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Our goal at OSI Affiliate Software is to help you sell more. OSI Affiliate Software achieves this goal in 2 ways. The first way is by making it easy for your business to create and manage an affiliate program. The second way is by helping you build links for your SEO. OSI Affiliate Software has 4 types of affiliate links. 2 of these links are SEO friendly links. These SEO friendly links are the links that will help you build links for your business.

The SEO friendly links in OSI Affiliate Software are developed for search engines. When search engines view these links, they don't view them as affiliate links but as regular links. Here is how they work:

Option 1 - Includes Hash Tag

Our software gives you the option of using hash tag URLs for your affiliate links. For example:

The tracking information for each affiliate user is included after the hash tag and, when Google views this page, it ignores all information after the hash tag, which means it interprets that page as:

In turn, you earn all the link juice for your affiliate links.

Option 2 - Clean Link Tracking

This option allows your affiliates to use a domain of their choosing without any affiliate ids in it. For example:

The affiliate will provide you the domain they will use and you will enter it in the system. The tracking code identifies which affiliate sent you the sale by checking the referer or webpage where the customer originated.