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Google Single Sign-On

Omnistar Affiliate Software allows you to log in using Google's Single Sign-On providing you a seamless login experience. We want to make it easier for you to log in to your affiliate software because we know it is hard to keep up with the many usernames and passwords you have to all your applications. The Single Sign-On does not reveal any personal information. Also, the security of your Google Account will not be compromised by signing in to your affiliate software with your Google account.

About Omnistar Affiliate

Our software allows you to track sales that come from your affiliates. You will create affiliate programs and provide marketing materials that have a uniuqe id to identify your affiliates so that when sales come in you will know which affiliate sent you the sale.

How to turn on Google Single Sign-On for your Affiliate Software

To turn on Google Single Sign-On you will do the following:

1. In your affiliate software, click the Settings link that is on the top right.

2. Click the Third Party Integration button.

3. Now, click Google Login Integration button.

4. Check the box that says "Turn on Google Login Integration".

5. Enter your Google email address.

6. Click Update.

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