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3 Steps to Launch Your First eCommerce Store

Launching your own ecommerce site is not as complex as building pyramids. Sure, it takes some work, effort, and know-how but you can start from scratch and become successful with time. The key is consistency and really going after something organic with your mission. What is your calling? What are your interests? How can those cater to a specific group without compromising your integrity? These are all things you should Read More >>

6 Crucial Steps to Starting a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program

When it comes to setting up an affiliate marketing program, it all lies in your foundation. What is your brand about? What does it offer the people? How will you attract visitors and make them customers? These are a few of the key points you should think about before you begin your foray into the affiliate marketing world. All of these apply to Business 101, and you should never take Read More >>

eCommerce Roundup: Top Articles for eCommerce Marketers (October – November 2016)

Developing a good set of marketing strategies will help you take your brand to the forefront. However, you may need some assistance along the way from other sources to open your mind to new tactics. Luckily, there are great resources online through articles, graphs, and infographics that will give you the right content to absorb for your own application. Here are some solid articles in this month’s ecommerce marketing roundup. Read More >>

Outsourcing eCommerce Marketing Versus In-house

Your eCommerce business requires many marketing activities to keep the business growing. You need SEO, paid ads, social media, content marketing, automation, conversion rate optimization, and many more marketing tasks. Who is going to do all of these tasks? That’s why many eCommerce business find themselves asking: Is it better to outsource your eCommerce marketing than to do it in-house for your business? Well, it depends. There’s a few factors Read More >>

15 Spectacular Gmail Plugins to Streamline Your eCommerce Marketing Efforts

If you’re anything like me, then your Gmail Inbox is also in a perpetual state of chaos. As much as I try to keep things organized, I always end up spending too many hours in front of the computer. Sounds familiar? Many people end up working way too much simply because they get distracted by incoming messages or side-tracked by menial tasks. Reading and replying to emails may not sound Read More >>

Link Building Strategies That Work for eCommerce Businesses

Ecommerce owners have a lot on their plate. They have to find a way to consistently generate traffic, improve customer experience, optimize marketing funnels and promote their products. To top it all off they also have to create high-quality links to their website. If you’re an ecommerce site owner then you are probably already aware that link-building is an uphill battle. Attracting links for ecommerce sites is extremely challenging because Read More >>

eCommerce Roundup: Top Articles for eCommerce Marketers (September – October 2016)

This month we are featuring some key articles in terms of infographics, psychology, check lists for a ecommerce site, ranking, SEO, and more. You may have your own ecommerce plan in full effect, but never pass up on a tool that could potentially help you take your brand to another notch. There are always great resources online that can give you the right advice to edge out your competition. Keep Read More >>

eCommerce Roundup: Top Articles for eCommerce Marketers (August – September 2016)

Here’s another roundup for all of your ecommerce needs. We are touching everything from testing, conversions, mobile optimization, scarcity and more. This is all to provide a good note of details on how to improve your overall ecommerce experience. Take a look at 20 of the top articles this month in our latest roundup. 1.  100 Conversion Growth Tips From the CRO Experts by Jason Quey (KlientBoost) Jason touches on Read More >>

How to Advertise Your eCommerce Store on Facebook

Do you really need convincing to know that you must advertise on Facebook? If not advertise, at least try. Well, the numbers speak for themselves. Have a look: 13 billion people log onto Facebook daily Users spend an average of 20 minutes per day on the site 100 million hours of daily video watch time Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 Read More >>

The Best Shopify Marketing Apps

Technology certainly makes things a lot easier for both consumers and producers. However, it’s all in how you utilize the technology that makes it effective for your marketing plan. Luckily for you, Shopify offers an array of quality apps to help your marketing campaign. Apps are great tools to help bring your marketing to another level in a very simple manner. Here are some apps you should definitely consider using: Read More >>

How to Create a Profitable eCommerce Store

When it comes to creating a store, there’s not one way of doing it right. It takes a group to make a village just like it helps to use different elements to create a great store. It’s really all a process that takes steps, and  some stores may need more while others need less. However, these strategies can be applied to any online business. Here are ways to help you Read More >>

How to Use SEMRUSH to Help You Reverse Engineer Your Competitor’s Most Profitable Keywords

SEO and different tactics used organically are all great to help you build a competitive website that can rank against your adversaries. On the flip side, what if I told you there was a much more efficient to do this with real data and key terms? Wouldn’t you want to use that in conjunction with your plan? SEMRush is the perfect service to help you find competitive data results that Read More >>