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How To Use Stories As Part Of Your Ecommerce Social Media Strategy

The story format has become a staple in social media. Since Snapchat got the ball rolling in 2013, it has spread across just about every other social media platform, and is still increasing in popularity.Astonishingly, over 250 million people now use Instagram Stories every day.Execution varies, but the story concept is always the same: equipping users to bring together available resources (images, text, links, etc.) from social media posts and Read More >>

How to Select a Designer for Your Shopify Store

When it comes to creating a store, you not only want the right product and content, but a great design to match. This is how you entice people to stay on your site, especially if you intend to sell something to your core audience. Picking the right design for website is like choosing someone to create an interior for a retail store. You need the right lighting and fixtures (graphics Read More >>

8 Shopify Success Stories

Building a great ecommerce store takes a lot of work. You have the right product or service, and people need to identify with your brand. Some people take years to truly develop a profit from their persistence. However, there are some that have broke through the threshold in a short period of time. There’s a lot one can learn from these brands. If you plan on starting your own Shopify Read More >>

Holiday Marketing Strategies For Your Store

It does not matter if you have Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento or WooCommerce these holiday marketing tips will drive more traffic to your store. There’s nothing like the holidays especially when it comes to eCommerce. This is a pivotal time in the year where you get that big push to have a stellar 4th quarter. It’s much bigger than just gaining a new sale or lead, it’s a buyer’s market. You’ll Read More >>

4 Ways to Use Your Shopify E-Commerce Store to Grow Your Customer Base

Growing a successful e-commerce business can be seriously complex. Regardless of how much time it takes you to go from your first sale to your hundredth, sooner or later you’ll need to consider things like promotional strategies, fulfillment partners, and conversion optimization tools.But in the early days of your new store, you’re likely focused on one key thing: how to I get more customers?Maybe you began by sharing your Shopify Read More >>

How to Start a Customer Loyalty Program

Acquiring a new customer is more costly than selling to an existing one. For one, you need to introduce your products to a new customer. This is someone who have not heard of your name so you have to tell them about your products and what you can do before you can get them to buy from you. But selling to an existing customer is easier. Since they have bought Read More >>

Create Youtube Channel

Youtube experiences a 50% increase in views per year. Almost 50% of these views come from mobile phones. In the United States alone, more than 40% of the population is constantly on Youtube. This is not to mention the 77% of millennial women who love to use Youtube on a weekly basis.So what does all these statistics have to do with you? If you are not yet using Youtube as Read More >>

Find the best BigCommerce Developers. List of 18 of the best BigCommerce developers.

Is it your first time using BigCommerce and don’t know how to set it up? Do you want to launch your online shop as soon as possible and get some design and marketing assistance? Or do you just need someone who can assist you in the design and implementation process?BigCommerce Partners is the answer to your problem. BigCommerce is one of the biggest online marketing platforms available online. It provides Read More >>

What is The Best SAAS Affiliate Software

With SaaS, there’s no need to run and install applications on your computer or data centers. This means you can eliminate the expense of hardware acquisition, maintenance, and even provisioning. There’s also no need for licensing, support and installation anymore. Aside from that, your SAAS company can benefit from Affiliate programs to make your job easier and to be more successful. What Is SAAS?Software as a Service or SaaS is Read More >>

What is Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the new age of marketing. Instead of spamming the Internet with your links, you reach out to influencers in your niche to show them your content and the products that you have to offer. But it is more than just convincing them to link to you. It is about having enough value that influencers take notice. You should not even have to convince them to promote you.Today, Read More >>

eCommerce Product Reviews

Did you know that reviews can help you sell your products in your online store? Today’s customers are wise. They now use the Internet to search for reviews before they buy a product. So if your products hardly have any reviews on them, they will most likely look elsewhere. Don’t make that happen. Reviews are quite easy to implement if you know how. In this article, you’ll learn what product Read More >>

How To Do Ecommerce Landing Page Optimization

Having a decent ecommerce website is not enough to close sales. If you don’t have a complete understanding on how your visitors are using your online store, you are missing the point of online selling. Unless you can convert visitors into buyers, your online store will remain ineffective. Here’s how you can fully optimize your landing pages.Focus on the ProductThe typical ecommerce page has a product page as a part Read More >>