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OpenCart Affiliate Software

The Omnistar Affiliate software allows you to easily integrate your site with many shopping carts and gateway solutions. Currently, Omnistar Affiliate is compatible with every major shopping cart and gateway solution on the market, with more being solutions being added regularly. The affiliate software also offers a way to customize integration using a general method.

One of the shopping cart systems, which Omnistar Affiliate is capable of being integrated with, is OpenCart. OpenCart provides you with access to the software's source files, so integrating Omnistar Affiliate is as simple as modifying a few pages.

About OpenCart

opencart-logo affiliate software OpenCart is an open-source ecommerce shopping cart system developed by Daniel Kerr and is based in the UK. The software is written in PHP and was fully designed and written by Kerr, including the software code, HTML, CSS, database, etc. The company has a global reach and works with development partners in almost 20 different countries. One of the main features of OpenCart is the option for guest checkouts, which enables customers to checkout without creating an account.