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Business Marketing Strategies for Affiliate Marketers

Marketing Strategy

Top Online and Offline Business Marketing Strategies

In order to survive, every business must do some type of marketing. A business cannot simply put up a sign and expect the world to beat a path to its door. Most people are way too busy with their everyday lives to be concerned about whether or not they hear about any particular product or service. Most people would declare that they do not like ads, but advertising does work.

Most small and medium sized businesses must be a lot more focused with their marketing budget than larger companies. There is a limited marketing budget to work with and all promotional advertising must attract people ready and able to spend money at a moment’s notice. Therefore, many businesses focus their efforts on targeted marketing strategies that create lots of buyer interest. This type of marketing can take many forms and tends to be more cost effective than traditional media advertising.

Smart businesses are engaged in using both offline and online marketing methods that allow them to reach the widest possible audience.

Offline Marketing Strategies:

Flyers and Leaflets
Flyers and leaflets are one of the simplest forms of advertising that has been used for decades. There are many businesses that have figured out a way to create a compelling offer and print it onto a sheet of paper. A flyer or leaflet message should have a short, compelling message that contains a strong call to action. A special offer or discount is often used to encourage consumers to contact the business.

Business Cards
The humble business card is one of the best forms of advertising that is not fully utilized by companies. In addition to contact information, a business card can hold a special incentive, coupon offer or have a unique look that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Newspaper Ads
Many companies still rely on newspaper advertising to bring in new customers. With interest in reading physical papers dropping a business must take the time to create an ad that jumps out at the reader. A bland, run-of-the-mill ad will likely be ignored. Try to come up with a special offer that is totally unique to your business. Many consumers read the ad section looking for special bargains. Create an exciting deal that they will find hard to pass up.

Car Ads
A unique way to advertise your business is by using car magnets. These are large magnetized signs that can be attached to the side of a vehicle. The concept is similar to van and truck advertising. While driving a personal or company car around town, the business receives free advertising. People really do notice these signs. To make this idea even more effective, purchase a magnetized document holder that holds leaflets or brochures that feature products or services. While the car is parked, people can help themselves to free information.

Online Marketing Strategies:

A business website should be a part of any marketing strategy. The majority of consumers are searching for products and services online. With the popularity of mobile devices people can visit your business website anywhere at anytime. Make sure that your website has all of the must know information right at the consumer’s fingertips. The site should be easy to navigate and provide people with everything they need in order to become a customer. People do not want to spend time reading fluff or figuring out what you sell. They want to quickly know what your business can do for them and if they can trust you. Your website should convey all of this in a pleasant manner.

Social Media
Social media may seem time consuming to some business owners, but it is absolutely crucial to your business if you wish to stay on your target consumer’s radar. More and more people are expecting to have meaningful interactions with company staff. While not everyone in the company needs to have a social media account, someone should be designated to manage a Facebook page and/or Twitter account to stay on top of what customers say about your company.

PPC and Organic SEO
A PPC advertising campaign uses contextual ads that target certain consumers. This is still one of the most effective ways to capture buyers looking for specific items. Organic SEO has gotten more challenging in recent times, but websites can still rank well in the search engines if they contain lots of high quality content that is fresh and relevant.

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