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How to Optimize Your Business Blog

It takes a lot of work to make sure that your blog stays afloat. Optimization is key when it comes to really putting your content out there and ensuring that it gets the proper attention. Without optimizing, you won’t get the right traffic or sales to make a blog worth while. It’s not just about good keywords and content, but knowing how to manipulate things in a positive manner so that you get the right kind of heat to your blog. Luckily, there’s not one way to skin a cat. Take a look at some of good tips to help you optimize your business blog.

What Are Your Goals?

When creating a post, you need to think of some key things to help you move it along. How do you do this? Create a list of things that can progress your post:

How does this attract a new demographic? How do I convince people to look at my viewpoint as gold? How do I share what’s happening in my blogosphere? What’s the best way to promote my product or service with the post?

It’s very important to know how you’re going to achieve the theme of your post. You need to set a goal whether it’s feedback (comments, questions, concerns), organic traffic, shares, likes, etc. This is important because some posts will be more of a social progression while others could be a money-maker.

What Demographic Do You Intend to Target?

This is a great question you need to answer right away. One of the most important things is knowing your identity and how to identify with your audience. A few things you should think about includes: do you want to cater to an audience that buys, an audience that knows how to get your message out there to the masses, or just have the right people in your radar for the future?

Each post is different and you have to realize that in order to get the bulk of your audience to support you. It’s good to cater to your main audience, but it’s important to step outside of the box to get new people attracted to your business. This is essential to helping you create more longevity in your business. Even if you have a different point of view on a subject, people are always willing to see what you have to say. You can agree to disagree and they may even share your viewpoint on whatever platform they see fit to increase your visibility.

Optimizing Your Keywords

This is still an important aspect of your business. SEO has changed in the past 6-7 years, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a relevant part of your blog. Think of how you can do your research using different keyword tools to help you see what’s trendy in high or low volume. Find out what your blog is about overall and good keywords that people actually search for but is not oversaturated. This is a bit of a difficult task at first, but with the right practice and team, it’s doable.

How do I go about finding the right keywords for post? Well, think of a few things like: what keywords are in the title of the post, what is the meat of the post about, and also how will this help target an audience? It’s all about relevancy. You don’t want to pick 10 different phrases for your post just because it’s popular; that’s how you steer your audience away. The higher the bounce rate, the worst you’ll be ranked amongst material that actually makes sense. Predict ahead of time what your visitor’s intent is regarding the post.

Do Your Research to Compete with Others

It’s all about how you can take your brand to another level. There are good tools out there you can use like a BuzzSumo, Google, or Ahrefs to help you get a better hold on the market. Think of a few things such as: who’s ranking for the keyword you intend to target, who has shared this kind of content, and how can you put your spin on the work? At the end of the day, it’s all about solving a problem.

Even if you come with a different perspective (which is absolutely fine), does that actually help make things better? You want to be the person that carries a different tune, but it’s something that provides value others can’t touch. That’s how you begin to separate yourself from the pack and see how a different demographic approaches your content.

Develop Your Post

Now, here is where the plot thickens. Your research should help you construct the right content for the post. However, it doesn’t always have to be written. Sometimes you can post infographics, videos, podcasts, or even a web stream. It all depends on the way you want to distribute your content to the people.

Some people are more receptive to video content because it captures many senses and it’s a lot easier to share. If you use social media, it’s a lot easier to retweet or share a video than a whole written post. Also, it’ll capture the eyes and ears of more people. Think about how your content has the potential to go viral. Sometimes, you can even @ or tag the person in a post by just finding a few quotables that brings attention to the work.

Know How to Reach the People and Beyond

Right off the bat, you should ask yourself a few questions: Who do you want to reach out that may potentially spread your message, how do you target these people in an effective manner, what’s the perfect time to go after the person, and why will they actually share it? These are all key points because it’s about finding the right influencers who can spread your message in a respectful manner. Whether you think about doing it before you finish the post or afterwards, always keep in mind the impact of the post. When you’re able to do that, it’s much easier to pitch certain things to influencers because the quality is there. What are some ways you like to optimize your business blog? Are there any points we left out? Please give us some feedback in the comment section.

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