60 Best Referral Programs – Updated May 2023

When it comes to marketing, it can take a team to really get things together and most referral software even allow you to do digital marketing, content marketing, email marketing. Referral programs can be your breakthrough in the market because you have a support system that comes from different people. Those people trust and love your brand and are willing to take the extra step in order to give your business legitimacy, if you want to encourage them more you can also do double sided rewards where both your customer and their friend get something. With that being said, take a look at 25 different referral marketing program. See what they give you in order to make their business that much more relevant. There are a lot of referral program examples listed below.

1. Omnistar Affiliate

Omnistar Affiliate provides technology that helps businesses increase sales through word of mouth marketing. Using Omnistar, you can give your customer base a unique link that they can use to promote your business via social media and email. When a customer base sends a successful sale, our technology tracks and rewards them.


2. Discovercars.com

Are you looking for affiliate programs that are related to car rentals? Then the Discovercars.com affiliate program is just for you. It is an award winning (WTA, Magellan, FT1000, Uzakrota) car rental comparison website that offers a high revenue sharing scheme for its affiliates.

How Much Can You Earn as an Affiliate?

With this affiliate program, you can earn 70% of car rental profit and 30% of full coverage revenue from every booking. On average our travel blog affiliates earn around 25 EUR per sale and generate 50-70 car rental reservations each month.

Plus, a 365-day cookie lifetime makes it a really great choice.

Stop wasting your time and join Discovercars.com affiliate program today to open an endless revenue source from recommending car rental services to your readers.

3.  Dropbox

Space is becoming more and more finite as time goes on. If you have a business that has different products or you need to keep track of data, you may have already considered Dropbox to help keep things organized. If you have a plus account, then the max you’ll get is up to 1GB of space. 500MB is for the free account. However, by referring others to the program, you can get between 16GB and 32GB depending on the account. It’s hard to keep track of things but Dropbox is a premium to help you divide different tasks, store pictures, documents, and more within a team. Join the Dropbox Referral Program this is one of our referral program examples from the list that you could definitely get tips from.

4.  Marin Software

Are you into more of an intermediate kind of business where you need just better management. This level of automation can really take your business to another level, so it’s important you find what you need out of the program. This program is a bit more expensive, but it’s for those higher tier businesses that depend on expert service to get to a certain benchmark. You can gain up to $2,000 by referring someone that spends in excess of $100,000 a month on paid search for at least 6 months. If you want just $500, that company has to spend $10,000 a month on the same term length. Join the Marin Software Referral Program

5.  GrubHub

The truth of the matter is everyone needs food. However, GrubHub provides it at a great convenience. You could be out and about during a meeting and not have the time to head to a restaurant or a local corner store. However, you can set your order on the app and it’ll come right to you. The good thing about referral programs is your friend gets $7 off their first order ($15 minimum) while you pocket $7. This is great for both sides because it’s a win-win situation and no one leaves hungry (pun intended).

6.  Chipolo

In a society that moves at a very fast rate, it’s very easy to lose your wallet, key, phone, or another valuable item used each day. Chipolo is that connector that allows you to track these items that can’t be so easily replaced. In fact, they have referral programs in place that allows you to get free Chipolo if you refer friends, at least three people to the program. Additionally, the people you refer get a 20% discount off their purchase.

7.   Shoeboxed

There’s always a need for receipts when you deal with different accounting services. Whether you have expenses, transactions, payments, it’s important to know exactly where your receivables and payables come from. From a referral programs, it’s good to get ahold of things and learn how you can make great residual income on Shoeboxed. For example, if you sign someone up for a trial version, you can earn $30. If the person signs up for a business plan, they pay $49.95 and you earn a $60 commission.

8.  Lyft

This is a convenient service that allows you transportation to and from specific destinations. Many may not like a taxi or want to save some money by going to a direct source. Also, they have the opportunity to make an income. Lyft allows you to do a promo which gives people credit towards their first few rides. If you’re into referral programs and get different drivers or riders to sign up, you can get $10 for each successful new account.

9.  Homesuite

This is a great way to help you find a home on demand. If you have an extended business trip, this is much cheaper than a hotel and a lot more comfortable. The good thing about referral programs are that they allows those that sign a lease through it to get $100 off. As an affiliate, you’ll be able to get a $100 gift card. This is a great way to get some nice gifts and help your friends or associates find a place in different cities to stay at during trips/business/or any other purpose.

10.  Gilt

Are you into top notch fashion, but don’t want to pay a high couture price? Gilt allows you to get some great clothing and accessories at a discount. They also enhance the experience with a solid referral presence. If you refer someone to the program, you’ll be able to get $25 credit. Also, if your friend signs up and spends over at least $75 on the first order, they can get $25 off. You’ll be shopping for great clothing in no time flat.

11.  Hulu Plus

On-demand TV online has become quite popular in the past 4-5 years. It’s convenient, faster, and you don’t have to worry about a bunch of pesky commercials. What makes the Hulu referral program great is that you can refer subscribers and they can get a free 2 week trial to see if they enjoy the product. Once they become a paying customer base, you’ll get a $10 Visa Gift Card.

12.  American Express

Credit is something needed especially in the states. However, you should not just worry about building credit when you get referral incentives as well. One of the key benefits to having an American Express card is being able to refer family and friends to the card. You can get on a reward system depending on the card type. For more information on how to get this underway, you can check out the link right here to find good instructions to start.

13.  Hubstaff

Need to stay on point with the time put into project as well as dividing your tasks. Hubstaff is a great program to use that will really keep things organized. Managing your time to different things can get difficult with time especially if you have a number of employees. Hubstaff puts everything in one uniform system so nothing gets lost. By referring others to the business, you’ll get a 30% commission for each sale. Also, payouts are made at the first of the month. You have different resources like banners and links to help you do the right promotion. Whoever you refer can try out the product for a 2-week free trial.

14.  Prezi

These days it’s not just about the content, but how you present it. Prezi does a great job of facilitating your content into something more palatable to the eye. You have a bunch of tools at your disposable to really come up with some creative and interactive to whomever you decide to present your information. Whether you’re at a business meeting, conference, or you happen to run into an influencer, you can really create something impressive and eye catching. The great thing is that you can upgrade your account to something better for 3 months (free of charge) if you refer 3 people.

15.  Busbud

Travel with the thought of convenience. Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of taking a flight or a car to your destination. Getting on a bus is a bit cheaper and you may have more options available to the location. Busbud helps you book your tickets in a faster way. Busbud has a very convenient program that allows you to get $5 per referral. Each ride that person takes, you’ll get $5 in an account that you can use towards your own trips. Saving money and free trips sound great to me!

16.  Snapwire

Do you create content and you don’t really have access to a great photographer or editor who can come up with incredible images? Don’t worry because Snapwire has a bunch of great royalty free images. You can even submit your own and make money through uploading original photos. However, referral programs are really where it’s at. You can refer a friend and they’ll receive up to $20 credit with the first purchase. Upon purchase, you’ll receive $20. This is a great give and get kind of setup where you can earn money just by helping your friend or family member acquire quality photos.

17.  Julep

For the ladies, Julep is a good site that has the right beauty products to help enhance your look. Whether you need something to nourish, cleanse, or protect your skin, it’s an overall good site that has the right arsenal to keep your face in good shape. Their subscriber system is pretty good because you referrals earn you $15 of credit on the site to use for purchases. Just by getting someone to sign up for the product, you’ll earn this so you can stop until you drop right in the comfort of your own home.

18.  Amazon

Of course, Amazon is one of the biggest ecommerce sites on the planet. They really changed the status quo when it came to selling products on one format. Amazon already has an affiliate program where people can earn a certain percentage per sale. The probably even offer an amazon gift card too. However, there is a prime edition that’s based strictly on referrals. In fact, if you refer someone to the program and they spend $5, you’ll earn that same amount. You have the ability to promote your referral links via Facebook, Twitter, and email marketing with ease.

19.  WoolOvers

Is Fall or Winter on the horizon, and you have no idea where to shop? Well, WoolOvers has great product for both men and women to keep warm in the colder months. Whether you want something wool, cashmere, cotton, or something else, you have a lot of choices available to fit your needs. Obviously, they don’t just sell topwear but skirts, dresses, and ponchos as well. WoolOvers also has an affiliate program that helps you gain an income through promoting on your newsletters, websites, or social media network. You can sign up through Affiliate Window.

20.  Hotel Tonight

This is a great app to use in a pinch just in case someone needs a hotel. There are certain hotels during the night or last minute that have unbooked rooms. Using this app will not only gain you access to the rooms, but you may even get them discounted. This will save you a lot of heartache from going to hostel at the last minute or making a phone call to a friend that you need a place to stay out of the blue. There are good referral programs that allows you to get to $25 off your next booking when your friend pays a minimum amount for a room he decides to purchase through your referral code.

21.  Soylent

For those that are a bit more health conscious, this is a good product to have for your bars, drinks, powders, etc. If you want to get a bit more nutrition, this is the product you need to have in your daily food regimen. There’s a lot of great things about referral programs that helps you, your friend, and the general people. Your friends can up 50% off of their first 12 bottles of Soylent. As a result of the subscription, the World Food Program USA provides 4 meals for the children.

22.  Typeform

When it comes to setting up your business, having input is very important because it can lead you into a better position to excel. Typeform helps you put this in fruition by creating surveys, forms, quizzes, and lead generation. This kind of information will give you great details and feedback on your business. Also, it helps you see what the people generally want. The key thing with referral programs is for each person you refer, you get 10% off your PRO version. Also, the person signing up gets a 10% discount.

23.  Box

Box is a great way to share different files. Whether you have a project in mind or just want to send something to a friend with a Box account, this is the way to go. If you’re the kind of person that’s hard pressed to keep things in order, you need this for your management side. Use it for your file transfers, cloud storage, and much more. Referral programs allows you to earn commission for each person you help sign up.

24.  SugarSync

It’s important to keep things in proper working order especially if you are using multi-platforms. This syncing mechanism helps so you don’t lose track of it all. Whether you’re behind a desktop or a mobile device, it doesn’t really matter. All of it goes into one system so that you can keep tabs on everything. The nice thing about the referral program is that it allows you to get more space with the people you refer. You can earn up to a maximum of 40GB of free space when your friend or family pays for the subscription.

25.  ThredUp

The trend these days is not going to a shopping mall to purchase product. The online boutique store or thrift spot is where you want to purchase things. Why? One, it’s cheaper. You won’t pay a ridiculous retail fee. Second, you may find something a bit more exclusive. You always want to stand out with your fashion. Through the referral program, you earn a specific amount of credits that you can use towards a purchase. It’s a good way to get premium items for free or cheap depending on your hustle with the referral system.

26.  Wayfair

This is what you call the perfect site for your home needs. Whether you need to get furniture, home improvement, baby supplies, kitchen materials, or something else, this place has everything to help you build you make your house warm and inviting. The referral program is great because it’s a reward system. Whether you refer someone, use the Wayfair Card, or write a review on your purchase, you’ll get some kind of credit or gift card.

27.  Frank & Oak

Need something classy yet affordable? Stylish clothes don’t need to cost a fortune. Frank & Oak shows why this is a great bargain site for you to get a myriad of items for your wardrobe without paying retail price. Whether you’re a guy looking for the perfect tie and belt, or a woman that wants a set of earrings, you have choices on the site. Speaking of choices, why not get into the share & earn program?  There you can get $25 gift card when your friend make his first purchase.

28.  PillPack

The health industry can be a very tricky thing. Depending on insurance and other factors, it can get quite difficult to get the right medicine you need. However, PillPack makes it easier by helping to transfer prescriptions to your pharmacy. Additionally, they help to keep you on track with your medicine so you don’t miss a step. If you happen to refer-a-friend, they will personally donate $100 to RxArt, which helps children heal by creating healthcare facilities that are warm and enriching.

29.  Google Apps

From a desktop or mobile perspective, Google Apps has become one of the premium services that helps people out in their personal and professional life. Use Google docs to help you create different documents and get others to review/comment/edit. Additionally, it can help you save time on certain aspects of your life as well as keep your schedule together. Google Apps actually has a referral program that gives you $15 per person that you get to join the service.

30.  World of Warcraft

Yes, an online game. This is one of the most popular MMORPGs in the history of PC gaming. It’s one of those fantasy titles that never goes away. People enjoy it and meet and greet each other. There are even conventions with people enjoying the game together in the range of thousands in one building for the entire weekend. The World of Warcraft recruit-a-friend program helps people to gain free game time. If they refer a friend for a specific period of time on a paid subscription basis, they can get up to a few months of free gaming.

31.  Uber

Uber is another good service where you can refer different drivers and riders to the program. It’s a convenient program because you can get pretty much anywhere in the city without having to wait for a taxi to pass by. There are different specials depending on your ridership. Additionally, the service is pretty responsive so you can get to your destination in a pinch.

32.  Zulily

This is another good clothing site, but the emphasis is more on family. If you’re a new family, this is a spot where you can do shopping for the mother, father, and the child. Also, you can get toys for your toddlers. You can invite friends to Zulily as well. When a friend’s order ships, you get $15 credited to your account.

33.  JackThreads

If you’re a male fashion aficionado, you’ve probably heard of this site countless times over. Men’s fashion is become more popular online with a lot of brands wanting to create a more desktop/mobile presence. JackThreads has one of the most popular referrals in this niche. The refer your friend program allows you to get up to $20 per referral. Your friend gets a 20% discount coupon for the first purchase.

34.  AT&T

From the phone to full-on entertainment and security services, AT&T also has a solid referral program. Whether you want to get in on the action for your home security, internet, home phone, or internet capabilities, you certainly have options with this program. Get acquainted with the refer-a-friend service so you can get up to $575 a year in referral incentives.

35.  QuesTrade

Looking to make that next big step with your money such as trading or investing it in a company? QuesTrade is a good start to help you get on a good path for residual income. It’s all good to refer others to your experience as well. That’s why a great referral program is in place to help both sides of the table. You’ll get $25 each time you refer a friend and even a $50 bonus for every third referral.

36.  Love With Food

This is more of subscription box-based site that allows you to get food delivered to your home. There’s great variety ranging from vegan, gluten-free, special diets, and more. They have a lot of happy customers and you can refer friends and get up to $10 for each person that signs up through your link.

37.  Tesla

This premium electric car has been in the public eye for some time especially with top notch celebrities. They even provide a great referral service to those that can actually sell the car to others. For those that purchase a car through a Tesla owner, they will get $1,000 credit towards the price of that vehicle.

38.  FreeAgent

Whether you’re a freelancer or a small business owner, FreeAgent provides you great accounting service to keep track of everything. You don’t have to go bonkers trying to find a client that hasn’t paid you for a project. You can file everything in one system so that you can prove what is owed and what’s already been received. The program works by giving you a 10% discount when you sign up through a referral link. If you’re able to refer multiple people to the service, you may even negotiate your own fee.

39.  Munchery

Don’t have time to cook, but still want a healthy meal? Munchery is on the job to help you get quality meals without compromising your pocket. You can find out what cities have this service available by looking at the site. Additionally, you can do a referral to get discounts or money towards your account. The person you refer will get $20 off their first order. Additionally, you’ll get a $20 credit when the first order is placed.

40.  Craft Coffee

There’s nothing like a cup of Joe to jump start your day. Before your work or school morning starts, this is a good charger to help you get energized before the sun really cranks. Craft coffee is very tasty due to the abundance of flavors. Refer your friends and you can get a free coffee delivery through each home plan purchased, such an amazing referral experience isn’t it? Your friend will also receive a 15% discount.

41.  NatureBox

For those that are generally health conscious, Naturebox offers some great vegan products. They are specially made to help you stay on a healthy eating path. Additionally, you can get other people on the right course to help them maintain a quality eating regimen. They have a lot of happy customers and you can even give your friends $20 in free snacks. Also, when they go to buy something, you’ll get $20 to shop. Pretty fair referral system for both parties.

42.  Virgin Atlantic

This is a quality program that really helps you get your flights together. Of course, marketing all boils down to the service. If you’re a person that constantly flies, especially when it comes to business, you need all the help you can receive. Let’s be honest..flights aren’t cheap. Virgin Atlantic has implemented a program that gives you commission and allows the customers you sign up to take advantage of miles.

43.  Car2Go

There’s nothing like having a good car sharing service. You don’t have really sign up through a rental car service. You can just use it as you go at a particular drop off location. Set it up for a certain period of time and get to where you need to go. The great thing about Car2Go is they offer a solid referral system that will get $10 and even they will get credit for using the service.

44.  goTenna

Let’s say you want to get some space but not totally disconnected from the world. goTenna gives you a great broadcast so you can send private messages, get into discussions, or contact someone by sending your location even when you’re atop a mountain where you’ll have no reception. This is great because you never know if you may be in an emergency or want to share your adventure. You can scroll to the footer of the page and and click get $20 and send your friends a referral link to help them get $30 off the first purchase. You’ll receive a $20 Amazon gift card.

45.  Backcountry

Do you enjoy getting peace of mind in nature? Backcountry has all the accessory you need for your wife and kid to make your outdoor experience beautiful and serene. Travelling on your bike or taking a hike is not too bad when you have good equipment. You can really enjoy your day or weekend trip into something memorable. In fact, you can refer a friend and give them $10 towards their first order.

46.  24 Hour Fitness

Getting into shape should be right along with good sleep, spending time with family, or relaxing. This is a good place to help you relieve your stress and sculpt your body to the way you want it. If you have a friend that wants to get on the action, you can refer them so they get a 3-day free pass to the facilities.

47.  Quip

The teeth are very important to keep in good shape. Not only are they meant for chewing your food, but it’s one of the things people notice first on the body. Quip is designed to help you keep your smile on point. The toothbrush, toothpaste, and all of the accessories keep things organized even when you’re on the go. Of course, you need to properly maintain these products, so referring a friend will give you both $5 credit.

48.  Skyfit

Sometimes it’s fun to try something completely different. You need to step outside of your comfort zone and do something engaging and interacting. Skyfit is great because you can climb, jump, and even do a bit of laser activity. Luckily, you can get your friends into the mix by referring them to the program. You’ll both get a free week of classes for even more fun.

49.  Blinds

There’s nothing more comforting than a set of blinds to give you a sense of privacy. We all need that in our lives especially when everyday is social media based. The right window treatment is very important so that you not only have your private moments away from the world, but it’s done safely so that you don’t damage your house. By referring a friend, you can get $20 and your buddy will get a $20 credit towards their first major purchase.

50.  eBags

Regularly on the go, or heading on a trip? eBags will certainly give you the right travel accessories for your movement. If you need to store your laptop, you can get a great arm bag for that. Also, if you want to pack your clothes for a week getaway, this is another option you should keep in mind. By inviting your friends to the program, they will get 20% off the first purchase, and you’ll receive a $10 in reward points.

51.  Hanna Andersson

This is a great site for quality clothes in the women and kids demographic. You have everything you need from pajamas, outerwear, bedding, and even toys. It certainly has the family demographic because they have a section dedicated to matching clothes for you and your children. They have a share program where you will be able to let your friend get 20% off the first order and you’ll get a 20% off discount code.

52.  Seamlessdocs

It’s important to organize all of your documents especially when you run a business. There are tons of documents that easily get lost through your papers. This service helps you build documents, forms, and even websites. Keep these all intact so you can get a handle on your clientele. By referring businesses to this program, you’ll get a percentage of each sale.

53.  Honest

A great name for a quality service to help enrich the lives of your children. Often times, products may be functional but it doesn’t mean that it’s safe for use. Honest combines functionality, safety, and affordability all in one. As a parent, you want to make sure that everything you give your child is sound. By inviting your friends, you’ll receive $20 credit in your account when they make a real purchase through the affiliate link you provide.

54.  Simple

It’s always good to have a way to keep things simple in regards to your finances. Simple is a great mobile checking account that allows you keep your savings, budgeting, and everything in one system. They don’t charge unfair fees and it’s like having a handle of your money literally in your pocket with a press of a button. The referral program gives you a nice gift for each friend you refer. They provide you and your friend with a wallet when he opens up an account.

55.  Amtrak

Some people don’t have the luxury of taking a car or flight to a destination. Train or bus provides a cheaper service and it’s one of the best ways to get to specific locations. Whether you’re taking a trip upstate to New York or going a bit down the Mason-Dixon line, you have good options. Amtrak has a solid reward system when you refer your friends. You’ll get 500 points per person when they go on a trip 90 days within the enrollment.

56.  Zoho Mail

Getting everything together in your email browser is important. Sometimes you need to regulate things in your account to your clients and your employees. This way of doing things makes it more efficient so you can divvy up tasks during the day. Keep afloat to any changes with documents and other projects throughout the week. Zoho mail offers a two-way referral that gives you 5 free users and the person you refer the same thing, just give them your email address.

57.  Erin Condren

Some of the most successful people in the world have ways to organize their daily schedule. Whether they are a teacher and need an agenda book to help keep things organized, a CEO who needs to keep certain events in check, or the daily guy that stays on schedule with a good workout regimen, there are great tools on the site to file different engagements. The referral system gives you a $10 credit for each person you refer that makes a purchase.

58.  Fiverr

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to get a task done or a customized service, Fiverr is available to fulfill this need. You start off by paying $5 for the service and you’ll pay more depending on how the request. You’ll be able to give your friends a free gig by referring them and once they make the first order, you’ll get paid $5.

59.  Spothero

Whether you’re going out to a nightclub, dinner, or an exclusive area for a business meeting, it can be hard to find parking. Cities get busy and at a certain time of the day, it’s impossible to find somewhere to park your vehicle. Spothero helps by reserving time to a parking place, garage, or valet to make things easier for you. The referral system is good because your friend gets $5 off their first parking spot, and you get $5 for each one that parks.

60.  Mouth

If you’re into unique and tasty gifts, you need something mouth watering. Mouth is a great tastemaker site that provides some eccentric-style items. Whether it’s a Mother’s Day gift, someone who cooks, or even a nice boozy treat, you’re bound to find something interesting. The referral program gives you 6% commission for each sale through your referral link.

61.  Skrill

In these days, it’s hard to manage your money when you have it spread out in different accounts. Skrill makes it easy to manage everything from your payments, bills, accounts, and even cards. You need a place that’s secure and makes sure that you are in top order when it comes to having safety measure so no one hacks into your account. Skrill gives you a good referral bonus when you refer a friend to the brand. You can gain up to $100 per referral. These are just some referral program examples you can use to enhance your business. What are some referral program examples you’ve used to help you expand your brand? Drop a note below!

1. BONUS: Pabbly

Pabbly is a very handy online platform that offers a multitude of high converting products like email marketing, subscription billing, form builder, email verification, workflow automation, and a bundle of all the Pabbly applications named Pabbly Plus. These efficient products provide an opportunity to earn a one-time as well as recurring commissions and a single sale of Pabbly products can get you a minimum commission of $183. 

With Pabbly’s affiliate program you can promote any or all of their products to get 30% within 40 days of the sale. Further, the best thing about this affiliate program is that they use a single cookie to track sales of their products. This means whichever Pabbly product you refer and if the customer purchases any other Pabbly product through your link you will earn a commission through it.  Thus increasing your earning chance manifold. Besides, they provide a single dashboard for monitoring sales to view all your commission details like referrers, payout, sales, etc at a single place.

2. BONUS: Woorise

Woorise is an all-in-one lead generation platform that allows you to create a wide range of interactive campaigns such as viral giveaways & contests, landing pages, forms, surveys, quizzes and more to collect leads and engage your audience.

The great thing about Woorise’s referral program is that it’s easy to sign up and they offer a 30% recurring commission. Also the variety of different types of campaigns you can build make it easy to target many different industries.

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