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10 Ways to Get More eCommerce Sales

How do you know that an eCommerce website is successful? You see it in the sales. The measure of success is not in the traffic analytics or the number of user comments on products. It is in the money in the bank after you promote your online store. If your sales is not where it should be and you want to earn more, read on. I have 10 time-proven tips Read More >>

Best Way to Promote My Etsy Store

Online selling is no longer reserved for eCommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce. Today, there is Etsy – a place where you can sell what you have created. What is Etsy? Etsy is an online selling platform for creatives. Instead of the usual approach to selling that focuses on having a product and selling it, Etsy provides a custom designer feel to their product. Some may even feel as if Read More >>

Top 8 Comparison Shopping Engines for Your eCommerce Site

Shopping will not be complete without the act of comparing prices. You may have seen people do this in shopping malls where they hop from shop to shop not buying anything. What they are doing in that process is more than window shopping. It is often because they are comparing prices. Online, it is quite common for customers to ‘shop around’ by looking for the same product in different websites Read More >>

How to Create Your Own Online Store

So you like to create an online store. While selling online is definitely easier compared to the old way of selling retail products, there are still many decisions that you have to do before you can start selling. Sure, creating a website is easier than building a physical store, but that doesn’t mean that you should not make the necessary preparations and take this matter seriously. This guide will give Read More >>

Best Dropshipping Companies in 2017

If you want to have an eCommerce business without inventory and supplier problems, you can just hire a dropshipper to do the stocking and delivery for you. There is nothing more devastating than renting a warehouse just to stock products that you are not yet selling. And if you are starting out in eCommerce, you’ll find that you can hardly focus on selling if you have inventory occupying your mind. Read More >>

3 Awesome SEO Tools for Your eCommerce Business

Doing SEO for your eCommerce business can be tough if you don’t have the right tools. After trying a multitude of tools, I found that there are three that works best for me and my eCommerce goals. Today, you’ll learn about the top 3 SEO tools that I use for my eCommerce business. SpyFu  Once you talk about keyword research, you cannot help but talk about SpyFu. In fact, if Read More >>

50 Best eCommerce Marketing Tips

Through time, eCommerce has evolved so much. From the mere setup of an online store to promotion in social media channels, the marketing strategy for eCommerce has evolved so much that it will be hard to keep up if you don’t keep on learning. Today, we’ll look into a collection of tips that eCommerce website owners are using today. In fact, we have around 50 tips for you to work Read More >>

How to Get More Subscribers for Your eCommerce Website

What if you can have thousands of people waiting for your eCommerce promotions? Wouldn’t it be easier to sell something if you already have people listening to you? With this, you no longer have to convince them aggressively. You just need to talk and they’ll listen. But this is hardly the case online. Try visiting one of the popular social media websites and you’ll have hundreds of updates and ads Read More >>

What is Lead Nurturing

Familiarity has marketing power. If you ever wondered why Disney has managed to sell all of their characters and how people can familiarize themselves with nonsense words like “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, familiarity is the answer. There is something about familiarity that just pushes people to move towards them. The mind loves it and the chance of a person acting on something familiar is always higher. This is the reason why brands use Read More >>

eCommerce Chatbots

Shopping bots are nifty tools that are created to simulate a customer service representative replying to customer’s messages. What these do is that they have a set reply for any type of questions thrown at them. These are useful for eCommerce websites and online businesses that need to constantly reply to their customers. These free up the business owner’s time as well as save him money in hiring employees that Read More >>

BigCommerce SEO

Creating an online store with BigCommerce is incredibly easy. You just need to set up an account and your store will be almost ready to go. I love how its interface is very straight forward. You can easily choose a theme and add some products and watch your online store magically come to life. However, selling online doesn’t end with just having an online store. An online store is just Read More >>

Shopify SEO

Not getting enough traffic to your Shopify store? Without traffic, you cannot expect your website to make conversions or sales. You need traffic if you want to transform your online store into a thriving passive online business. One of the easiest ways to get traffic is by ranking your website on the search engines. Anyone who is looking to buy something would often visit the search engines to look for Read More >>