10 Best Affiliate Marketing Niches in 2022

Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn more money by promoting someone else’s services or products. 

In simple words, if you set up a sale for the company, you get paid for it. So, if you are an affiliate marketer you will always target markets that have low competition and are profitable. But, it is not as easy as it seems.

You need skills to get into affiliate marketing, build a lucrative affiliate marketing website for a very competitive market, which is not yet fully established. Affiliate Marketing lets you earn money even while you are sleeping.

As an affiliate, you search the product which people like, then promote it, and earn a piece of profit from each sale of that product. 

So, selecting the Best and most profitable affiliate marketing niche is the biggest challenge faced by everyone who wants to earn from affiliate marketing. Due to the tough competition outside, you must first find a niche that has less competition and generates good revenue. Because, once you are into it, there is no looking back. It will also help to take on ecommerce classes.

Thus, choosing the best affiliate marketing niche is very crucial. 

Let us look at some tips which will help you strategize your choice of the Best Affiliate Marketing niches in 2020

1. Recognize your Interests before Choosing

Doing what you actually like will always yield great results for you. Getting into something that is your liking or hobby should always be the first step before making an investment. 

So, understand your interests as affiliate marketing can yield great revenues if the market or field you choose is liked by you. 

Try searching for your interest on amazon.com, or use ‘Google Keyword Planner Tool “ or” WordTracker.com “ to see what others are searching and what is trending. Knowing what is trending in the market, plus considering your own interests will help you recognize the suitable niche for affiliate marketing. 

2. Must-Have Multiple Products 

Having an affiliate market for multiple products will benefit you in many ways. It will increase your sales manifolds because selling a single product will not end up in much profit, no matter how hot it is in the market. 

Also, it increases the chances of your sales. If a person is not interested in one product, then he might get interested in many others. 

The visitors coming to your website also see other related products and can buy what they feel like. It is something like being on the safe side.

If one product is not showing good results, then other products may show. It also widens your vision that which products are doing well and which one to include in your marketing, to generate more sales. 

3. High Commission

The commission for which you are working must be significant enough, otherwise, all your marketing efforts are of no use. 

You must sell products at a higher commission to gain profit and don’t forget to deduct your advertising expenses, like Adwords, etc. Ideally, it is expected to be around 65% or higher. 

There is no point in working for a commission less than this because affiliate marketing requires a lot of time and energy. You must get paid for what you are doing, nothing less than what you deserve. So, keep it straight that you set for a high commission product/service. 

So, here the Best Affiliate Marketing niches in 2020:-

1. Technology – People love using the latest technology and gadgets, be it a smartphone, mp3, speakers, laptop, tablet, etc. The simplest way to sell these gadgets is through an e-tailer like Amazon.

Or you can buy products from other sites like Alibaba.com and get connected with wholesalers and manufacturers. To sell your products, you need marketing skills, like blogging.

Here you can focus on telling about the latest technology and products that are coming in the market. You can share reviews via your review site about different products.

Share your affiliate link on the side to initiate the buying process. So, this innovation you must have to earn well from affiliate marketing in gadgets and technology niche.

You could also choose to work with a software technology provider. Many financial technology providers such as loan lenders can provide 2 or even 3 figure commissions to introducers and all you have to do might be add some banners to your site.

2. Gaming – With the coming of gaming laptops, smartphones, and other portable devices, the gaming industry has grown fabulously.

Games are enjoyed by people of all ages, irrespective of gender or social status. The gaming niche has the advantage that the users constantly update with new releases by the game developers, and want to be aware of the new content that has come up.

People usually get addicted to certain games and want to remain updated with them. And with more creativity, more and more games are being developed and making people go crazy.

Plus the wide market which has no age or gender bars makes it quite a lucrative niche in today’s time. 

3. Wealth Building – Investments are done by people for building wealth, and everyone wants to make money from bonds, stocks, forex, and other investment products. But, not many people have the knowledge and education for making such investments.

They can seek proper advice from trading services, financial newsletters, etc. which help in investing in basic budgeting as well as advanced trading strategies.
Whatever be the state of the market, bear or bull, recessing or depressing, investment products always do well.

So, if you are interested in this topic, you can do wonders by helping people out in investing and earning good money at the same time.

4. Health and Fitness – With more awareness of health issues these days, people are ready to spend as much by buying healthy products repeatedly, thus giving more profits to the affiliate market.

It is a very lucrative niche as it will never see a slowdown because people continuously look for new and advanced health products to use, which may include wellbeing products, illness-related products, or health improvement products.

Another thing to note is that these products are very costly, which makes its affiliate marketing more profitable. Once the user uses a product and likes it, he is sure to keep buying it again and again to maintain its results.

Thus, there is a surety your product will keep selling and keep giving you good sales and profits.

5. Business and Entrepreneurship – With internet booming, many people want to quit their jobs and start their own business and become an entrepreneur. They prefer making money via digital marketing, but they need advice and guidance. Such people will be your prospects.

You can make good money in this niche by selling affiliate products or selling your digital products.

People can nowadays want to invest in lucrative businesses and become entrepreneurs. You can offer them guidance and support all through the process because not everyone can become an entrepreneur just like that.

You can provide them business ideas, tutorials on what it takes to become a businessman, etc. and earn well from this niche.

6. Beauty – This is one of the largest and top 10 markets of profitable niches. Who doesn’t want a smoother, tighter, and glowing skin without wrinkles?

This vertical is not limited to females alone, nowadays even males are conscious about their looks and want to have clear, radiant skin.

Many people aim to look younger than their age and keep trying beauty products like creams, anti-aging formulas, cosmetic treatments, etc. Selling such products via your affiliate website is sure to fetch you huge profits.

You can also start YouTube videos which show beauty tips, explains about healthcare products, etc.

It is a very lucrative and booming niche for affiliate marketing. Either by selling beauty products and creams or guiding people about beauty via YouTube videos, this industry has a lot more to offer.

Your affiliate business can grow manifolds in this domain, provided you have the interest and everything it takes to rise and shine in this.

7. Self-Improvement –  This industry is always growing, with more and more people wanting to know about ways of self-improvement and building self-esteem.

These days people are vocal about mental health and do not feel shy in sharing their weaknesses. Such people often seek online help to come out of their cocoon and face the world.

They require help and training to overcome their weaknesses. There are online programs, courses, training, books, videos, etc. which give ideas to increase confidence, achieve goals, have success in career, overcome obstacles, etc.

Working towards such ways to help people build self-esteem can yield huge profits in affiliate marketing.

8. Lifestyle – Lifestyle is the term referred to a way of living, and people these days want to improve their lifestyle and adopt ways to do so.

Lifestyle blogs are useful in this business, but you cannot just write anything to please the reader. You must think broadly and do your homework extremely well to come up with fantastic lifestyle ideas for your readers. This is a bit expensive niche and needs a lot of research and study.

Your write up must be relatable and must have the power to bring a change in the reader.

He must feel motivated to bring a change within himself by reading your blog. People love to bring positive changes in their lifestyles, but they lack the proper knowledge and motivation to do this. Your blog or content must have that capability, otherwise, it is not a wise investment for affiliate marketing.

9. Gardening – Yes, it may sound weird but gardening is also one of the promising niches in affiliate marketing.

It has reached a whole new level from the earlier days when gardening meant a hobby to be done during the weekend or free time.

With the urban farming coming up, there are several micro-niches within this, which are profitable. Like I said earlier, everything has gone online now and people use the knowledge and services online to do what they want.

10. Dating – The dating and relationship niche comes with a wide range of products because people will always need advice in this sphere. There may be someone looking for a date online.

11. You can promote dating websites that offer a commission to the marketers for new sign-ups. you can further narrow down to niches like dating sites for gays, the dating sites for particular religious groups, etc.

You can also advertise books and guides on relationships and communication. This is a huge niche market that has a huge earning potential.

12. Pets – Many people own pets and those who do they spare no expense in buying goodies for their pets.

Be it their food, bathing accessories, play toys, medicines, etc. You will also be surprised to see cat leashes and dog strollers in the pet stores. This is a very good niche for affiliate marketing.

You can sell all these products and also services like pet training. If you are really passionate about pets, you can design your information products like e-books, or can sell books by others, as an affiliate. People need trainers to train their small pets for potty and older dogs for security and obedience. This market is really growing and has a lot of innovation and creativity to absorb.


The above 10 niches are really profitable and their markets are growing at a rapid pace. Affiliate marketing is a good source of passive income, and requires four main things:

  1. Passion for the work
  2. A suitable niche of your interest
  3. Time to invest and Patience for results
  4. Hard Work

Apart from this, you need a fabulous web hosting and a good domain name. you may also face other technical issues to overcome the hurdles before you start a blog. To do it perfectly right from the beginning, you must get some training to avoid difficulties which you may face as a new affiliate marketer.

Finance-wise, you need to put a few thousand dollars for web hosting, around $15 per year for the domain, and a couple of $100-$500 for affiliate marketing training. But, take all of this as an investment for your future, because your returns will be many times of this investment amount. 

I will make it very clear that blogging and affiliate marketing is not easy and this is why the majority of people fail at the start.

Before anything else, you need the above investment plus a huge interest in the business. Once you are passionate about your work, you will come up with brilliant and innovative ideas to generate huge revenues from affiliate marketing. 

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