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How It Works

Add Omnistar affiliate tracking code to your website. Give your affiliates unique links and banners they can use to promote you. When customers click on unique affiliate links, they will come to your website. When the referred customers sign up, you will know which affiliate sent you the sale. Reward the affiliate for sending you successful customers.

Increase Referrals

Increase Referrals

Get more customers and affiliates to promote your business. Affiliates will be able to promote your business using their unique links. They can promote you from their website, email list, social networks, and so much more.

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Get more sales for your business from referrals. Having affiliates is great because you are working with a team to grow your business. Affiliates have their own networks and they can refer your business to their audience.

Save Money

Save Money

Affiliate marketing works for you because you only reward affiliates for successful action. So, when affiliates send you referrals, you can pay them when the customer signs up. You are not wasting money on advertising that does not convert.

All the tools you need in affiliate tracking software

Get more website visitors to promote you

Make it easy to promote you in social networks

Provide affiliates and customers an easy way to promote your business in social networks. Using our social share widget, affiliates can promote using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email.

Convert customers into affiliates using exit popups

A great way to build your affiliate network is by targeting your customers. When customers visit your website, you can add exit popups asking them to join your affiliate program. Include an enticing offer like a discount or gift card to make them join. Once they join, customers will be able to start promoting you immediately.

Decrease bounce rates & reduce abandoning visitors
Get feedback for your business

Get your best customers to promote you

Use our feedback survey email to know who your best customers are. Once you find these customers, make them promote your business. Our feedback survey email is designed so that your best customers will promote you.

Use coupons and discounts to recruit affiliates

You can provide coupons and discounts to your business to entice potential affiliates to join your program. When these affiliates join the program, they will get the discount or coupon. Additionally, you can give them an extra discount to get them to recruit their friends to join the program. This way, the friend will get a discount and they will get a discount. It is a win/win situation.

Reduce bounce rate and increase sales conversions
Target visitors based on behavior

Smart targeting lets you know which visitors to recruit

Our affiliate tracking technology has a smart targeting feature. This feature will let you know which website visitors to target to join your affiliate program. You can set criteria and filters that will look for ideal candidates to join your program. The criteria includes what pages they've visited, how long they've stayed on a page, and more.

Recruit affiliates from thank you pages

Create customizable thank you pages that will help recruit users to affiliates. Usually, thank you pages just have a confirmation notifying user of successful submission. Instead, create customizable thank you pages that will recruit users to join your program. Our thank you pages will offer a reward to users if they promote your business. You can reward that user when they send you a successful sale.

Recruit more brand advocates from thank you pages
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OSI Affiliate integrates with all Shopping Carts

OSI Affiliate Software integrates with your website and shopping cart. It is very easy. All you need to do is add our affiliate tracking code to your website. That's it. It only takes 5 minutes. Additionally, we provide FREE integration so our team can do it for you.

We support you along the way.

But we don't stop there. You will have access to OSI Affiliate Software Experts, our group of experienced affiliate marketing gurus. They'll teach you everything you need to know about affiliate software to help you sell more.

Join 16,000 companies around the world that use OSI Affiliate to run referral marketing campaigns that deliver results for their business.

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