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Ecommerce articles are not just interesting but they are informational too. It’s not everyday that you get to have information for free. Here’s a short list of great ecommerce articles that would feed your knowledge and lead you to the right path as you grow your business. You can also go over these best Shopify courses.

1) 3 Things that You can Do to Improve as an Affiliate Manager

Affiliate managers would realize that it’s important to improve interactions with their affiliates because it would have an impact on their campaign. It’s important to have a good relationship with your affiliate because that’s where having a great affiliate campaign starts. One of the tasks of an affiliate program manager is to ensure the good relationship with an affiliate because they have a valuable contribution to the business. This article will show you 3 things that you could do to improve yourself as an affiliate manager.

2) How Affiliate Users Can use Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing as a very effective way to increase product popularity. Advertisements nowadays could be so noisy, this strategy makes the irritating noise lesser. If you’re aiming to reach customers but you also aim to not be annoying then this article will enlighten you on the best way you can use inbound marketing without being noisy.

3)Finding the Right Ecommerce Software for Your Online Business

Running an online business could be exhausting especially since there are a lot of things to do and there are a lot of things to oversee. This is why there are hundreds and hundreds of ecommerce software to make running a business a bit more-easier and automated. This article would enlighten y9uo on the many things you should know when finding the right ecommerce software for your ecommerce business.

4) What is Relationship Marketing?

Relationship marketing has been growing popularity because it’s effective. But did you know that it has been present for a very long time already? Relationship marketing is the reason why companies, brands, businesses become successful and this article will help you know what you have to know and get started with relationship marketing right away. The sooner you start, the better.

5) 30 Guerilla Marketing Tactics to Inspire You

In the marketing industry today, you have to make sure that you are creative, you have no choice but to make sure. It isn’t like before when you had a choice because what makes content go viral today is the creativity. Guerrilla marketing campaigns have been proven to be effective because they are cost-effective, they are unique, and they are creative, here are 30 brands that have used it successfully. Take note of them because they are good ones you could definitely study and learn from.

6) 5 Cart Abandonment Email Best Practices

Shopping cart abandonment has sadly turned into a common occurrence. A lot of customers put stuff into their carts but leaves it, sadly we would never know why. But don’t worry because there’s still a way to win them back. Having a shopping cart abandonment email would not always work but if you have the best practices together with it you sure would get to convince them in no time. Continue reading this article to know the best practices to get your customers back.

7) Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is when you use key leaders in the industry to help promote your business. It’s an effective marketing strategy because it uses word of mouth which is undebatable the best we have right now. Influencers help in making your target audience interested in your brand, but it’s not as easy as you seem. This article would enhance your knowledge and fill you with tips on what and how influencer could work best for your brand and make your brand grow sales and increase your customer base.

8) How to Motivate Your Affiliates?

Have you ever wondered why there are affiliates who aren’t productive? Sometimes it’s just them, but most of the time you can do something about it. Some affiliates need a gentle push to remind them about your affiliate program. Don’t be frustrated when your affiliates are inactive, there could be a lot of reasons why and there are many ways to get them to go active again. On this article, you would learn all of the why’s, what’s, and how’s of how to motivate your affiliates.

9) How to Choose a Shipping Strategy for Your Online Store

In this business you handle everything but rarely does a business handle shipping too. Most of the time, when it comes to shipping the order we hand it to someone else. Most of the time, especially for startups, this person is a total stranger. This person has the ability to either make or break the business. If you choose a shipping courier and they fail to deliver and do anything to make things better. Your customer would feel bad about you and not the courier. So read this post to enlighten you about choosing a shipping courier and how to strategize on different scenarios that may happen.

10) 4 High-Impact Ways to Boost E-commerce Sales You Haven’t Tried Yet

Ecommerce sales is the most important thing to have in your business, no sales is equivalent to no profit, no profit would lead to bankruptcy and that is one thing you have to make sure won’t happen in your business. Don’t worry, because there are many ways to boost your ecommerce sales. But if you want ways that has been proven to be effective, read this article about 4-high impact ways to boost ecommerce sales.

11) How to Use Google Featured Snippets for More Traffic

Nowadays, getting traffic from google became harder. It’s not just because of an increase in competition but also because of Google’s scheme to let people on the search engine without opening your website. But don’t worry, you can make use of Google’s featured snippets to rank you up the search engine. Read on to learn how to use them and get more traffic into your business. Take note that you can also optimize them to make your search ranking even better.

12) How to Create an Offline Referral Program

Trust and word of mouth are two ingredients of a successful referral program. A lot of people think that this is a strategy that could only be used online, little did they know offline referral programs are even more effective. This article is all about offline referral programs, how it could benefit shops that don’t have or doesn’t depend on their online marketing, how to implement a referral program, and a whole lot more that would inspire you to start you referral program whether you have an ecommerce business or not.

13) Ecommerce Link Building

An ecommerce store without links is like hidden cave, nobody would know it exists until the cave man comes out to communicate. This is something you have to make sure you have; links. Links are what makes your store searchable and if you don’t have inks yet, this is the best time to start it. This article has everything you would need and more to get started. So, what are you waiting for? Read on.

14) Principles of Persuasion Inspired by Dr. Cialdini

Have you ever wondered what influences people to say yes to the requests of others? There are 6 principles that have been adapted into a lot of different things and marketing. These principles were in the book of Dr. Cialdini which he wrote 3 decades ago. This article has a summary of this and an explanation of these principles and its relation to marketing. It also has a lot to say about how you can use it to benefit your business.

15) Ecommerce SEO Trends

The world of SEO oversees change that is constant. Google even has algorithm changes more than 500 times a year, while some aren’t noticeable this means that SEO trends are also bound to change as years go by. This article will let you understand everything going on and how to be ready for the future changes.

16) 9 Artificial Intelligence tools to make your eCommerce store smarter

Have you ever wanted to reduce cost and time while improving conversions? Right after mobiles, the latest revolution which is artificial intelligence was born. AI commerce is the new thing and it has been very helpful for people in the ecommerce industry. There are already chat bots and even AI personal assistants who can aid us in doing our job smarter and efficiently.

17) How to Start an Ambassador Program

In this generation, people do things because of recommendations and suggestions from people they know and trust. Now you might already know the importance of ambassadors in your business but do they know what you really need? Are you sure your ambassador program is built to succeed? There are simple core traits every program should have but is always forgotten to be considered, there are many more things to do to ensure your ambassador program would lead to success. This article will guide you on how to start an ambassador program in a way that you would be on the road to success. Interested? Go ahead and read on.

18) 8 Ecommerce Metrics to Grow Your Business

When you measure your and optimize your metrics it would lead your store to faster growth. But there are metrics that you won’t have to optimize. Yes, there basically are important metrics to optimize and check from time to time but others are okay to be left alone. It could be a time saver and it would lead you to correcting the important ones the sooner. This article has 8 of the most important metrics you need to optimize in order to make your business growth go faster and better.

19) Best Giveaway Software

There are a lot of strategies available to lead people to your website. But the sure thing is you have to give people a reason to go to your website. One good way to do that is by giving giveaways. Contests and giveaways are one thing people won’t resist and if you can have that in your website then they sure would check you out. But, how can you have those? Don’t worry because this article has everything you have to know to get started.


There go 19 articles that would help you learn more things important in the ecommerce industry. These are chosen from the best of the bests to make it easier for you to read through information that are efficient in your ecommerce journey. If you like what you read, let us know on the comment section below!

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