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If your business is managing an ecommerce market then it is highly likely that boosting conversion rates is your top priority. Conversions are affected by many variables which is why a ceteris paribus comparison is next to impossible. A good conversion rate is that which remains consistent or improves over time but never dwindles.Let’s look at some techniques which show that how one can take his business to another level Read More >>

10 Tools that can help your e-commerce business grow leaps and bounds

It is impossible for your e-commerce business to grow without the right tools. My grandfather, a master handyman, always used to say, “You can’t create a masterpiece without using the right tools.”Which is why you should start researching the various tools you can use to increase sales and help your business grow by leaps and bounds. However, thanks to this article, you don’t have to spend hours looking for the Read More >>

How to Start an Online Boutique

One of the questions that seem to never get old is “How to start an online boutique?” fashion changes from time to time and clothing choices gives you the chance to choose from different collections and it could be for men, women, or even both. Take note that clothing usually has steep markups that would allow you to make mistakes as time goes on without having to destroy your profit Read More >>

Ecommerce Business Plan

Your Value PropositionA crisp, short, value proposition is a good gauge for the clarity of your idea. This section should be written in a way that it would seem like you had a good minute to explain your business to a customer or even a potential investor. Practice this over and over again until you are happy with it. Make sure you use it in your ecommerce store as your Read More >>

How to Sell Jewelry Online

Way back 2016 almost 30 million of people buy their jewelry online on a daily basis. Buying and selling your jewelry online is a big business and it could turn out to be very lucrative. With these stats it’s obvious that it’s a huge competition. But, why should you sell your jewelry online?Why Sell Jewelry Online?Jewelry has turned into a million dollar online marketplace and there’s no reason not to Read More >>

Live Chat Software

01- OlarkOlark is one of the simplest live chat software in the world. It’s easy to use because of its real time report, its automated messages, and because of its straightforward team management tools. It has a highly customizable platform which could be adjusted to match your exact live chat needs.  PriceThe plans cost $17 per agent every month. There are discounted options available if it’s billed every year or Read More >>

5 Drip Campaign Strategies You Should Try Today

Most email marketers are already familiar with a drip campaign – a series of marketing messages that are triggered to engage potential customers and make them convert. What you may have missed out are the crucial pointers that can make your drip campaign work. Everyone is doing drip campaigns. But not everyone gets to taste success like a boss!! You’ve clearly come across multiple strategies and tips for your drip Read More >>

Best Email Marketing Software

ActiveCampaignActive Campaign is designed for small to medium sized businesses but they also carry enough features that could grow together with your business. Their services provides CRM, marketing automation, and email marketing in one so there’s no need to go searching for a marketing stack that would work well with your business.Features:Active Campaign has a lot of features but the most notable one is the inclusion of different pre-built automation Read More >>

10 Most Successful Shopify Stores

Endy SleepEndy Sleep is the largest direct online only company in Canada that sells mattresses. In an industry that’s filled with claims that are larger than life, Endy is the one that actually succeeded. This company has definitely pulled off the online only model for a company selling mattresses. This company is very successful, it has earned $20 million dollars in 2017.  Their strategy to reach that sales is through Read More >>

What is referral rate?

What exactly is a referral rate?Let’s talk about referral rate, if you don’t know what that is, it’s the volume of referred purchases as a percentage of your total purchase. So 1 percent referral rate is equivalent to 1 in 100 purchases come from your referral program. It happens when an ambassador shared the referral link on places she wants such as through PM, email, social media platforms, and a Read More >>

5 Ways To Optimise Your B2B Website To Improve Its Ranking

We all have been following the same rat-race of website SEO for a while now.And in this race, we have forgotten to explore different avenues of SEO.For example, we have made “keywords” pretty much synonymous with SEO. However, targeting keywords with the sole intent of getting organic traffic is not as effective today as it was erstwhile.Hey, I am not saying that keywords are any less essential today as they Read More >>

The Top Black Friday SaaS Software Deals of 2018

Black Friday is fast approaching, are you ready for the deals you need to grab? Have you already figured out which sites would be having the best deals? If not, don’t worry because we got you covered. Listed below are some of the top eCommerce SAAS companies who would be having amazing deals on black friday and even some of them are good through cyber monday. What are you waiting Read More >>