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October 1st – Best Affiliate Marketing Resources

Below is a list of great resources you can use to help you get to your marketing goals. 1. Learn How to Write Content That Converts by Michelle Lowery 2. Successful Entrepreneurs Have Lives by aginn 3. Why Small Businesses Hate Google+ Local by Mike Ramsey 4. Seventeen Ways To Improve Your Blog – Case Study by Dan Shure 5. 75 Must Read Marketing Blogs to Make Your RSS Reader Read More >>

5 Tips for Affiliate Marketers Using Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for sharing and connecting with others. You can also use this platform of micro blogging for doing promotions and marketing. To be successful, you need to make sure that you know how to effectively use your account in Twitter for business purposes.  Make sure you are clear about what you want from Twitter before using time, energy and resources on this social platform. This way Read More >>

5 Tips for Businesses using Facebook

For the most part, many Facebook pages that are about businesses tend to be dull with an occasional ‘like’ here and there. However, not much else is going on. As a business, this is something you want to avoid and below are five tips that you can use to create an attractive and practical Facebook page that will enhance your marketing efforts. Bring Out Your Unique Personality The business page Read More >>

September 19th – Best Affiliate Marketing Resources

Below is a list of great resources you can use to help you get to your marketing goals. 1. Are you doing these 6 Copywriting Mistakes That Shatter Conversion Rates by Craig Anderson 2. Learn from 13 Experts on the Single Best Piece of Advice for Improving Conversion by Demian Farnworth 3. Ask these questions when reviewing your design by Jason F 4. The Part of Content Marketing Everyone Skips Read More >>

How to Guide for Affiliate Marketers on Google Adwords Quality Score

Introduction In today’s digital world, companies have to be highly knowledgeable about how search engines work and how to use them to their best advantage. Pay per click advertising has become an important marketing tool and in this article we take a brief look at how Google Adwords works and the importance of the quality score. What is Google Adwords? Google Adwords is a marketing tool which has been specially Read More >>

Blogging for Affiliate Marketers: 7 Must Know Tips

So you’ve made the decision to start blogging (or you’re at least toying with the idea to start blogging). Either way, it’s a step in the right direction. Blogging allows you to share your insight and expertise with a very large audience, it can help you generate traffic, and if you monetize your blog, it can also help you make some extra money. As a newbie blogger, you probably have Read More >>

5 Tips for Affiliate Marketers to Keep Their Twitter Account Safe

Do you remember the time when there were kids in your locality that used to pull pranks on the neighbors just for the sake of it? Or more like just because they loved nothing more than being a nuisance for those around them. Well, those very kids have now grown up and are channeling that negative energy into hacking computers and cell phones through an assortment of PC monitoring software Read More >>

Top Benefits for Affiliate Marketers choosing an SEO Agency

SEO is something that anyone can learn, but it’s a system that will take you huge amounts of time, effort, and patience to master. If you want your online business to hit the ground running then you are better off outsourcing your SEO needs instead. Avoid unnecessary rookie mistakes. Rookie mistakes can be easily avoided if you simply start your business by working closely with experts. The money you pay Read More >>

What Does SEO Have in Common With a Humble Doughnut?

I am not going to beat around the bush here. I think that doughnuts rock and I don’t care who knows it. My mum introduced me to the sugar coated world of homemade circles of fried dough and since then I must have eaten my body weight in doughnuts. I also don’t mind telling you that there are plenty more still to come. What does this have to do with Read More >>

Powerful Psychological Triggers that Affiliate Marketers can use to Engage their Audience

When I first started running my own online business I must admit marketing was not my top priority.  I was so busy setting up the website and putting operational processes in place I just outsourced my entire marketing strategy to a specialist company. This expert service was very successful at marketing my new business and saved me a lot of time and hassle.  However by outsourcing my marketing I was Read More >>

How Affiliate Marketers can Monitor their Brand with Google Alerts

When it comes to monitoring your company online, the use of monitoring tools like Google Alerts are a necessity. This tool can help you keep an eye on what is being said about your company or your industry, keeping you both in the loop and able to prevent any disaster before it spreads like wildfire. Google Alerts is very simple to use, and the following is a step by step Read More >>

How to Talk SEO for Affiliate Marketers

If you’re not in online marketing, you may not have a very firm grasp on search engine optimization (SEO), how it works and what its purpose is. It’s possible that you don’t use SEO at all, or you may leave this task to an outsourced agency. People become easily confused with SEO. They want to know how to make their website rank higher on search engines, and they slightly understand Read More >>