Omnistar Affiliate Software User Guide

Manage Affiliate Users

This section is used to manage your affiliate users and user groups. Use the search dialog to sort your affiliate users by the parameters you choose. You can edit or delete affiliate users once the search results are displayed. Settings and descriptions for editing affiliate users and managing user groups are below:

Edit Affiliate User
Make changes to the system information for an affiliate user. Click here for information on settings and descriptions not listed below.
Code to use to create a web page for this user
As an admin, you have the option of creating a user-specific landing page for your affiliate users. Instead of your affiliate users displaying an affiliate link (i.e., you can create a sub-page ( or sub-domain (, which they can link to.
IMPORTANT: Admins must manually create sub-pages/sub-domains and paste the code into the page for each affiliate user.
Sales, Clicks, Etc.
Use these options to add/edit/view sales, clicks, commissions, etc. These options are also available from the 'Manage Commissions' section.

Add New Affiliate User
Use this link to manually add new affiliate users to your affiliate program.
Click here for more information on settings and descriptions.
Manage User Group
Omnistar Affiliate has a built in system for organizing your affiliate parters called groups. Affiliate groups allow you to organize different rates of commission for your affiliates, as well as set up easy means of communication, allowing you to send emails to groups, set up promotional programs with different groups of advertisers, and generally separate out your advertisers. Being able to differentiate your commission is a great way to attract higher tier advertisers with access to a larger, higher return audience.You can also set up commissions for groups that pay out higher amounts for large ticket items and bulk purchases, allowing you to set who benefits from such sales and who receives a flat rate of commission for everything.
Click here for a list of user group settings and descriptions.