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Starting An Affiliate Program

So you have decided to start an affiliate program and you have no idea where to begin? Well, you have come to the right place! Not only can we provide you with great software, but we have all the resources you need to succeed in affiliate marketing. We have simplified affiliate marketing so you can grow your businessj

Here are a few steps that can help you begin:

Step 1: Read the article: What is an affiliate program?

Step 2: Sign up for our 15 Day Free Trial

Step 3: Read our Affiliate Marketing 101 Guide

Step 4: Visit the Affiliate Manager Resource Center

Step 5: Visit our Affiliate Marketing University

Once you become a customer you will also have access to an exclusive marketing and affiliate portal written by affiliate experts. In addition, you have access to monthly webinars given by experienced affiliate managers where you will get access to valuble tips and insider secrets to help group your affiliate program. In addition, you will have access to free affiliate marketing e-books. Therefore, with our great software and resources you have everything you need to succeed in affiliate marketing.