Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners in 2023

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners in 2020

If you are optimistic and hardworking person, then affiliate marketing is perfect for you! You can earn as much as you can, as long as you’re doing the task efficiently. 

Want to know more about affiliate marketing program? Let’s discuss all those things in this article. 

What is Affiliate Marketing Program?

The word “Affiliate Marketing” is famous in the marketing industry today. But what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Program is a process of promoting a particular product or service in exchange for commissions. You will get to generate sales before you can make commissions. In affiliate marketing, you will serve as a bridge between potential clients and the business owner. 

It is a strategy where an individual or a company with a business to earn much money through commissions by driving readers and visitors to a product or services. As an individual, you can even start affiliate marketing without a website.

What are the Qualities of Good Affiliate Marketing Program?

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, you should always seek help before making a decision. Always research a certain product, service, or company. By gathering some information, it will help you earn higher commission rates through affiliate marketing. Using a Wix affiliate app for your Wix store can help you drive those conversions.

Here are some of the good qualities of beginner-friendly affiliate marketing programs

Easy to Use

The first thing to consider when searching for the best affiliate programs for beginners is the comfortability and ease of use.

Sign up for an affiliate program to networks that provides you an easy access and way of earning money online. Product promotions are one of the most accessible types of affiliate marketing. To create an easy yet effective program, you need the best online form builder;

Has Products in the Market

Affiliating to a business that has products in the market is way better than those who do not. Specifically, when talking about products, make sure that they own multiple products like HOSTNOC so that you can promote as many as you can.

Sign up for HOSTNOC affiliate program to networks that provide you easy access and way of earning money online.


This one’s pretty obvious, choose an affiliate program which is timely and relevant. Bigger networks attract more vendors and buyers. So this means you have more chances of becoming one of the successful affiliates. 

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

1. MyLead

MyLead is an affiliate network based in Poland but operating internationally. It offers remuneration according to different models: CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPS (Cost Per Sale), CPA (Cost Per Action), PPI (Pay Per Install).

Numerous elements make MyLead a platform that attracts more and more people: the variety of programs, offered monetization tools, support system, educational materials, mentorship, etc. 

According to the MyLead site, there are over 450,000 registered publishers. To become one of them, all you need to do is enter the website and create a free account. There’s no need to wait for any additional verification after entering the code sent to the email address provided in the form.

To join the program at MyLead, you will need to specify your traffic source. Thanks to this, the advertiser can see through which channel you intend to deliver the traffic.

MyLead offers you a detailed dashboard with all the statistics you need to see the evolution of the number of visits, leads, conversions, etc. All this allows you to optimise your actions, to continue promoting a program or to improve any of your activities.

The payment threshold is set at only $20, and there are different methods to withdraw the funds. You can use PayPal, classic bank transfer, Revolut, Bitcoin, or other ways. Therefore, there is real flexibility that will appeal to as many people as possible.

Pros of Being a MyLead Affiliate: 

  • A variety of affiliate programs (over 3000)
  • Free monetization tools (four types of Content Lockers, an original link cloaking system called HideLink, ready-to-use Ad Banners, etc.)
  • A unique support system and mentorship available for the users
  • Many free resources (an industry blog, YouTube channel, frequently published e-books)
  • A possibility to complete surveys for money 
  • A mobile app with stats always at hand

Cons of Being a MyLead Affiliate:

  • Public chat is not available immediately, but after obtaining a certain amount
  • No express payouts; traditional payout does not take more than 14 days

As a company, MyLead has received different distinctions over the years that show its professionalism. It has been named among one of the fastest-growing companies in Central Europe by Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and has received mentions for the best affiliate network in various rankings such as Affbank or ConversionClub. It’s also been named the best affiliate network to earn money thanks to user voting in global forums.

2. Amazon Associates

Well, it is the most popular affiliate program now! Amazon was the first online store that offers affiliate marketing programs. 

It helps many affiliate marketers earn money by advertising to billions of Amazon shoppers. You can make money by sharing a link that leads to a sale and also referral fees from transactions.  

Many product owners are now opening their windows on selling their products on Amazon. As it happens, this means that the more products on amazon, the more earnings. The potential for affiliates starts to grow infinitely. 

To be part of the million Amazon affiliates, all you need to do is join . Visit amazon and look for the affiliate button. You will be asked to create an Amazon account. After creating one, you will need to fill the forms with the relevant corresponding answers to the questions. 

Once you already set up your affiliate account, you will be redirected to an extensive process that creates the associate account. 

You will need to answer some questions like which apps, mobile app and websites you plan to promote. If you already own a blog or a website, you can use it. After that, you need to choose what niches you want, what are the things you want to sell, and how you want to drive online traffic and monetization. 

The last step is security verification. You need to provide your phone number and wait for Amazon to call you. Lastly, you need to set-up your payment and tax info so you will get paid. 

After completing all these steps, congrats! You are now an Amazon affiliate! You can insert terms and search for products that are in your niche. Click the top right tab and manually browse for products. 

After you found the products that you want to promote, click the yellow down arrow on the product. This will provide you the link which you need to share in your promotions. Amazon will give long links, but you can shorten it. Shorter links look useful and less confusing.  

Pros of being an Amazon Affiliate

  • Millions of products to choose from
  • Free sign-up
  • Amazon is trustworthy and reliable
  • Easy customization of links and ads
  • Low payout thresholds

 Cons of being an Amazon Affiliate

  • Purchases made after the cookies expired are not attributed. Cookies only last for one day.
  • Low commissions
  • Payouts for international transactions are difficult
  • Prefers bank-to bank commission transactions

Amazon associates are user-friendly for both beginners and veterans. You have millions of products to promote — a perfect place to start.

3. ClickBank Affiliate

There are many helpful lead generation tools for affiliate associates. One of those tools is ClickBank. You can open ClickBank and check the product information even without having an account. 

It is a functional affiliate program that helps you get along with affiliate marketing. ClickBank is more than just a tool for research. 

ClickBank quickly grew into one of the top retailing sites in the industry. It was first introduced in the year 1998. After its opening, it gains an annual sales for approximately $3 billion. 

With a variety of products and merchants, ClickBank is a perfect ground for affiliate beginners.  

To become an affiliate of ClickBank and earn revenue, you’ll need to create an account. You will need to supply personal credentials and payment information. After supplementing the necessary information, you’re good to go!

ClickBank will also require you to answer surveys. They will use these survey results to provide affiliates a better experience. 

As a ClickBank affiliate beginner, there will be quick guides for you. You’ll have a vast database resource. This will help you learn more about ClickBank.

To find the products you want to promote, visit the marketplace. Here, you can search for the products you like to promote. And as well, see some ClickBank recommended products to promote. 

You are given the average commission per sale. A breakdown of product niche and different merchant website links promote the products you want. 

Once you come into the product, you want to promote. The next steps are simple. Click the “Promote” button on the page and copy-paste the URL provided. 

Add this link to your promotions. And when a user clicks through and buys the product, a commission will be given to you. 

ClickBank offers a higher commission amount compared to other affiliate programs. Check its Pros and Cons.

Pros of being a ClickBank Affiliate:

  • Many products to choose from
  • Higher commissions
  • Promotes recurring commissions
  • Easy and simple link generation
  • With free resources for you to study

Cons of being a ClickBank Affiliate:

  • With spammy products
  • Many competitors

ClickBank is such a perfect learning ground for beginners!

4. eBay Affiliate

eBay interpretation is through the eBay Partner Network. They provide tools to affiliates easy promotion to their products. They can help you in regards to what product you want to promote. 

On eBay, you will be working directly with eBay’s product. You will create a strong bond between you and eBay. 

Commission growth on eBay is virtually shown to you. Same as what Amazon does. Plus, eBay does not require you to work exclusively for them. This means that you can be an affiliate and transact business with other merchants and programs to make additional income. 

It will take you five minutes to apply as an affiliate on eBay. It is one of the easiest affiliate application processes. 

Once you have already signed in to eBay, you will be required to fill the form with the corresponding information. After that, the next thing you need to do is search for products, generate an affiliate link, and promote the product. 

Here’s the breakdown of Pros and Cons of being an eBay affiliate: 

Pros of being an eBay Affiliate:

  • Limitless choice of products to promote
  • High commissions range from 40% to 80%
  • Paypal works on the first payment
  • Easy generation of links

 Cons of being an eBay Affiliate: 

  • Some consumers prefer to purchase new products
  • Auctions last longer than affiliate cookies
  • Confusing and might turn away buyers

As one of the most trusted selling sites in the world, eBay is a perfect ground for beginners to affiliate marketing. It has a friendly and easy to use a tool, like a link generation. 

With flexible links, driving traffic and revenue is much easier for any type of content. A low-risks and high-rewarding affiliate marketing!

5. Commission Junction

Conversant rebranded Commission Junction as CJ Affiliate. It helped many affiliates in means of earning high commissions. 

CJ Affiliate has numerous niches for you choose from. With that, it is easy to scan the niches’ list and products to promote.

Just like other affiliate programs, you need to make an account first. Start by providing your necessary information to become a publisher. Next, you will need to verify your email account and will then be redirected to a page. In there, you’ll need to fill out all the necessary information required. 

You need to have a website to associate with your CJ affiliate account. Once done, you will be directed to your dashboard. 

The final step is to launch your Network Profile completely. You will need to create a short biography and indicate how you want to drive traffic to your merchant. 

On the advertiser’s tab, you will see a list of potential merchants that you might get along with. You can likewise scan how much potential there is to gain with them on with a categorization of what your responsibility will be.

In finding merchants, you can locate a search tab on the left sidebar. Input the suitable advertiser and keywords you want. When a merchant has grabbed your attention, you can click on their logo to get a more in-depth aspect of their service. This covers the terms of their business and a brief bio.  

You need to send a request to the merchant. Once the chosen merchant approves your application, you need to look for the links and generate traffic. Navigate to the Links tab on the header menu.

At this time, you’re presently signed up and using Commission Junction to produce affiliate income. All you have to perform is continually discovering new merchants and offers that match your niche and audience.

Below is a summary of the pros and cons of being a CJ affiliate: 

Pros of being a CJ Affiliate: 

  • A solid reputation and is considered one of the best affiliate programs
  • Has many known merchants
  • Improves your ability to grow and earn
  • Flexible promotional method

 Cons of being a CJ affiliate: 

  • Higher competition rates
  • Not friendly for newcomers
  • Payment methods are quite confusing
  • Advertising is not always the best

Even though becoming a CJ affiliate is quite hard, it is still perfect for hardworking newcomers. It’s still possible to succeed as a newcomer on CJ Affiliate!

6. Rakuten Affiliate

Programs for Beginners

Rakuten had continually earned the reputation of being the best affiliate program in the world. Unfortunately, Rakuten is very selective and does not fear to suspend your account when you violate a rule. 

You’ll go through an extensive registration application process. In searching for merchants and affiliate links, you’ll need to go to the Programs tab. Find your niche, or search for it in the search bar located in the top right corner. 

The unique element of the Rakuten affiliate program is that most utmost of the merchants is massively involved in the affiliate screening means.

Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of being a Rakuten affiliate: 

 Pros of being a Rakuten affiliate: 

  • Completely free to use
  • Numerous merchants
  • Fair use
  • Has good resources

 Cons of being a Rakuten affiliate: 

  • Unfixed payout schedule
  • Payments don’t work on Paypal
  • Selective and often rejects small affiliates

Pabbly Affiliate Program

Pabbly Affiliate Program is a beginner-friendly & non-confusing affiliate program. Both novice & masters can use it efficiently to start earning.

The procedure to be an affiliate merchant for Pabbly is pretty simple. All you have to do is sign-up for free and everything will be very well-arranged on a separate dashboard for you.

Pabbly has a series of marketing products and separate links to share these products. You can promote these products anywhere through the affiliate links available on your dashboard & start getting commission right away. These platforms include websites, blogs, articles, social media platforms, forums, emails etc.

This is the only affiliate program where if a user reaches on a product through your affiliate link but buys another Pabbly product then in that case too the merchant gets the commission. As Pabbly uses a single cookie to track sales for all products. So, no matter which product you promote, you’ll get a guaranteed commission on the sale of any Pabbly product. This way, you don’t need to refer your customers repetitively for different products.

if a user comes to us through your affiliate link of one product but buys another product of Pabbly then in that case also you will get the commission.


  • Increases the Chances of Earning by 5 Times
  • 30% Recurring Commission Forever for Every Sale
  • Flat 20% Commission on Lifetime Deals
  • Easy Payout System
  • User-Friendly Dashboard


  • Only Paypal & bank transfer payout methods available
  • One can not earn commission through self-referrals

Using Pabbly Affiliate Program, you can earn a lifetime recurring or flat commissions on every sale. It follows a 30 days cookie policy. This means that if anyone comes to Pabbly from your affiliate link and doesn’t buy anything that time. But comes back and purchases any Pabbly product within 30 days then Pabbly will still generate your commission. And the payout period is 60 days. So, if the customer stays for at least 60 days then you’ll receive a commission.

Lastly, you’ll get almost everything relating to your affiliate on a single dashboard from your affiliate links and payout settings to monitoring sales, commission details, click stats etc.

Planable Affiliate Program

Planable is a content collaboration platform for social media teams. They help marketers collaborate to create, approve, and publish social media content faster. It’s the all-in-one platform that streamlines content creation & approval.

The Planable Affiliate Program, recently revamped, offers a generous commission of 20% for the first 6 months of all active subscriptions you bring. 

It’s super simple to sign-up, just check out their page here and you’ll be good to go in a few minutes. 

Their team is also super responsive so you can count on their support along the way. They send you a few emails at first with their most effective resources, brand assets, and guidelines to get your audience interested in Planable. After that, you’ll get updates each time they launch new features or marketing campaigns. Their cookie lifespan is 60 days. Their commissions apply to all available plans, so you don’t have to worry about directing users to a specific package. 


  • 20% Recurring Commission for 6 months of every sale
  • Monthly Payout System


  • Only Paypal available
  • Advertising is not allowed


Affiliate marketing is not easy. For beginners, you need to work hard and exert more effort in making it a successful one. Always seek more information, read blogs, watch vlogs, and read articles about it.

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    Before I got into this form of marketing, I needed to find out what it’s all about. Affiliate marketing is promoting a product or service with the idea of giving commissions to those involved. I found this type of marketing worked well because it has more personal qualities.

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    Accessibility is key. When you want to get the most out of your affiliate program, make sure that it’s easy to use for both the affiliate and customer. When it’s easier to promote products and campaigns, you’ll have more people willing to sell for your brand.

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    Having the right variety of products makes it easier to sell. There are certain items that may not be hot during a season. However, the other ones may prove to be there at the right time. Always keep things diverse.

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    I didn’t want to do everything myself. I chose to sign-up with a bigger affiliate network. Not only did I have more products to choose from, but people knew the company. This gave me an edge in creating a bigger affiliate campaign on my site.

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    My main issue was finding an affiliate program that paid well. I started using ClickBank because they gave much higher commissions than the average program out there.

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