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Best Ecommerce Sites

Designing your ecommerce site? You may need some inspiration to make your store stand out from the rest. These days, it is not enough to use any old template and just run an ecommerce website in it, you should learn to be creative.Let me show you a list of ecommerce website designs that you can take inspiration from.1. HyphenI put Hyphen on the top of the list because I love how Read More >>

55 Best Ways to Advertise Your Website

There are lots of great ways to promote your website, but it always helps to have a handy list of topics you can get ideas from. That’s why we’ve compiled this always-growing website promotion tips page. Hopefully it will get you motivated to do one or two small things that you haven’t thought of before to get your site more and more traffic over time.So, without further ado, here’re a Read More >>

What is a Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors are people who promote your brand. They are sometimes referred to as influencers or people with a significant number of followers. They are valuable because that can instantly increase the traffic and sales in your website.Brand ambassadors are important for businesses for they drive customers to buy from you. Without them, you will just be tooting your own horn. There will be no one who will vouch for Read More >>

Best Shopify Courses

Have the html meta description be:A list of the 10 best shopify courses.  Are you looking to learn how to do shopify marketing?  Do you need more traffic or sales? You have found the right list.  We will list our the top shopify marketing courses.What is the primary way of selling online? It’s ecommerce. We have reached a point when selling online is no longer limited to social media channels. Read More >>

How Zappos Generates Crazy Word-of-Mouth By Focusing on Customer Service

In 1999 Zappos started their small online store, but today they have grown into a massive clothes and shoe retailer online. In 2009, they were acquired by Amazon for 928 million dollars. By 2014, their profit added up to $54.5 Million. They are doing amazing and they didn’t reach where they are now because of advertisements, but because of word of mouth. Their excellent customer service is what brought them Read More >>

How to Build a Customer Referral Program?

One of the basic keys to reach customer success is by using your services to gain advocates for your business. An army of happy, satisfied customers can do a lot of legwork for your company.Does Referrals matter in marketing?Big YES, referrals matter because people ask people they know about any recommendations, and when people have good experiences they freely share it to people they know as well. A study was Read More >>

What is Relationship Marketing?

Recently, the term relationship marketing has been growing popularity, and is being used more often than ever. This term, relationship marketing, is used to refer to everything you’re doing that develops a lifelong, strong relationship with your customers. Relationship marketing helps in building your brand awareness and makes your brand your customers best option available. The key to relationship marketing is helping a two way conversation to happen with your Read More >>

How to Get More Sales to Your SquareSpace Store

Every person who puts up a business is aiming to make sales. While it might take time, it’s important to plan ahead. But, don’t worry because in this article we will help you get more sales to your SquareSpace store in no time!1. Create Referral ProgramWhen a current customer recommends your brand to people they know, gaining new customers through their interactions are high. The internet has become a place Read More >>

Best BigCommerce Marketing Apps

Marketing is essential to a BigCommerce website’s success. Without marketing, a BigCommerce website will not make some sales and this will cause the business to fail.Fortunately, BigCommerce have an array of marketing apps that you can use for your business. Here are some of the best ones that I have found.1 – Omnistar AffiliateOne of the easiest ways to promote your website is to have a referral program. Omnistar Affiliate Software Read More >>

Ecommerce Link Building

An ecommerce website without links is like an island amidst the sea. No one is going to know that it exists unless they communicate with the outside world. If your online store is still a lonely island, it is time to change that.But first, here are a few terms you must know.What is Ecommerce SEO?Ecommerce SEO is a bigger topic than ecommerce link building. Ecommerce SEO comprises of two processes: Read More >>

How to Get Amazon Reviews for Your Ecommerce Store

Why do you need to have amazon reviews?Modern mouth has become the modern way of advertising, especially for eCommerce shops. It’s a powerful way to affect how people perceive your business. And a study that was done last years showed that online reviews was trusted by 79% of consumers and sees it as personal recommendations. About 85% of consumers even stated that they read reviews online to decide for their Read More >>

Principles of Persuasion Inspired by Dr. Cialdini

For over 60 years, researchers have been studying what influences us people to say yes to other people’s request. It couldn’t be denied that there’s science involved in how we get persuaded. It would be nice to think that people think about every other detail when it comes to making a decision, but most of the time, that’s just not how it works. Our lives get more and more overloaded Read More >>