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Pinterest Marketing Guide

What is Pinterest?

Social media is the fastest growing medium of sharing, and Pinterest offers this service to the public. Pinterest is a global sharing website that acts as a pin-board for its members. Typically, the idea of the website is to be a network where people can give updates on a bulletin board they consider as their own. The wild growth of the website has been expanding since 2010, and it has allowed people to express their ideas. Statistics show that for 2012, there has been a registration of visitors to as high as 7 million. As a social media network, it has certainly been considered as a wildcard. Pinterest started way back in 2009, and by March of the following year, they have shifted to an advanced beta system. Collaborating with other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook has made the website even more popular as the applications can easily be integrated to such websites, as well. Furthermore, apps for mobile gadgets such as iPhone and iPad are currently being constructed to give members a larger base to use the network.


The Effect that Pinterest has for Online Marketing

Technically, when one speaks of what Pinterest can offer the online marketer then one must consider what online marketing is doing to this strategy. As a matter of fact, online marketing is preferred over traditional marketing techniques because of the way it attacks the market it is intended for. Conventional advertising is often quite costly, and for many, they are offering their ads to all the viewers rather a specific market. In reality, the market base of the companies is clearly shown already on the websites. Hence, instead of sending the adverts to an entire market, they could send it to those consumers who may potentially become their client. For this reason, Pinterest can provide the online business a market where they can send their ads to. Plus, just like any online marketing tactic, this is a cheaper and faster way to reach millions of users worldwide.

Social Media Marketing and Pinterest

Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular networks, and with the emergence of Pinterest as a top contender for the market, social media marketing is fast becoming a hot and well-liked trend in the World Wide Web. Social networking generally offers an avenue where people can post their ideas and their hobbies. For this reason, it has become easier for companies to look into their target market. Typically, the effects of the social network on marketing have also given way for a more visual adaptation. Pinterest has the concept that pictures are generally these windows to the art and creativity of the person. By having these images placed on a more appealing pattern, it could draw in the prospective consumers. The concept of using photos to market a product is a debated issue, but for Pinterest, it has so far worked for their members. Nevertheless, there are loyal users who state the website composes of two important elements for social media marketing, and that is the use of visual aids, and the statements of who they are. Ideally, the major objective of any online business is their ability to drive in web traffic. Social networks have definitely increased the number of visitors of many online organizations. However, it must be remembered that Pinterest is a visual presentation of the company’s products and services. Thus, it means those business enterprises whose products are not physically seen will have a harder time drawing in the market.

How Does Pinterest Help Different Industries

Registered members of Pinterest have drawn different conclusions as to how the website has helped them in the social networking market. As business on various industries, they can easily set up their profile boards where they can display their works of art. Essentially, as a visual display, most visitors will be more likely drawn to visiting, buying, or using the product, service, or attraction. Here are some popular industries and how they can garner the customer base from Pinterest.
Interior Decorating – Getting ideas for home decoration is quite hard to imagine. With the help of the website, one gets a visual aid that is perhaps critical to the success of the business. Photographs and images of the home decorator can easily be pinned on the bulletin board. Thus, it means there is the possibility that one could potentially get their own ideas from the pin-board. Typically, the industry will get more customers by offering more ideas found on their main website.
Restaurant and Culinary Industry – Menu and dinner inspirations can easily be posted on the board as well. Social networking means giving the user the benefit of a market where they can showcase their arts. Being a chef is one of them, and being a member to Pinterest will mean the ease of posting the recipe and the image of the finished dish. In fact, the business of restaurateurs is mainly for the physical description of the dish rather than a worded content about its ingredients. Capturing the attention of the consumer with savory and delectable images is more than enough to turn them to loyal clients.

Travel industries – travelers will want a physical description of the very place they want to visit. With the presence of the pinned images, one can visually see the destination before they get there. Plus, it would also be a great way to plan ahead the trip. An actual itinerary based on the places and attractions that have captured the viewer’s attention. Again, this is an industry noted to place a higher value in the physical assets of the location rather than the history behind it.
Retail industry – the fashion industry is perhaps the most notable market where the Pinterest website has gained popularity. Women, in particular, want the opportunity to actually view the product before buying it. Fashionable items with small captions are the best way to gather enough attention and draw in a huge crowd to the main website.
Real estate market – selling a house will mean taking the time to see the assets it offers. Realtors will usually have this image of how they want to portray a real property, and Pinterest has given this opportunity to the market. As an advertising style, most brokers will display breathtaking images of the house to initiate the interest of the buyer. Eventually, they can use the platform as a way to get in touch with these interested customers.


The More Visual Features Pinterest Offers for Marketing

Pinterest has lately showcased a strong of improvements for their profile pages. This is to increase the interest of the public to the use of their services. One of the major changes they have made is near the profile page section. This is noted as the re-pin from portion, which indicates the frequent re-pins that one has. For ordinary people, and for business organizations, they can use the tag as a way to gain more followers or perhaps to get new friends. Businesses will have major use for this additional feature in the profile as they can hook with new potential clients. Navigation of the profile information is another improved adjustment for users. By placing the followers and the “followed” pins on a single bar, the user can easily track his most frequently visited profiles. Initially, this is a feature that permits the user to look into the core information of the member. Companies that use Pinterest can have better management of their followers and any new sign-ups to their main profile. Gathering information on a single bar will alert the business for any potential changes they could use to their advantage. An Activity button has also been recently added by Pinterest on the profile page. This allows one to see streaming movements of their followers. It can help view the things that some friends have been doing. Typically, it also displays the amount and frequency of pins and comments these friends are doing online through the website. Online companies using the website as a marketing tactic can define the interests of their followers as quickly as they post or pin an image. Furthermore, it can allow one to track the activities he has also been doing.


Effective Ways to Use Pinterest for Marketing

A first thing to consider in using the website for effective marketing is to place the “Pin It” button on the image of the main product or service. This is a great way for one to widen their reach on their market as the images of the products and service they offer will be more visible. Links on online selling retailers with the button will ensure that visitors will become customers. Plus, it is a great way to increase the possible effects of affiliate marketing easily because it increases social awareness to the brand. Followers on Pinterest can also post the said image on their bulletin boards for faster and quicker access to the product seller. As a marketing expert, Pinterest can actually help a simple product become more interactive. By using the photos one has of the product, they can truthfully arouse interest to the company by making things more mysterious. Ideally, the main thing to look into is to use the website to increase the physical description of the product. Online contests are also considered as great ways to gather attention. If one is selling or marketing a product, it would be a pronounced idea to use Pinterest as a way to capture more customers with the promotion. It would be wise to consider using the images on the website as the material to spread the name of the company. The more the images are spread online will mean the higher the potential of increasing sales and profits for the company.

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pinterest marketing guide

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  1. Comment From Jeremy Lewis

    It is truly amazing how the world of the social media market has evolved. I truly agree with the fact that Social Networking is now more than just a simple process of making friends; it can be used as a method that will help advertise a product.

  2. Comment From Scott Long

    I work with the culinary industry, and being a chef is something that I love to do. With the help of Pinterest, it has helped me garner the audience I need to probably set up the restaurant that I want. Most of the time, the images of the dishes I cook speak wonders more than what words to read can offer.

  3. Comment From Tim Simmon

    As an interior decorator, the use of the social media network has allowed me to display my latest styles and fashions. It permits be to open my creativity to a new bunch of people who have even weirder styles than I have. Pinterest is a non-discriminating website that permits me to post what I want.

  4. Comment From Jessica Miller

    Typically, the best thing I like about the article is that it opens back the avenues where images speak louder than words. Improvements of Pinterest on their profile pages allow me to have an opportunity to showcase those people interested in my creations and posts.

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    After reading this article, I took up the immediate opportunity and signed up for Pinterest. Now, I have truly appreciated how I can use the different features of the site as a method for selling my products and services.

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    I love to travel, and the images posted on the Pinterest website has made me realize there are still so many things for me to discover there. Plus, travel agencies can certainly use this as a method to promote grand vacations. I plan to set up my own agency soon, and will certainly use Pinterest as a method for marketing.

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