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Increase your Conversions by A/B Testing

increase your conversions by A/B testing

You have done all your marketing right and the customers are flocking to your site, yet, no one is signing up. What could be the problem? Why aren’t customers converting? That is where A/B testing comes in. Instead of trying to guess why your customers are not converting, use A/B testing to get data on what makes the customer convert. A/B testing is a method used by many businesses to get feedback on what version of their site or email campaigns converts more.

How It Works
To split test, you will use your current site design as the control (A) and then you will make changes to the design on the variation (B). This way, customers will get both versions of the site and you will be able to measure which version has a high conversation rate.

Page Elements You Can Test
When you setup you’re A/B testing campaign, here are some of the page elements that you can test.

1. CTAs – test your call to actions. See which one gets the customer to perform the task you want them to complete. For example, you can test to see if more customers convert for the words “Click Here” than the words “Start Now”

2. Buttons – test your different buttons. Try small buttons, big buttons, and different color for buttons and see what converts best.

3. Page lengths – what length best converts for your site? A short page where you don’t scroll down or a long page where you scroll down?

4. Headings – try different headings to see which headings capture the attention of your customer. Also, try and see if you will get more conversions if you use subheadings.

5. Copy – test different copy to see which copy customers read more and keeps them on the site longer.

6. Images – see if your pages need images and how many; also, what size is best for the images; or if any images are needed at all

7. Logos – find out the best size and location for your logo

8. Social media buttons – see what placement of your social media buttons gets customers to plus one, like, and tweet. Also, see if the placement gets in the way of customers buying

9. Checkout page – find out if customers are abandoning your shopping cart

10. Every other thing – test every single thing on your email or website to see how the changes affect the customers buying behavior. Customers change and evolve so you always want to know what will convert more.

Software You Can Use
Here are some top A/B testing software applications you can use for you’re A/B testing campaign. These apps are ordered alphabetically.
Visual Website Optimizer

What A/B Testing Will Get You
When you A/B test you will get customer feedback and data that shows you what works and what converts. This will take out the guesswork of your conversion rate optimization and the results will increase your sales. Here’s an example of how Andrew Youderian increased his conversion rate and sales by redesigning his store.

Get Started Now
If A/B testing is something you think your business needs now, here’s what you can do.

1. Review your site or email
2. Look for elements you want to test
3. Think of new ways to implement changes to the elements you want to test
4. Create new page with modifications
5. Find A/B testing software to use
6. Start you’re A/B testing campaign
7. Learn what customers love and what converts
8. Keep testing
9. Make changes and make them live
10 Continue testing to always adapt with customers feedback

A/B testing will let you know what changes you need to make for your site so that you can increase sales and conversions. Start A/B testing now and grow your business.

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