10 Cart Abandonment Solutions Updated Sep 2023

These are the 10 basic tools that you require in order to prevent shopping-cart abandonment and encourage visitors to action. A lot of online retailers use these along with affiliate website builder like Hostinger. There are several other tools worthy of attention (like Google Analytics and Survey Monkey), and a white-label software but these ones will get you started. We also have some of the best affiliate marketing course online that’s definitely worth checking out. Continue reading to know more about how to reduce shopping cart abandonment and know the best shopping cart abandonment solutions and learn how to grow an eCommerce business. For your WordPress store, you can use the Woocommerce referral plugin.

1. CartStack [Editors’ Choice]

This shopping cart abandonment solutions help e-commerce sites recover abandoned shopping carts with an easy, inexpensive email reminder solution that integrates with any website. Cartstack is definitely one of the cart abandonment solutions that you should consider having.


  • Emails already include the shopping carts so that it reminds the shoppers what they need.
  • Integrates with most eCommerce platforms
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Features are really good


  • It’s a bit too expensive
  • Fixed rate per month

You can request a DEMO here. Go here to see the latest Prices

2. Rejoiner


The Rejoiner tool is an email platform that can help you personalize your remarketing emails, measure their effectiveness and turn abandoned web forms into actionable data. You are probably already aware that most visitors abandon their cart without making a purchase. What you do not know is that the vast majority of such visitors are highly potential to be converted into paying customers (adding stuff to your cart means that you actually want to buy). There are many Shopping Cart Recovery tools, but we chose Rejoiner for this list especially because it offers a 14-day free trial, and the trial only begins once you have converted your first customer. Check this out to make you customers online shopping experience better.


The concept behind Rejoiner is pretty simple: it allows you to setup e-mails, personalize them and customize the number of days after the date of abandonment when they should be sent. It works with most of the popular eCommerce platforms (simply by downloading the plugin and integrating it into your online store). The software also offers data with which you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign.


  • Easy to set up
  • It comes with a great team of email experts
  • The interface is really simple, and there’s a fast turnaround.


  • Could get too expensive
  • Not ideal for new stores

You can try a DEMO from the pricing plan here. Go here to see the latest Prices

3. Qualaroo


The third tool on our list is Qualaroo. This nifty software will make it possible for retailers to increase shopping cart conversion, revenue and decrease abandonment sales. Its main goal is to answer your question: “Why are people leaving my site?” This company believes that, while it is effective to take a look at analytics, it is more important to talk to customers and make an educated guess at what they really want. Qualaroo will help you survey visitors and identify problems such as:

  • On pages with high exit or bounce rates
  • Exit surveys to determine what visitors did not like about your site
  • Why are some visitors lingering on a product page too long
  • Intelligence from mobile visitors with the survey add on

With this tool you can also uncover the problems users experience while on the site, visitor trust and confidence issues, cross-sell and promotional opportunities, product offering opportunities and cart issues that prevent them from checking-out.


  • The features make it easy to target customers
  • The IBM watson feature is really good.
  • The interface is easy to use


  • The reporting function is limited.
  • The price is good for companies that are doing good

You can try a DEMO here. Go here to see the latestPrices

4. AdRoll

AdRoll is extensively used by retailers for retargeting strategies. It can retarget site visitors through Twitter, Facebook, other social channels, mobile and web. At the moment, over 15.000 brands such as GoPro, SalesForce, ZenDesk, and Levi’s are using Adroll. Its main features include cross-device and cross-platform compatibility, dynamic LiquidAds, retargeting on Facebook & Twitter, unparalleled ROI, flexible segmentation, eCommerce optimization, and mobile retargeting.


The LiquidAds, in particular, proves extremely useful for re-engaging visitors. With the ads you can show off products and catalogs without additional development resources. You can also personalize the ads to feature previously viewed or top products. Also, the flexible segmentation feature refers to retargeting the right users with personalized ads. AdRoll tracks 300 different intent signals and is able to segment your customer based on the products they have viewed, and how far they went through the marketing funnel.

Targeting the right people, with the right ads can significantly decrease the rate of shopping-cart abandonment and encourage action. Lastly, AdRoll has a neat Transparent Analytics option which provides with actionable data and metrics in an easy-to-use interface. The Analytics tool works with scientific A/B tests which ensure that you are allocating your budget in the right places. Here’s a little trivia for you, 97% of advertisers that tried AdRoll, stick with AdRoll.



  • Customizability is really good.
  • It has a lot of reach which is unique.
  • The support team is amazing.


  • Not very user friendly for beginners
  • The ad sizes could be constricting

Go here to see the latest Prices

5. Conversions on Demand

Cart Recovery tools can take many forms. The Conversions on Demand software takes an unconventional approach on cart abandonment and recovery solutions. The C.o.D. tool doesn’t just prevent abandoned carts, it also helps you keep customers from abandoning their shopping carts in the future. Here are the main shopping cart abandonment solutions that this tool offers:


  • Daily Deal Bar – you can create deals easily
  • Email Catapult – Similar to Rejoiner’s e-mail based cart recovery feature
  • The Cart Closer – the best tool for preventing cart abandonment (when it detects a possible cart abandonment case it will show an unobtrusive pop-up which might persuade the client from leaving the site).
  • CrowdWisdom – enables you to compare performance with other users
  • EZ-Test – test how your website would behave with or without the tool
  • Analytics – comprehensive data to measure the effectiveness of your campaign
  • Time2Buy – This solution will help you motivate reluctant customers

The tool has a user-friendly interface which will make configuration easy. You can also turn on/off every feature in the toolbox, or simply change how they behave.



  • It supports a lot of carts
  • Motivates your buyers
  • Interface is okay
  • Could help you get targeted customers
  • Commonly used by online retailers


  • Could get expensive

You can try a DEMO here. Go here to see the latest Prices

6. CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg is one of our favourite tools on the list, and an extremely effective one at that. What it does is show you exactly what and where visitors clicked (even if they did not click on a link). Google Analytics may show you what links are followed by your prospects, but CrazyEgg will also display parts of the page that visitors click on. This data is displayed under the form of heatmaps like the one bellow.

Here are a few advantage of CrazyEgg:

  • It will help you identify which parts of a page are getting the most attention (very useful when you are showing data to individuals inexperienced with web analytics tools).
  • The tool will show things that are not clickable -> Maybe parts of the pages that aren’t links should be made accessible. Visitors might want to learn more about an image or product that isn’t described properly.
  • If you have multiple links pointing to the same product or page, CrazyEgg will show you which of these links visitors use.
  •  You can see how far visitors scroll down your page with easy to interpret heatmaps. This is definitely one of the shopping cart abandonment solutions you should consider having



  • It has heat maps and scroll maps
  • The confetti feature is amazing
  • It comes with features that work good
  • They have good customer support


  • It doesn’t have a funnel feature
  • For the price there are features it lacks

You can try a DEMO here. Go here to see the latest Prices

7. Olark

What better way of figuring out what visitors do not like about your page, than by hearing it from them? This is one of the shopping cart abandonment solutions that you should have because with Olark you can ask people what is missing from your page to avoid abandoned carts. Many customers avoid phone conversations because it is inconvenient, they might be at work, or because they simply do not want to be stuck in an endless conversation. The live-chat option on Olark will help you determine vital data like:


  • What pages are giving your visitors headaches
  • What products are not sufficiently described and require more information
  • What your clients would like to know, ask or object about your eCommerce platform
  • What you could say to persuade clients to take action

Studies also show that live chat can increase conversion rate, because you are personally engaging with the prospect. It will help you know why customers abandon their cart.  Make a list of questions that you would like to ask your customers (examples: “How likely are you to recommend our website to friends?”, “If you could have us make something for you, what would it be?”, “How would you describe our company to a friend”, “Why did you choose us?”, “What other products can we offer you?” etc.)


  • Interface is great and it’s easy to use
  • Integration is easy
  • Lacks some features


  • Needs more stability
  • The price is not okay for its stability

Go here to see the latest Prices

8. Yotpo – Social Reviews

Reviews and testimonials are a vital part of effective eCommerce marketing or email marketing. Studies show that clients are more likely to take action if they see reviews made by other customers. Of course, positive reviews suggest that a product is good, but you should also have some negative reviews to prove that your reviews are not fake. With YotPo you can deal with reviews and site testimonials socially.


The main feature of YotPo involves sending e-mails to customers in a X days (this can be customized), after online shopping. In the mails you can ask visitors to review your products, or share an opinion. Adding a discount for an honest review can also encourage clients to come back to your site. In addition to this, Yotpo offers a set of widgets which display reviews on your site, it integrates with Twitter & Facebook (allows reviews on social networks), it also integrates with Zendesk (a support ticketing system you should definitely use) and it has a beautiful dashboard that will increase the effectiveness of your campaign.


  • It has amazing features and ease of use
  • The customer support is great


  • Only ideal for high volume retailers
  • Quite expensive
  • Has a learning curve

You can request a DEMO here. Go here to see the latest Prices

9. Ethnio – Pop-up Surveys

Once you have solved usability problems on your website, you can think of carrying out some usability tests on qualified prospects (people who actually visit your site and interact with your products). Ethnio will basically add a pop-up survey to your website. Visitors are asked if they would like to participate in your usability test. This test can be customized according to your objectives (you can request information about the visitor, your website, your products etc.). To make this work you should offer a small financial incentive or discount on products.


Ethnio will definitely work because people love getting involved. They are still looking for the type of relationship that can only be obtained in brick-and-mortar stores – the sense that they are important. Once a visitor completes a survey you can decide if you want to carry out a usability test on them.


  • Features are great
  • It has apps intercepts


  • Could be a bit expensive
  • Basic is self support only
  • Not ideal for beginners

Go here to see the latest Prices

10. ClickTale

The last tool on our list is ClickTale. You can use this tool’s in-page web analytics features to view your visitors’ screens. In other words, you can re-live the experience that a prospect has had on your site. It is similar to CrazyEgg, but it also measures movement of the mouse and keystrokes. Here are a few benefits of ClickTale:


  • Watch a Movie of your Visitor’s Screen when they browse your eCommerce platform. By doing this you can determine which users are struggling, what they do not like about your site, on what pages they are lingering etc.
  • It is the best way to see how people are interacting with your site: Clicktale offers five reports which will enable you to understand the website-visitor interaction. The Drop Reports shows the percentage of visitors which left the side while filling a form (this will allow you to fix form fields that scare visitors).


  • Analytics integration is good
  • It comes with heat maps
  • The visitor recording is really good.


  • From the last update the interface is harder
  • A big NO for beginners

You can try a Meeting here.

BONUS: Tada, Elegant & Interactive Pop-ups

Tada is the app that gives your e-commerce website the magic it needs. The Shopify apps offer funny interactive and elegant full-screen email pop-ups, choose the kind of email pop-ups you like!

Nowadays, a good marketing strategy has to be customer-oriented! 

Gamified pop-ups are powerful tools, as they create this connection your audience needs with your brand. In marketing, it has been proven that games change customers’ behavior, that are more likely to give their email and buy a product. However gamified pop-ups aren’t for everyone, which is the reason why Tada also does full-screen pop-ups that look very elegant and will enhance your brand image. 

Tada’s email pop-ups are 100% customizable!

The Shopify app is compatible with the two biggest email platforms Klaviyo and Mailchimp. It allows you to analyze your website’s data and to control your customer journey with its user-friendly dashboard. Its free plan offers email validation, which is very important for your email marketing strategy.


  • Easy to set up
  • Cheap, the free plan offers many options
  • Customizable pop-ups
  • Excellent customer service
  • Performant and user-friendly dashboard


  • Only for Shopify users

How Do You Stop a Cart From Abandonment?

Shopping-cart abandonment rate or cart abandonment solutions has become an extremely popular subject for eCommerce experts. What exactly determines prospects to go through with a purchase, and why are there so many who leave your website? These are questions that you must absolutely find an answer to if you want your eCommerce website to become successful. According to Baymard.com, the average abandonment rate on online shoppers is over 65%. This means that 650 out of 1000 customers do not convert. You are, therefore, losing a lot of opportunities.


How can you find out why people are leaving your website without taking action? The answer to this question will definitely solve all your marketing problems, but in the online world it is very difficult to know. If you own a brick-and-mortar store you could ask clients for opinions, hear them mumble as they walked through the door or simply hear their objections. However, capturing the voice of online prospects is extremely difficult. The good news is that it is not impossible. We would like to share with you a few tools that can help you prevent shopping-cart abandonment. But before we do that, let’s take a look at the main reasons why people leave your eCommerce website in the first place.

Why Do I Have So Many Abandoned Checkouts?

Obviously, shopping-cart abandonment is a serious problem that will affect your business on the long run. Let’s take a look at the 14 main reasons why online shoppers leave an online store:


  • 56% of shoppers say that unexpected cots (such as delivery or commissions) are the main reason why they abandon a purchase.
  • Another thing that drives prospects away is slow loading time and difficult navigation on the website. Hosting an Ecommerce website on a platform like Shopify will save you from such problems.
  • One more problem that we would like to touch upon is foreign currency. For international eCommerce stores it is absolutely essential to present more types of currency, which are frequently used in certain place. Prospects would rather go to another eCommerce platform than check for exchange rates online.

How to Prevent Shopping-cart Abandonment

There are two ways of dealing with shopping-cart abandonment.You can either prevent it before it happens with an optimized checkout flow, or try to win back a prospect after he has left your website.

1. What Happens When You Abandon a Shopping Cart?

There are a few factors you should consider (they include web design, website usability, level of user-friendliness etc.). It is easier to keep your visitor hooked while he is still on the website. The first thing you should do is to display images of the products. While it is important to describe products using words, it is better to use clear photos for your clients. You should also display security logos (according to Statistia, 17% of shoppers don’t concern if they are concerned about security).


Next, you should make editing the cart easy, offer support, avoid registration, add user reviews, offer free shipping when possible, and ensure price guarantees and refunds. These 10 practices will significantly decrease shopping-cart abandonment on your website. You may check this out on how to optimize a checkout page.

2. After Cart Abandonment:

If none of the following practices managed to keep a client interested, there is one more thing you can do. Keep in mind that, in general, less than 40% of eCommerce website visitors make a purchase. There are several ways of dealing with cart abandonment after it happens, but the most effective methods are ad retargeting and email recovery campaigns. We will discuss more about them later on, as we present the tools needed to keep prospects interested in your website.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Infographic

Infographic: Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Want to display this infographic on your site?

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