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The Meaning of Being an eCommerce Digital Marketing Agency

While traditional methods of marketing are still on the horizon, digital platforms have become more relevant. Sure, the rage in the early half of the 20th century was more on a direct mail, radio, and TV scale. However, that has changed with new technological developments. While there is still an older demographic that use the more traditional ways frequently, it’s starting to phase out in place of newer and more convenient forms of marketing. A digital agency is one that knows how to target and segment their market by using low-cost production via certain channels on any digital format. They already have in mind how they can capture their audience and use the right screen to cultivate that traffic. Not only that, but they take into account the cost, the personal message, and other factors to create longevity. Here are a few examples of how this works out.

The Advent of Email and Web

Of course, these are digital formats. There’s no question about it. What started out as a simple desktop thing as turned into mobile. A lot of people are on-the-go these days so they don’t have the luxury of spending time behind a laptop or a desktop in their leisure. That’s why a lot of people opt to use their mobile device. Whether it’s using a smartphone, a tablet, or another form of digital media, it gives them options to use while they are out and about.

As a digital agency, they have to be cognizant of how this impacts things. Look at what they’ve done with Apple watch. It’s wearable, it’s functional, and it’s right on the wrist. You can receive messages, scroll, and other things. Think of the future and how more people are getting into virtual reality. They will actually incorporate it like a cyborg with frames over the eyes. It’s getting a first person view just by walking. Think of the Local SEO, like finding shops in the area and how people can literally visualize through the lenses before reaching a destination. This is without having to reach for a smartphone or tablet.

Convenience is everything, so a digital agency needs to learn how to adapt with all forms of technology and how even the basic ones expand on a yearly basis. It’s all about keeping up with the Joneses’ while maintaining integrity in their own identity.

How Television Still Holds a Lot of Weight

TV isn’t just about being on a screen that you buy from the store. It’s changed because people like to watch at their own convenient. The here and now concept is not so relevant. Sure, people want to watch a great Superbowl or NBA finals game right in the heat of the moment. There’s nothing like it. However, a lot of people don’t have time to catch their favorite shows right as they come back. That’s why DVR is such a popular thing. It enables you to record it so you can watch it later. Not only that, but the digital format has become more of a regular thing. Some people dismiss cable services all together and to watch it on a different format.

Things like Hulu and Netflix is a more of an on-demand service. People want to be able to choose the things they get. A digital agency can learn from this by providing a special package that caters to their client’s goals. You do things at their pace and put together a custom service that will help them prosper. Think of what Netflix and Hulu does, they get rid of all of the commercials for a fee. People can binge watch their favorite show. They don’t have to worry about a spotty connection even through a digital cable situation. Also, they are able to see all new content uploaded at a moment’s notice.

A great digital agency sees this and knows that’s important. With the TV services, you can see it on your traditional screen but it also opens up the option for desktop, laptop, smartphone, or mobile device. It’s all about knowing what platform works best for the user. Giving them options shows you care and take the initiative to see where each customer feels most comfortable.

Radio Holds a Strong Point

There’s the regular AM/FM radio that you find stocked in each standard car. However, radio has changed in so many different ways. While traditional radio is still the premier aspect, there are other formats that are taking the cake as well. For example, a lot of people love their satellite radio because it holds no punches. They can listen to custom stations without having to worry about edits. Some people really enjoy the uncensored content. However, satellite radio is just touching the tip of the iceberg.

Nowadays are really into streaming. Things like Slacker Radio, Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music are really taking their place in digital radio. These stations get the newest albums, talk radio, and more. More people tend to like this because they can get the content they want to listen to on a regular basis with barely any commercials. If they want to listen to a particular or genre, they don’t have to wait for a radio station or just go by the most requested song with an advertisement to boot.

Maybe your digital agency has a way of advertising through a radio message or something. This is a good way to capture people while they are in cars or just listening to a stream while working or doing something in the house. Also, the stream can show a video ad, so that’s like knocking out two birds with one stone.

On another note, you may look at a newspaper as a great form of media. However, print media is not as prevalent as it used to be as far as newspapers, big billboards, etc. These are very expensive, but you can get a digital newspaper with a great ad seen by millions of people. The mobile apps and online presence helps to bridge the gap a bit better.

At the end of the day, your digital media needs to have a message. You need to find a good balance between promoting your message and finding out what your core audience likes. Whether they are more into radio, television, email, or a social network, it’s good to know the platforms that cater to their needs.

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