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The Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Creating Your Brand on Wikipedia

Wondering if you should hire a wikipedia expert? We have all heard about Wikipedia and have at some point used it too – may be for a class project, or to know about your favorite band or just for a random read. But wikipedia in today’s world has grown to be much more than that. It is a platform to showcase and build one’s brand; to make one’s presence felt in this competitive market. Today you too can have your own page on Wikipedia and be a top search result. All you need to do is meet the requirements of this online encyclopedia and you’ll be given your own space on it.

When you hire a wikipedia expert, it does not mean your work with regards to the page building are over. The page is crucial to you and thereby your inputs at each point are necessary. Also you should engage in timely monitoring to see if the page is turning out just the way you’d imagined it. Of course the writers are skilled and will keep in mind all that you want, but your interest will only drive him to work better. A good writer will engage in research, adhere to the requirements, make his suggestions and create crisp content for your desired wikipedia page. He will ensure he works to bring out the best points, making the page informative and note worthy. The ultimate idea of the entire drill is to catch the eye of the reader; the writer will mold the content in such a way that the reader would want to know more about you and your work. Here comes in the concept of connected internal and external links, masterfully infused in the text by the writer to lead the reader to your domain.

When you hire a wikipedia expert, you are hiring an external party to write in a good word about you. This works in your favor to a great extent. Firstly it is good content as it comes from seasoned writers who know the words best. Secondly it is a piece written in third person giving impetus to your credibility and market standing. Thirdly it is Wikipedia, so there’s good presence on the internet as well as great scope in profile building. Veteran writers can tell useful information from the not so important facts, and they work on hilighting the same, bringing out the positives in the write up. They then shadow the write ups under the guidelines set by Wikipedia so that the content comfortably makes it to the website. The toughest task is not getting the write up ready, but the anxiety of the period it is under the scrutiny of the Wikipedia review team. With an experienced writer, you’ll have nothing to worry about. The content will be in accordance to the expected.

Just because you have managed to hire a wikipedia expert to breathe life into your dream of having a wikipedia page, doesn’t mean its over there. The page will need regular updation and quality maintenance if it needs to survive on Wikipedia.

Mike Wood is a professional Wikipedia editor. As a Wikipedia and online marketing expert, he writes on the subject of brand managment on Wikipedia.

2 Response to "The Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Creating Your Brand on Wikipedia"

  1. Comment From matt n.

    I have avoided wiki for a long time just because of the difficulty factor. Where would I find a good wiki expert to either walk me through it or offer their set-up services?

  2. Comment From admin

    As the article mentions you can just search for and hire a wikipedia expert to help create your brand on wikipedia.

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