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4 Reasons Affiliate Marketers Should Keep their Content Sharp in 2013

2012 was a year of many changes. We saw both the penguin and panda update roll out destroying rankings of websites. This made SEO’s across the world look long and hard in the mirror at what they hope to achieve next year. We don’t know what 2013 holds for many SEO’s but one thing is certain, it will be different in a years’ time. This means you need to stay Read More >>

Getting SEO Right in 2013 for Affiliate Marketers

The general consensus of the year 2012 for internet marketers was “phooey!”. Google updates, panda, penguin seemed to effect the vast majority of us. This has now brought upon the SEO profession a new service called “Link Removal”. Link removal is a practice in which a company, person, or team will go around the web taking down potential links that may be hurting your rankings in the search engines.  While Read More >>

The Top Business Books for Affiliate Marketers

Getting into the world of business and striking out on your own to set up a start-up or sole trade can be an incredibly daunting task and the sheer amount there is to learn can seem highly intimidating. Reading around the subject you are likely to encounter an awful lot of jargon, and the sheer amount of risk involved in putting your money where your mouth is when you’re not Read More >>

The Online Marketing Insider 1: Link Building Strategies [Podcast]

In the inaugural episode of The Online Marketing Insider, the host Tariehk Geter, shares with you some of the best link building strategies that you can do to increase traffic, increase sales, and grow your business. Tariehk Geter is the Marketing Director of OSI Affiliate Software. If want to learn how you can grow your business using the best, latest, and advanced strategies in online marketing, listen to The Online Read More >>

Affiliate Marketers Guide to Google Authorship

You are creating and sharing great content with millions in the web, but, do users know who you really are? Probably not, if you are not using Google Authorship. Authorship helps authors like you link up their content to their Google profile. Additionally, it helps validate your content in search results and allows users to connect with you. Once you setup Authorship, anytime your content comes up in search results, Read More >>

What Affiliate Marketers Don’t Know about Content Marketing

Ironically even the most analytical person can easily be left behind on the latest tips for affiliate marketing, especially one of many traffic-driving techniques like article marketing. That is why it is incredibly important for you to continually learn and keep up to date with the latest tips and tricks within the field, and this article will hopefully provide you with the latest article marketing strategies for 2013. As you Read More >>

Business Marketing Strategies for Affiliate Marketers

Top Online and Offline Business Marketing Strategies In order to survive, every business must do some type of marketing. A business cannot simply put up a sign and expect the world to beat a path to its door. Most people are way too busy with their everyday lives to be concerned about whether or not they hear about any particular product or service. Most people would declare that they do Read More >>

The Affiliate Marketers Guide to Help Your Business Grow in 2013

Not every business needs to shoot for the explosive growth curve that startups try to achieve. However, it would be hard to find a business that’s not interested in some type of growth. If you want 2013 to be the best year your business has had, let’s take a look at some proven strategies for helping it grow: Set Clear Goals: Wanting to grow your business is great. However, simply Read More >>

Learn How to Run a Successful Affiliate Program

Grow and expand your business using affiliate marketing. Whether you are an expert or you are new to affiliate marketing, you can always benefit with extra resources on how to run a successful affiliate program. That is why we have launched OSI Affiliate Webinars where we teach you strategies on how to run an affiliate program three times a week. Our webinars are every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 2pm est. Read More >>

5 Awesome Strategies to Increase Traffic

Getting traffic is of the highest importance for anyone with a website whether it is a personal website, a business website or an online store. All across the world, millions of users have internet access and the best method of attracting these users to come and visit your website is to have the correct strategy. Below, you will find five strategies that have been tested and proven to increase traffic Read More >>

Why Search Engines Penalize Sites For Spammy Guest Blogging

Currently, guest blogging is the favorite activity of webmasters for link acquisition, and for sites to obtain free content. Due to its simple and easy nature, it has resulted in a lot of activity that is considered spammy by search engines, such as article spinning. Article spinning is perhaps the most common of these activities that can be penalized. It occurs when guest bloggers gather information from the web and Read More >>

Why Affiliate Marketers Need SEO Training

If you’ve been eagerly watching your website rankings since Day One, you’ll know how frustratingly often the rules keep changing. To begin with, if yours is a business website, you may have hired someone to make your website SEO compliant. You may have learned how site structure and Meta can affect how many people see your site, and how linking is important for visibility as well. You think you’d done Read More >>