11 Best Web Directories

Online businesses are mow moving into web directories as a use for their online marketing. Web Directories generally contain links that are related to the industry that one is searching for in the World Wide Web. Generally, the main idea as to how the directory is to be used is to help rank the company to a higher level on the search engines.

Relevance and quality traffic are two things also observed with the presence of the web directory for online marketing. In a way, using the directories will mean that one gets listed on their own industry rather than on another. You can also look into having a Shopify affiliate app. Quality links are not just about the way the content is written or the website is created. It is about making sure it matches the industry that it should belong to. Some of the most popular web directories may be as follows:

1. Sitechecker

Website Directory Scanner by Sitechecker — is a tool for analyzing the contents of the file directory of any site. The most simple and completely free service that can show the owner of the resource, including hidden content, can pose a threat.

2. Best of the Web

Probably among the most used directories in the market is the Best of the Web. It comes with the oldest websites that have existed for years, and is considered as a site that comes with the mission of giving the market a meaningful search process that will land them their needs.

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3. Yahoo Directory

Notably, Yahoo is already one of the foremost leaders in search engine results. Research has shown that this directory is able to work out with the strength of 10, which means that when posting on this site, one could be sure to be found. It has a PR rating that is measure to 8.

4. DMOZ Directory

With a free listing, this is probably one of the highest rated web directories in the market. It comes with the 929K, and is considered as an Open Directory Project. Hence, it comes with the widest scope of listings in a global market. It is a project that was generally founded in the presence of the Open Source Movements, and is probably the most prominent directory that offers free services.

5. Librarian’s Internet Index

This is a free source directory that simply merges the different collections of information online and with the Librarians’ Internet Index. Hosted by the Drexel University College of Information Science and Technology, it aims to produce the best directories that are complete, concise, and very much productive in the market.

6. Starting Point

At only $99 a year, this web directory has a PR rating of 4 on most listings. It comes with the benefit having manual reviews for each submitted site. This means that it will be a system that matches it to the correct industry. The directory has been in the market for more than a decade already, and it has established itself to be a prominent part of the Internet. The goal of the site is simply to make things easier to find in the vast information market of the World Wide Web.

7. Eaton Web

This is considered as one of the oldest directories for the Internet, and it comes with the popularity of being a site that has listed websites on their proper places. Metrics used by the directory to list the sites are based on several issues such as the relative development of the site and the momentum of its development. This is a way for Eaton to help online users determine which sites are still flourishing and which are technically considered as dying. Three distinct ways are used by the directory on how they can list the appropriate sites, and these are according to strength, momentum, and overall functions.

8. Ezilon

As a directory listing, the Ezilon group is given a rank PR score of 6. Unlike other directories, a good aspect of the services of the listing is that it offers this definite section of location. World regions is the focus on how Ezilon classifies the blogs or the websites, and this means better access to the closest information that one may be looking for.

9. JoeAnt.com

Most online websites want to establish a good name for their web pages with the use of the right rankings on the engines. With the listings on the directories, one develops an easier way for one to be found online. JoeAnt understands this and has provided a service that will be used by many blogs online. The directory has been given this PR score of 7.

10. Business Directory

For online businesses, the most prominent directory would be Business.com. This is the site that has enabled businesses to reach a targeted audience that number to the millions. In addition, it gets to identify the right markets and will help reduce costs spent on listings on other directories.

11. Rubber Stamped

Many online websites find it hard to wait for their pages to be properly listed on the directory. Rubber Stamped offers quick turnaround from the website, which is often an assurance that one will be searched by the millions of users as quickly as possible. Semantics and usability are two issues solved by the Rubber Stamped Directory.

12. Mavicanet

The directory is considered as a self-help system, which generally means that one gets to be listed on the catalogue of the site through their own efforts. Readers are generally the ones who access the directories, and the site gives them the opportunity to list down their favorites on a particular category.

13. Buyer’s Index

This is a directory aimed at buyers. It lists e-commerce sites as well as buyer’s guides in its directory. This site was established way back in 1996. It has links from the New York Times as well as a couple of university websites and even a government website, so it’s got good street cred with Google.

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  1. Comment From Ace Young

    Among all these web directories, I find DMOZ to be the best as it offers all the opportunities of getting listed for free. As it is an open directory, I get most of my search terms there, and I figure that it would be a great way for me to get some real attention.

  2. Comment From Andrew Vince

    DMOZ is the most notable of all these web directories, and this means that businesses can easily be part of the online listings that may land increases in customer bases and other links.

  3. Comment From Dwayne Kyle

    For me, Ezilon is the best web directory. Usually, most people use the directories for listings that are near their location. With the features of the directory that lands people to the nearest website in their location with the same topic, you get this feel of having what you really need on your hands.

  4. Comment From Justin Otonga

    As a business entrepreneur, it is greatly appreciated by many how they can use Business Directory as a great way to land customers. In fact, this directory has certainly given most business this wide edge against their competitors who have listed their sites elsewhere.

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