10 Essential Tips Small Businesses can Use for an Engaging Facebook Marketing Page

Here is the reality ? getting your audience to engage on your Facebook post becomes harder than ever.

But the thing is, it is also more important than ever before. With Facebook’s news feed always bursting with new content, expanding your reach on the platform becomes more and more challenging.

A lot of brands chose to buy ads. Others come up with more creative ideas on how to game their news feed.

In this post, we will talk about the 10 essential tips small businesses can use for an engaging Facebook marketing page.

1. Share trending topics

If you are not aware of it, Facebook rewards pages that post about trending topics on the platform.

So, it is crucial that you look for potential topics that the average person will be talking about.

For instance, if you know that your followers will be watching an upcoming basketball game, craft content that revolves around this, and asks your fans what team they will be supporting.

Also make sure that the content you’re creating is high-quality. Algorithms on social media have changed. The quality of your posts matters.

Create high quality posts rather than publishing ones that have less valuable content. The best way to create better posts is to follow and learn about the top brands in your specific industry.

Come up with compelling images, videos, infographics, and other elements that makes your posts compelling, and informational.

2. Get rid of promotional content

Do you think that your fans are only interested in seeing sales-oriented and promotional posts on your page?

Well, in some cases, people do not like seeing these kinds of posts. Especially if their feed is already filled with so many ads that a lot of advertisers put on the platform to promote their products and services.

Most of the time, promotional content is not something that your audience will click or share on their feed. Instead of engaging, most of them will just scroll down, click your page, and unlike it.

3. Boost your best posts

If a particular blog post or website content is getting a lot of traffic from your site, then why not publish it on your social media page and boost that post?

The good news is, you do not need hundreds of dollars to do it, you can even boost it for a low as $20, and target people who liked your page or a similar demographic.

A boosted post helps get your best content in front of your target audience and generate a decent engagement. The more that users will engage in your post, the greater the reach that you will have in their organic networks.

This strategy is effective especially if you are sharing high-value content with a lot of takeaways, such as solving a problem.

Check Google Analytics to find out what is your most popular content. On your dashboard, click on Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. Review the metrics of every post to know what content you want to promote on Facebook.

4.  Update your page template

Facebook has a variety of page templates that have a lot of tabs and default buttons to showcase your business page in a way that it aligns with your business type and goals.

Although some templates might look similar, you can prioritize information based on what type of business or industry you are in. For instance, you can start a fundraiser for a local profit organization, or promote the “donate” call-to-action (CTA).

5. Balance your post frequency

The thing is, you need to post at the right time.

Keep in mind that every study shows different results. That’s because the best posting times usually depend on a specific industry or demographic. Therefore, you will not know exactly what the best time to post is unless you have conducted several experiments on your own.

Utilize Facebook Insights, especially when most of your audience is online. It is an excellent place to start!

After all, an important consideration that you need to take in your Facebook strategy is how often do you post, and when. If you do not post on a consistent basis, you will not come off as trustworthy and genuine.

Would you put your trust in a brand that has not updated their Facebook page for months? Of course, not!

Posting too often, on the other hand, will make people get sick of getting their feeds flooded with your content.

That is where a social media calendar comes in. Having one allows you to establish a schedule when you share specific posts according to general popularity and season.

At times, you might have to adjust the performance of your calendar, since you still need to check the performance of your updates in Facebook Insights. After you know the popular times to post, as well as your analytics for your first few posts, it is easier to strategize your posting frequency.

6. Use Facebook polls

A quiz or a poll can be a little lighthearted as compared to surveys.

Focus on what is currently relevant in your industry, as well as the topics that are important to your audience. Having this type of interactive content creates significant engagement. It also gives you personalized results that can be shared easily.

Facebook’s platform allows you to generate polls with photos, GIFs, and texts. These can be published in your story as well as your news feed.

Overall, they are a great way to boost your engagement rate.

7. Respond quickly to the audience

The reason behind why every Facebook Business page is there is to better connect with people. So why not prove it?

Enabling the messaging feature in your page makes it possible for your followers to get in touch with you. But you only have to do so if you have the time to monitor and respond to all their messages.

Facebook now has a feature that indicates how quickly your page responds to messages, and if you do not want to show that you are slow to respond to messages, then you might consider skipping this feature.

The more responsive you are to with private messages, then you’re more likely to get the “responsive” stamp on your page.

You might see these badges on Facebook business pages, which shows how quickly you respond to these messages. For instance, it will show, “very responsive” or “typically replies in an hour.”

In the platform’s rules, being responsive to inquiries and private messages isn’t necessarily required. But the thing is, it acts as a social proof that you care about your customers.

8. Conduct a comment contest

Another great way to spark engagement with your fans and followers is to run contests and giveaways on your Facebook page. Ask people to comment on your post if they want to join.

Keep in mind that you are only asking participants to like or comment on a post, publish a post, or message your page to join the contest. You should make it clear right from the very start that the contest you are running is not endorsed, sponsored, associated or administered by Facebook.

Even asking a simple question can be turned into a super fun giveaway!

9. Create an eye-catching profile picture and cover image

Choose a profile picture that is easy to recognize for your audience. Whether it is a company logo, or a headshot of yourself if you are a freelancer or consultant.

Being easily recognizable is the key to being found. After all, it is what will show up on the search results, as well as the thumbnail image to other people’s feeds.

Facebook regularly changes its photo dimensions. Currently, the profile picture display is 170×170 pixels for desktop and 128×128 pixels for mobile phones.

Next, you need to choose an attractive cover photo. Since it takes up mostly above the fold of your Facebook page, it should be both high-quality and engaging.

As of this writing, the ideal size for cover photos is 820×312 pixels on PCs and laptops, and 640×360 for mobile.

10. Maximize Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an excellent way to create meaningful connections with your customers. Not to mention, it lets people stay in touch with you directly through your Facebook account.

Do not worry about someone reaching out to your page and you are unavailable. Messenger has now a feature wherein you can create automated responses and pre-set greetings even during off-hours. That way, users will still feel that your brand is accessible to inquiries and concerns.

Over to You

If you are not creating a Facebook page that has an extensive strategy of getting noticed, liked, and engaged with, then the chances of you getting leads and getting sales are slim to none. It’s always best to stay up to date with the newest trends, and employ strategies that will help you attract more customers. Always keep learning.

Hopefully, by following these tips, you are able to create an engaging Facebook page that takes advantage of what Facebook marketing has to offer.

About the Author – Kevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media, a Facebook Ads Agency based in New York. He helps businesses maximize the benefits of Facebook Advertising, leading to a dramatic improvement in sales while pushing down costs. Voy Media thoroughly studies each client and comes up with tailor-fit solutions to bring about the best results.

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