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Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing?When you use key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the bigger part of the market and you are mainly using word-of-mouth then you are using influencer marketing. With the help of influencers, they get to target people who are more likely interested in your brand, with their help you are targeting people who already trust them as well.  There are a lot of ways for Read More >>

Finding the best brand advocates

Where can you find people who would want to be your advocates?You can find your potential advocates everywhere you go, yes, they’re all around you. You have had interactions, they have done a purchase from you and in times of crisis they are who pops out of nowhere to encourage you, defend you and sometimes even offer help. As you can see, you won’t have to move mountains to find Read More >>

6 Reasons Why You’d Want to Do Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth vs Advertising1) TrustI’m not even going to question how you trust your friends, especially their experiences more than you would trust ads. It’s given that ads were made to make the products or services look great no matter what, some even use the type of ads that says “9 out of 10 doctors prefer Paracetamol xx for kids”. But because this line has been overused people tend Read More >>

Best Practices for Customers in Your Referral Program

Make referring as easy as possibleThere are different available channels for referral programs, make sure that yours supports as much as possible like social media, emails, mobiles and even in person. A lot of programs can’t track offline referrals and most referrals are done in person when friends are having normal conversations. It’s really ideal to give your referrer a lot of ways to refer people and get credited for Read More >>

How to Promote Your Referral Program

Having a referral program is one of the best decisions that you can do for your ecommerce website. Not only can it instantly attract traffic to your website, but it can also boost your online store’s sales.What is a Referral ProgramA referral program is a system where you reward your visitors for referring people to your website. A referral can be a membership sign-up, a subscriber or a buyer. What Read More >>

Building an Email List to Build Your Ecommerce Business

In the world of online business, having a strong email campaign can be an enormous asset to your entire marketing plan. Being able to contact customers with newsletters, promotions, and friendly reminders keeps you on their mind and in their inbox. Getting someone to give you their email is much easier than getting them to buy something from you, though getting that email can very well be the first step Read More >>

How to Build Twitter Followers for Your Ecommerce Business

Twitter is a game played strategically like Chess. Make your moves in a way to step ahead in the least amount of time. For the Twitter addicts, this is a bit left field. For the business owners, this is great way to optimize your time much better. We all know time is money and you want to create a presence that appears you’re on all day, but you are really Read More >>

10 Reasons an ecommerce Business Needs a Blog and How to Get Started

Many online business entrepreneurs ask this question a lot: “Why do I need to set up a blog?” and proceeds to another question, which is: “How do I get started?” In this post, we will discuss these as detailed as we possibly can. Here are the reasons why an ecommerce business needs a blog: 1. Allows you to get in touch with your target audience Typically, ecommerce blogging does not Read More >>

8 Ways to Improve Ecommerce Customer Experience

(Increasing Customer Loyalty and Profits) The world of online marketing is rapidly changing and a lot of times – complex. Technology advances and newer platforms rise in an infinite possible way allowing people to interact online differently each time. While this makes operating an ecommerce business challenging, there is no need to get overwhelmed. There are various ways to creatively improve ecommerce customer experience that will generally increase customer loyalty Read More >>

20 Top Ecommerce Marketing Blogs

Digital marketing is a critical component that businesses need to implement today. Basically, digital marketing is the process of promoting products or brands using one or more types of electronic media. Compared with traditional marketing, digital marketing is a more sophisticated marketing strategy, spanning tasks from analyzing how a campaign is doing in real-time to tracking and managing sales conversions. Many businesses and marketers have yet to fully understand the Read More >>

20 Best Websites to Sell Your Ebook

Today’s technology has made it possible to publish a book without scouting for publishers willing to get your material out to bookstore shelves. Referred to as self-publishing, this method involves a process similar to printing a physical book, but without the costs associated with paper and printing. If you have a book that is ready to be printed, all you need to do is sign up with e-book publishers and Read More >>

Bigcommerce Marketing Strategies – February Week 2

OSI Affiliate Software integrates with many shopping carts and payment gateways. One of the most popular shopping carts that our customers have is Bigcommerce. This article will help Bigcommerce customers come up with a great bigcommerce marketing strategy. It is not only limited to Bigcommerce. If you have a different shopping cart, you can still use the same strategies to market your ecommerce store. 1.   Overlooked Link Building Opportunities Read More >>