5 Online Marketing Strategies that Work

Just because many people are online does not mean that they will necessarily stumble across your website. There are millions of websites out there, with many sites likely competing for targeted niche. This can make it tough to stand out and get traction on the Web, which makes marketing a website all the more important. Most especially if you’re running a Wix referral program.

While each business is different, to help you narrow your focus below are our five online marketing strategies that work:

#1. Improve Your Search Rankings

Many people simply type key phrases into a search engine (likely Google) in order to find a product, service, or specific business. If you want to improve your odds that these would-be clients will come to you instead of your competitors, you need to appear higher on the list. If not, you are likely missing out on a lot of customers.

While some search engines will include paid spots at the very top of the list, you don’t necessarily need to invest the money into buying one of these slots. Instead, you can focus on improving your search visibility through search engine optimization. SEO is one of the best online marketing tactics to move up in the organic search rankings and attract traffic to your website for valuable searched-for keywords on the Web.

#2. Have an Informative, Visually Appealing Website

In many ways Internet search engines have become the global phone directory of the modern age. The first place many people go when seeking a particular business or good is the Internet. That is why it is so important that not only should you have some form of website, even if it is somewhat basic in comparison with big corporations.

If your site includes all the information a new customer could want or need and has an overall professional feel, customers will have more trust in you as a business and be more willing to deal with or make a purchase from you. Having relevant, interesting traffic can also be used to build up your social networks, interact more with customers, and send more to your website via SEO.

#3. Never Forget the Power of Good Old-Fashioned PR

Publicity can be inexpensive and is a great way to gain more visibility. A featured article on a blog about your company reaching a particular milestone, participating in a charity event, or re-vamping your website can get the word out and bring in new customers, especially if you have already built up a following.

Even by seeking out traditional media outlets like a newspaper could get your article online if the paper has a website. Some news websites will even allow readers to link articles to their social media pages, which will extend the reach of your press release to their friends and contacts.

#4. Email Marketing

Email marketing, if done well, can be a huge asset to your business. Not only can you easily send out messages to hundreds or thousands of customers, but you can give your customers and would-be clients the option to sign up for special offers and subscriptions and share it with others.

This can not only bring in new business, which is always a good thing, but it can help to ensure that you get repeat customers, which are what allow a company to survive and thrive.

#5. Use Social Media

The Internet has provided a way for businesses to connect directly with customers on many different online environments. Whether it is through Facebook, Google+, Pinterest Twitter, or many others sites, social networks give your business the opportunity to hear directly from customers and gives you the chance to reach out to more people.

You can use your business’s social media presence for the very latest news and events or to share products and service. It keeps your company fresh in the minds of your clients and keeps you aware of your customer’s needs, even if you operate a company that doesn’t often get a chance at face-to-face interaction with your clientele. You can also engage with customers and have fun with it.

Following these five online strategies that work could make a big impact for your business. You can get more potential customers to find your business and continue to build relationships with them even when they are not meeting with you or inside your store.

Ascent Internet provided this article. They are a St. George, Utah Internet marketing and Web design company and can be found at AscentInternet.com.

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