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50 Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop

Etsy has changed the way people sell handmade products. From creating and waiting for people to take notice, handmade crafters can now showcase their products on Etsy and have people come to them. A site that started 10 years ago, Etsy has grown to a 54 million community. It has over 1.6 million sellers from all over the world and around 25 million active buyers. That’ a lot of people to sell your products to.

People love Etsy because it gives them more than just a platform. It grants them instant exposure. True enough, there are people who managed to make a living from Etsy alone.

If you are one of those people who hopes to make a killing on Etsy, you’ll need to do some promotion. Today, I’ll show you 50 ways on how you can promote your Etsy shop.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

1. Start a Referral Program For Your Etsy Store

You can easily grow your sales to your Etsy store by setting up a referral program. The best way to setup a referral program is to sign up OSI Affiliate Software. When you have an affiliate program, you will only pay your promoters when they send you a successful sale.

2. Have a Unique Product

While most products on Etsy are handcrafted, it is still important to create designs or products that are completely unique. Think about it. If you only do the same thing as the next person, you’ll not stand out.

3. Tell Your Friends and Family to Get the Ball Rolling

While Etsy is a good platform for your business, you’ll still need to have some testimonials or reviews to get the ball rolling. The best way to do this is to have some friends and family vouch for you.

4. Get some Followers on Twitter

You’re lucky that you are born in the age where you can just sign up for a social platform and get instant access to millions of people all over the world. You can easily do this by signing up for a Twitter account and making regular updates about your products and services.

5. Create a Facebook Page

In the same way, you should also create a Facebook page. This will allow you to use the channel’s advertising platform to expose your products to your target market.

6. Create an Instagram Store

Instagram is also a great place to have an online store. Many people have done it already and it worked. In fact, most Etsy sellers are on Instagram and they are using the platform to drive traffic to their stores.

7. Pinterest sharing

In the same way, you can also use Pinterest in sharing your products and ideas. Pinterest has a community of people who are interested in different designs and handmade products so it is the perfect platform for your Etsy shop promotion

8. Offer Limited Time Discounts

An online shop often finds the highest surge in sales when they implement a discount coupon. This can be done for events like Christmas or Valentines’ Day or it can be done on a weekly or monthly basis. You can also do it in your shop for an instant surge in sales.

9. Capture your Followers’ Emails

Capturing your buyers’ emails is very important for your Etsy shop. It will allow you to communicate with them if you have a new offer.

10. Inform your Email List When You have a New Product

This is good especially if you have fans waiting for every product you create. They would be happy to be the first to know when a new design comes out.

11. Send Special Discounts to Your List

In the same way, you can also send some special discounts to your list. You can do this as a way of saying thank you for keeping in touch with you.

12. Collaborate with other Sellers

The fastest way to increase your sales is to look for sellers with a different product but a similar market and collaborate with them. This way, you can expose your product to their audience and have the chance of closing more sales.

13. Hold Collaborative Contests

I have seen some artists do this on Facebook. They create packages out of the different products of the sellers and conduct a giveaway. This is great in sharing their audiences and increasing their follower count. The mechanics of the contest may include liking social media pages or posts or signing up to each other’s list. You can get creative with this.

14. Cross Promote with Other Brands

It is now easy to get other brands to promote you. You just need a significant number of followers and you can ask people to exchange promotions. In Instagram, it is called SFS or shout-for-shout and it is a great way to increase your followers.

15. Creating Product Packages

I have seen one sticker seller do this before. She usually sells her stickers on a per design basis. But then, she created a sticker pad with different designs. It is like a package and it quickly sold out.

16. Ask Some Bloggers to Feature You

One of the fastest ways to get your name out there is to ask some bloggers in your niche to feature you. Here’s how it works. First, you email them asking them if they would like to review your product. If they answered ‘Yes’, you’ll send your product over. And then, you can wait for their review.

17. Ask for a Vlogger Review

The same concept applies to vloggers as well. In fact, Vloggers seem to have a higher influencer on their followers than ordinary bloggers. The process is the same. You ask them if they would like to review your product, you send it over and you wait for their review.

18. Look for Small Website Owners

You don’t have to stop at bloggers and vloggers. You can also talk to really small website owners and ask them if they would like to review your product. Why should you do this? It gives you backlinks and exposure and it solidifies your brand in different places on the Internet.

19. Advertise Yourself in Related Websites

If all is in vain, you can just pay for advertising. This will feature your site in many websites in your niche granting you instant backlinks and exposure. The best part? You don’t even need to convince the website owner to feature you. You just pay them to put your ad up.

20. Don’t Forget SEO

Now that we are talking about promotion, it is important that your Etsy store is also search engine optimized. Why? Well, 50% of buyer traffic comes from the search engines. You will be losing out on all of these money if you don’t optimize your site for better search engine rankings.

21. Create a Blog

Also, you need to have a blog. You are not only selling a product here. You are building a community. A community can only be built if you have something that you stand for. How can you do that? You have to express it in a platform – your blog.

22. Create an Infographic in Your Niche

With today’s visually oriented audience, infographics are now more in demand than before. In fact, it is a type of content that gets the most shares online. You can promote your online store with one good infographic. You just need to think about a useful concept and hire someone to create it for you.

23. Try Your Luck with Celebrities

If you can contact A-List bloggers, you can also try contacting celebrities. Many brands have done it. They talked to celebrities in their social media channels and they sent their products to them. While this can be a hit-or-miss for celebrities are often busy. Once it hits, the effect on your website can be massive.

24. Try to Get Featured in Mainstream Media

If your product on Etsy is unique, you can also try your luck in mainstream media. There are some shows that feature small businesses. This can be you if you did your promotion right. Promotion is as easy as contacting some media writers and see if they like to feature you. You have nothing to lose.

25. Guest Blogging can Help Too

Since you need to get your name to as many websites as you can, guest blogging can help. And if it is done in the right niche, it can give you tons of targeted traffic which can result to an enormous amount of sales.

26. Create Video Tutorials

Your buyers may also be interested in how you created your products. They may want to see the behind the scenes and may feel inspired to do the same. For this, you can create some video tutorials. You can post this on Youtube for some extra cash or you can post this as content in your own website.

27. Sell an Online Course

Once you get the hang of creating video tutorials, you may want to organize them in a sequential manner. This will allow you to create an online course. Millions of people are already making a killing doing this and it is a great way to promote your online store.

28. Publish a Book

If you want to take the old fashioned route, you can also publish a book. You can put what you know in handcrafting your goods and share it with the world. The best part? It doesn’t only help in promoting your site but it also helps you in making some extra money on the side.

29. Don’t Forget Livestreaming

We are in an age where you can share everything online. In fact, you can share things as it happens and this is what livestreaming is for. You can use this to let your followers see you behind-the-scenes and will help you bond with your audience.

30. Use Instagram or Facebook Stories to Share some Behind-the-Scenes

In the same way, you can also capture pictures or videos and share them on Instagram or Facebook stories. It is like a shorter version of livestreaming.

31. Harness the Power of PPC Marketing

You should also get yourself in front of your target market by staying on top of the search engines. The quickest way to the top is PPC or pay-per-click marketing. This is where you pay Google a fixed cost per click based on the keyword that you are targeting.

32. Use Etsy’s Apps

Look no further. Etsy has its own arsenal of marketing apps. My favorite is Etsy Marketing Tool and the 30-Second Catalog Builder. Both will provide you some ideas on how you can get more people into your Etsy shop.

33. Look at What Your Competitors are Doing

If you still can’t seem to get ahead no matter what you do, you may need to look at your competitors to see what they are doing. How can you do this? You do it with tools.

My favorite tool for researching my competitor is Ahrefs. It allows me to see the websites that are linking to my competitor. What can I do with this? I can use it as I create a linking strategy for my website. I can look at the links and determine the types of links that I have to get. Then, I can also look if I can acquire the same links by visiting the sites myself.

34. Target Medium Tail Keywords

When it comes to keyword research, longtails are obsolete. The new trend is in optimizing for medium tail keywords. What are medium tail keywords? These are keywords with 3 to 5 words. It is still long and descriptive but not so long that the traffic is too little.

With this in mind, you can now optimize your store for your target keywords. You should make sure that your title and meta description contains the keyword. The same is true for your website. You should optimize it for your target keyword if you want it to rank.

35. Create a Crowdsourced Guide

One of the fastest ways to get people to link to you is by featuring them. How can you do this? You create a guide that has inputs from at least 20 different people.

The guide should be a collaboration of different people in your industry. All of these people should have their own websites and they should have an area of expertise. You will then ask for their advice and compile everything into one big guide. From here, the only thing you need to do is ask them for a link when the crowdsourced guide is up. It is an easy way to get instant backlinks.

36. Have a Referral Program in Your Website

If you want to get people in your website, you need to start rewarding your customers for referrals. This can be a simple online form that allows them to input the emails of their friends or it can be a sales-based referral program where they get a prize or discount whenever someone buys a product under their name. You can get creative with this. It is one the fastest ways to grow your website.

37. Stand for Something

Since you are in creative industry, it is very important to be more than unique. In fact, you need to stand up for something. Your products should be more than creations. There should be a ‘Why’ behind the business and it must be a good one.

38. Support a Cause

One of the ways to create a stronger ‘Why’ is to dedicate your business to a cause. It can be as simple as putting 5% of your sales to a certain charity. It will instantly light people’s hearts and they will be more inclined to buy from you.

39. Offer some Scholarships

Aside from charities, you can also offer scholarships. You can do this by setting aside a certain portion of your sales to give to other people. The best part? You can offer these scholarships in schools or universities in your area. This can give you some really powerful backlinks and can refer targeted people to your website.

40. Share Your Story

You’ll remember that I told you that you should share your story with the world if you want to be noticed. Well, that’s true. In fact, mainstream media and bloggers are more inclined to share online stores or products that has a story behind them.

41. Join a Product Roundup

Another way to get your products featured is to join a product roundup. These are mini-reviews that lifestyle bloggers do on a regular basis. What they do is they take a certain number of products that they like for the month. This can be around 7 to 10 products. Then they feature all of these products on their website. The key is in finding a blogger that does this. From there, you can contact them and offer to give them a sample of your product in exchange for a review.

42. Get Your Product Included in a Vlogger Haul

In the same way, you can also contact vloggers to include you in their haul. A haul is like a product roundup but bigger. It is a type of video that showcases 10-50 products. This is your chance to get your product in front of your target audience. Just contact a vlogger and ask them to include you in their haul.

43. List Related Products

Want an instant increase in sales? With this technique, you’ll be able to do just that. The technique is simple. All it requires is that you list some related products along with some existing product listings. That’s it.

Why does this work? It works because it shares the traffic instantly. Instead of your visitor seeing only one product, he gets to see a group of products and thus, have a higher chance of buying more.

44. Engage Your Followers by Asking for their Opinion

What’s the fastest way to make your followers feel valued? You ask for their opinion. This can be a simple email asking them about your service and how you can improve it or you can ask them to make some product suggestions. Even better, you can ask them about what they think on a product that you are just planning to launch. It will make them feel valued and part of the team.

45. Analyze Your Traffic and Tweak Your Promotions from There

You’ll also need to know a bit of conversion optimization if you want to increase your sales. This can be done by looking at where your traffic is coming from and keep on doing promotions on the places that has the most leads. This is like targeted marketing where you stop doing what doesn’t work and only focus on the methods that work.

46. Always Remind Your Customers to Support You

It also doesn’t hurt to ask your customers for support. You can put your social channels in your website and make it apparent that you like them to support you. They will likely do you the favor of following you.

47. Do Something Unique To Make Your Customers Feel Special

You can also triple your sales by doing one thing that is different from your competitor. This can be a simple message that tugs on the heart of your customer. They will remember you and may refer more people to you.

48. List Your Product in Facebook Groups

Don’t forget that Facebook also has some groups that you can promote on. Promoting is as easy as posting in the group and bumping it.

49. Promote Your Shop Offline

Also, don’t forget the offline market. You can easily get people into your site by just distributing some flyers with your link in it.

50. Pay Your Customers to Refer New People to Your Website

Lastly, you can simply pay your customers to refer new people to your site. You can pay them a small amount or reward them with a simple discount code. You’ll be surprised on how this can drive more traffic to your site.

That ends our list of Etsy promotion strategies. What do you think? Which strategies will you use on your site? Tell me all about it below.

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  1. Comment From Judith @

    This is a great post, as a seller or entrepreneur you should not be contented by posting your items to etsy. It needs to be promoted also to other platforms.

  2. Comment From Zach Taylor

    Etsy had been a great platform for my products. I really like how it is a niche for self made products.

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