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Do People Trust Your Content

Before you begin thinking that your content is holier than thou, you have to really put forth your best foot. You need to really believe in your content, but it’s important to know how it will affect others. If you don’t have content that makes sense, that sparks the mind, and isn’t proven by any details, you’re honestly beating on a dead horse. No one wants to hear what you have to say because there’s no validity to your claims. Below, we will touch on some subjects on how you can gain their trust.

Make Your Content Useful

Of course, you want the content to be a means to your bottom line, but that doesn’t matter if it’s not useful. A lot of people take your word for face value and they keep it there. There’s a lot of content that will make people think that your stuff is just another passable page online. That’s why you need to know your audience.

If you’re running a hair care site, then make sure your content caters to that. What products will actually help people? Do they have dry scalps? Are you using organic products that have less chemicals. This is important. You can find what content they care about by creating polls, emails with feedback surveys, and even encouraging comments on your blog. The key is taking action so that you can solidify your brand.

Monitor your views, the engagement, and even the way people share your posts out there. These are all ways you can enhance your site. Then once you’ve built up the reputation, you can start following the monetary things behind your business because you have a platform to draw inspiration from the audience.

Be Fully Committed to What You Talk About

False information or what millennials call “alternative facts” just create infidelity. If you state your claim, you need to be fully committed to what you say. How can you commit to something that’s strictly opinion? People are prone to things that are statistics. Sure, you can come up with your own study to create interest and a dialogue, but can you back it up with proof? How do you backup your stats? Easy.

First of all, it’s important to find an original source. Let’s say you’re talking about the way marketing is going in 2017. Your forte could be in social media. If you mention something about Periscope changing it’s format, it’s good to actually have it come from a direct source on Periscope. Remember, people want the official word. Or if you can’t find that, then go to a secondary source that’s consistent with their claims. That’s how you bring trust to your content.

Secondly, you can use different examples. When talking about a certain aspect of research for a particular market, you can get expert advice. Link back to it to show how it works. Remember, people always want a good example of something that’s tried and true.

Choose Both Sides of the Coin

While you may have one side that outweighs the other, you need to still see the other side. It’s just like doing a compare and contrast - there are pros and cons to each situation. There are different strokes for different folks. Take a key example such as selling a product. Your experience maybe that it’s evergreen. However, someone else might take the approach of seasonal. The key is showing why your product worked for you and break it down formulaically so that others get it. However, don’t just show them that side. Show other tactics you use and why it personally didn’t work for your plan. Give people the option to see for themselves how things work.

Another way you can show what works is by getting opinions from others that have been in your shoes. Their experience is totally different from yours. Experts are all unique so they employ alternative tactics, which you don’t want to leave out. This only builds your point much more because you have various information to show your audience. This does a couple of things: it shows that you aren’t biased, you’re willing to reveal things for the greater good, and you give the people what they want to hear (expert advice).

Less Errors, More Consistency

When you’re trying to display the best content, always make sure it’s tight. Any small errors ultimately leads to someone searching elsewhere. A few key things to employ include the following: spell check your work, be clear that your sentences actually make sense, and always look for little mistakes in your points.

You don’t want to be that one content place that misspells a keyword on your title post. Not only is that embarrassing, but it shows that you don’t take care to create the best content. A small spelling error for a lot of people is a red flag that says, “how can we take this seriously?” You can either proofread the content, hire an editor, or use a tool that will help relieve time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Make Your Site is Easy to Navigate

If you’re site isn’t easy to navigate, you’ll drop more people than mosquitoes to an electric zapper. How do you build a good site that’s easy to navigate? Well, here are a few major tips: make sure your site design is clean and functional, keep the site approachable, have a mobile-friendly version of the site for your on-the-go users, and be clear to keep the main items in good view.

It’s very important that you think about the user experience. It doesn’t matter when you have great products and content if the site speed is below par. The way your site looks and feels is sometimes more important than the content itself. If user can’t freely scroll through your content, then you’ve built your site for naught. What are some things you implement to help people trust your content? Drop a note below of some of your suggestions.

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