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Black Friday Cyber Monday Check List

As a retailer, you pretty sure know how Black Friday and Cyber Monday are both important chances for you to boost your sales before the year ends. And these days are also the times when you have to make sure that you’re on top of the competition. With the technology that we have today, competition for eCommerce retailers is being more and more aggressive to become on top. You’d see Read More >>

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Store

So you’re planning to take your business into YouTube?  That’s a very smart move you have there because a lot of shops haven’t done that yet. And millions or even billions of people watch videos from YouTube every day. To make things easier for you, let me help you create your YouTube channel.Let’s StartSo the moment you go to YouTube’s website this is what you see:Given that you’re an eCommerce Read More >>

Should You be Charging Sales Tax on Your Store?

How sales tax work and why it’s thereIf you buy products or services then you probably know about sales tax and you’re thinking it’s just around to add pain, but it isn’t. There are 50 states in the US, and only 45 and the District of Columbia collect sales tax. The taxes that you pay for are used for the salaries of employees, public resource improvement, police, fire departments and Read More >>

How to Choose a Shipping Strategy for Your Online Store

For most of the parts it is you who is in control of your customers experience with your online store. You make everything from the ads, the images, and you even customize your website and think about the emails you send them. But the moment your customer orders from you, you hand it over to someone you don’t know for shipping. Now this stranger could make or break your business, Read More >>

Asking For a Referral Through Email

Referrals are a great way to boost conversions but they don’t just come to you, you have to look for them and win them over proactively. The good thing is people group together with others that share the same interest with them, so, people that are connected to your customers are more qualified prospects. With referrals, there’s not that much need to make your prospects trust you because the person Read More >>

How to Use Google Featured Snippets for More Traffic

Have you noticed that it is getting harder and harder to get traffic from Google?And it is not just because of your competition. It seems that Google has implemented a scheme to make people stay on its search engine without the need to visit your website. Websites with top 10 rankings are already noticing the sudden traffic dive. This is a clear indication that your search engine optimization strategy must Read More >>

eCommerce Architecture Best Practices

An eCommerce website may have everything. But if it doesn’t have structure, it will hardly have traffic and sales.Today, I am going to teach you a 10-step process on how to improve your online store’s architecture. You may choose to do one or more of the steps. You don’t need to do everything. You just need to consider having an organized structure for your website for higher ranking and sales. Why Read More >>

4 High-Impact Ways to Boost E-commerce Sales You Haven’t Tried Yet

Well, if I state “All business success rests on something labeled as sale”, then it won’t be wrong.And, I guess you would also agree with me that a business will not be able to prosper if it can’t make the desired sales and necessary returns. Thus, all sorts of organizations work with this same mantra around the world regardless of its stature, whether it is a start-up or an already Read More >>

vidIQ Review + Promo Code

CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO GET YOUR FREE 30 DAYS OF vidIQ. ONCE YOU HAVE CREATED YOUR ACCOUNT, ENTER THE DISCOUNT CODE “osi” TO GET THE FREE 30 DAYS. Get vidIQ Free for 30 Days Every YouTuber knows the value of subscribers and traffic. Several studies have been done on Youtube to determine why users subscribe to a Youtube channel or view a particular video. But no study can give the Read More >>

10 Best Marketing Automation Tools

These days, you need to be where your customers are. But it is impossible to do it if you only have a few employees.Fortunately, there are now some marketing automation tools that you can use. Today, I’ll review the 10 marketing automation softwares that I love.MarketoMarketing automation is what Marketo is all about. From email marketing, creating landing pages and analyzing your data to maximize your ROI, Marketo have you Read More >>

How to Advertise Your eCommerce Business on Facebook and Instagram (Podcast)

Andrew is the co-founder of Foxwell Digital, a social media advisory firm based in Madison. He collaborates and consults with Wisconsin Brewing Company, Fortune 500 companies, eCommerce entrepreneurs, and local startups on Facebook and Instagram advertising, online fundraising, and digital marketing strategies. He has been advertising since the start on Facebook and has spent over $100MM through the platform. How to build Facebook advertising for eCommerce How to build Instagram Read More >>

10 Ways to Boost Customer Loyalty

‘How can you get a customer buy more from you?’ This is the problem of most business owners. While they may already have a system that is designed to convert visitors into buyers, they don’t have a system that makes their customers raring to buy from them again and again. But this is a grave mistake. You see, repeat customers have 10x the buying power than new customers. Why? It Read More >>