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How Affiliate Marketers Can Use Google Authorship

Have you ever looked through the Google search results and noticed that some results come with a thumb-sized profile picture depicting the author of the content? This is called Authorship and it makes your content feel personal. Google now allows you to link your Google Plus profile to the content you create. By doing this, content authors and marketers now instantly get credibility because their picture appears on search results just because they linked their Google Plus profile to their content . As a marketer, you will benefit from this since Authorship increases your credibility, placement and visibility.

When using Google Authorship, the content which you have published with your profile on Google+ will be associated with you. Your image on Google Plus along with other information is then included in the search results of content you have authored. The only catch is that although this is a relatively simple application process, there is no clear method or time frame in which Google approves your authorship. On the other hand, the process is worth applying for mainly because it is quite simple. This process is especially beneficial to marketers and there are a few things you should know before beginning the application process.

Increase in Sales
Having the benefits of Google Authorship makes the listings on the search engine more rewarding. Also, your search results get more transparency factors and heightened credibility. When you look through a search engine results page, you will most likely note that the ones with the pictures of the authors stand out exceptionally. With this in mind, it is not exactly hard to understand the Google Authorship benefits. From the perspective of credibility and concerns about spam content, listings and information with images of authors are a great benefit to the authors themselves.  As you probably know by now, marketers who are credible get more business than those who are not. With the instant credibility Authorship gives you, this may translate into bigger sales figures in the long run.

Recognition for Web Marketers
Google wants to recognize web content marketers and authors by letting them use Google Authorship Markup. In ranking its search results, Google is now using the factor of human involvement through social media. In short, Authorship will allow marketers to connect with other reputable marketers on Google Plus. The search results are not just organically prioritized; they now take reliability into account especially for authors using this program. There is a hassle free, quick and easy process of enrollment and garnered benefits. Just sign up for Google Plus and link your profile to the content you create. Your Google Plus profile will now be linked to your content and when your content is displayed on Google Search Engine Results, it will be identified and associated with you. With Authorship, you get credit for your content plus rank higher on the results of Google Search Engines.

Greater Visibility
When you seem more reliable and rank higher on the search engine pages, you might be surprised how much more visibility this gives you and how many more visitors your content gets. This translates to more potential sales for your products and services. For this reason alone, it is a good idea to become involved with Google Authorship when you are a marketer.

Signing Up for Authorship
To sign up for authorship, create a profile on Google Plus. Use a recognizable headshot for your profile photo. Use a byline that has your name on your work. Ensure that your byline matches the profile you have just created on Google Plus.  Ensure that on the same domain as your content, you have your email address. Doing these steps will link your published content on specific domains to your profile on Google Plus.

Signing up for Google Authorship will help you grow your business and there is no reason why you should not sign up and enjoy these benefits. Sign Up today so that you can rank higher and increase your sales.

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