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Affiliate Marketing Videos Now on Itunes

COLUMBIA, Md.–Getting started videos for the Omnistar Affiliate software are now available on any iTunes-compatible device, Omnistar Interactive announced recently. Currently, four videos about getting started with Omnistar’s affiliate marketing software are available for podcast downloads in iTunes. This allows iPhone, iPod and iPad users to either stream the getting started video walkthroughs, or download them for later viewing. Subscribers to the Omnistar Affiliate podcast channel will automatically receive new video updates as soon as they become available.

Follow the link below to access the Omnistar Affiliate podcast page:

Omnistar Affiliate Podcasts

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7 Response to "Affiliate Marketing Videos Now on Itunes"

  1. Comment From Chuck Taylor

    OK Thanks, so how can I access these new videos?

  2. Comment From Todd Simmons

    Thanks guys, I will download from itunes

  3. Comment From George Robinson

    Are these the same videos that are on the site?

  4. Comment From Seth

    Cool, I will download these videos to my ipad

  5. Comment From Steve Jones

    Nice your videos are helpful.

  6. Comment From Phil White

    How quickly are you guys going to get new videos out there?

  7. Comment From Mike Lewis

    I hope you guys create more help videos, they help me to easily use the software

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