard. First of all, how will it work? Do you need to add the affiliate tracking code to all pages of Read More >>

50 Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop

Etsy has changed the way people sell handmade products. From creating and waiting for people to take notice, handmade crafters can now showcase their products on Etsy and have people come to them. A site that started 10 years ago, Etsy has grown to a 54 million community. It has over 1.6 million sellers from all over the world and around 25 million active buyers. That’ a lot of people Read More >>

How to Set Up an Affiliate Program for Shopify

Are you looking to grow your Shopify store using affiliate marketing? Starting an affiliate program for your Shopify is really easy. Affiliate marketing can help you get more traffic, sales, and customers. In this article, we’ll show you to get create an affiliate program for Shopify. The affiliate tracking software we’ll use in this post is Omnistar Affiliate Software. Omnistar makes it easy to create and manage an affiliate program Read More >>

How to Increase Customer Engagement with Push Notifications

Mobile marketing may be new but it is one of the most important turning points in marketing history. Not only are people using mobile gadgets more than desktop computers, they are also more engaged that they have ever been. In fact, engagement is soaring this year with 50% of people opening their mobile phones as they wake up in the morning and 80% using smartphones to access the Internet. This Read More >>

How to Optimize Amazon and Product Listings to Drive Sales (Podcast)

Ryan Grant is an online selling expert and he runs the Online Selling Experiment blog. He started selling slowly on eBay and Amazon. Over the years he’s learned what works and what doesn’t and he shares his experiences on his blog. Marketing Strategies Revealed in this Episode: How to optimize Amazon and product listings How to find the best keywords for product listings Easy hacks to drive sales TRANSCRIPT Hey ecommerce marketing podcast Read More >>

How to Set Up an Affiliate Program for WooCommerce

Do you have an online store that you created using WooCommerce? If you do, then this post is for you. WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce plugins for WordPress. It is also one of the top WordPress plugins! As an online store owner, you focus your marketing efforts in trying to get more traffic and conversions, right? … And in your online marketing journey, you have probably come Read More >>

How to Source Your Products in Alibaba

You can start an eCommerce website if you have two things: a product and a website. However, products can only come if you have a reliable supplier. Fortunately, you live in an age where a supplier is just a few clicks away. Their location doesn’t even matter anymore. You now have the access to source your products anywhere. What is Alibaba? One of the websites that makes this possible is Read More >>

How to Start an Online T-Shirt Business

T-shirt businesses are popular because it is the only piece of casual wear that is worn by both men and women and its demand is consistent all year round. Also, it offers a blank canvas for artists who want to express themselves making it a viable business for just about any type of niche. With the help of the Internet, it is now easy to start an online t-shirt business. Read More >>

How to Prevent Affiliate Fraud

Are you worried that your affiliates might send fake or fraud sales? Many affiliate managers always have a sneaking suspicion that affiliates might try to get more commissions by abusing their program. If you are one of these managers, then you can stop worrying. There’s many ways you can stop and prevent fraud orders from your affiliate program. In this post, we are going to show you 3 ways that Read More >>

How to Integrate Paperform with OSI Affiliate Software

Are you using Paperform to create forms for your website? Do you want to get more people to fill out your forms? If so, then you can use an easy way to get people to promote your website forms. It is really simple. All you need to do is create an affiliate program for your website. Using affiliate marketing software or a referral program will allow your users to promote Read More >>