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Blogging for Affiliate Marketers: How to Get Your Blog to be Taken Seriously

Congratulations, you have a brand new blog to share with the world. You have lots of great information planned to help visitors and prospects. To get your prospects to take your blog seriously, there are a few tricks to establish credibility. Here are 9 quick tips to put your new blog on a solid foundation. 1. Blog Theme: Use a paid or customized blog theme that presents your image as Read More >>

SEO for Affiliate Marketers : Learn why there are Really no Books on SEO

It’s pretty simple really. The act or desired result from SEO is too broad a topic to truly be captured if studied as a silo. Tactics are constantly changing to match the constant changes Google releases to their algorithm to make certain results more accurate and meaningful. After all, every time Google updates their algorithm it outdates a good chunk of ‘easy’ therefore likely spammy link tactics but it also Read More >>

5 Awesome Strategies to Select Keywords for Google

Searching for data and information starts with the use of a keyword, and with the right terms, you can get your website to have the best results on the search engines. Everything begins with the right keyword online, and you need to figure out the best words that will produce high rankings for your business. Experts to online marketing actually state that you need to have the right keywords to Read More >>

4 Awesome Strategies to Build Link-Worthy Content

Creating a digital asset out of your existing website that will produce strong business returns in the long run requires continuous SEO effort from you. Some authors have reported that the most successful companies are those that view Search Engine Optimization as a lifestyle instead of a solution for the short-term. When you are selling products online, popular products won’t be too hard since the products will tend to sell Read More >>

The Ultimate Facebook Guide for Affiliate Managers

Facebook has over 1 billion active users. What does this mean for you? It means that there is an opportunity to grow your business tremendously. How can you do so? By effectively marketing your business in Facebook. You can market your business using Facebook and successfully attract new customers and increase your sales. OSI Affiliate knows this opportunity and to help we have created The Ultimate Facebook Guide for Affiliate Read More >>

How Affiliate Marketers Can Use Google Authorship

Have you ever looked through the Google search results and noticed that some results come with a thumb-sized profile picture depicting the author of the content? This is called Authorship and it makes your content feel personal. Google now allows you to link your Google Plus profile to the content you create. By doing this, content authors and marketers now instantly get credibility because their picture appears on search results Read More >>

5 Awesome Content Marketing Strategies for Affiliate Marketing

Successful content marketing means sharing and developing great valuable content. With nothing valuable on your website, there won’t be anything to attract any visitors. No content means Google will have nothing to rank and index, nothing to share on social media and nothing to send in your emails. These days, marketing means content publishing. The days when you had to focus on ads have now evolved into needing to create Read More >>

The New Omnsitar Affiliate Marketing Software

Orlando, Fl. — Version 7.2 of the Omnistar Affiliate Software was launched early this morning and it is now available. The current version of the software has been redesigned to be more user friendly and easier for our customers to use and navigate. In the new Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software, the layout of the admin area has been updated and it is now clean, easy to use, and more powerful. No Read More >>

5 Awesome Tips Affiliate Marketers can use to Increase Conversions

Do you want better website conversions? Whether you want your clients to send you emails through filling out your contact forms or to call you, being clear on what action you want them to take on your website is very important because you don’t want to leave them guessing. After all, in this society that is full of distractions, hardly anyone takes time to think. Your clients will get confused Read More >>

5 Awesome Google Plus tips for Affiliate Marketers

Google Plus currently has over four hundred million users who are registered of whom a hundred million are active users. Still fairly new in the business, the page of Google Plus may be considered by some people to seem similar to the fan pages of Facebook while others may see it as a cross between Twitter and Facebook. Some use it as a way to market their business while others Read More >>

What CSI Can Teach Affiliate Marketers about Good Copywriting

CSI is a great TV show – it’s put together so well that it’s compelling viewing and lets you get lost in a fully formed story.  Your best articles should also give readers that sort of feeling – but there’s more that you can take from the show than simply the structure of your article.  But the show can demonstrate more than simply copywriting – it can show you how Read More >>

October 1st – Best Affiliate Marketing Resources

Below is a list of great resources you can use to help you get to your marketing goals. 1. Learn How to Write Content That Converts by Michelle Lowery 2. Successful Entrepreneurs Have Lives by aginn 3. Why Small Businesses Hate Google+ Local by Mike Ramsey 4. Seventeen Ways To Improve Your Blog – Case Study by Dan Shure 5. 75 Must Read Marketing Blogs to Make Your RSS Reader Read More >>