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How to Start an Online Boutique

One of the questions that seem to never get old is “How to start an online boutique?” fashion changes from time to time and clothing choices gives you the chance to choose from different collections and it could be for men, women, or even both. Take note that clothing usually has steep markups that would allow you to make mistakes as time goes on without having to destroy your profit Read More >>

How to Sell Jewelry Online

Way back 2016 almost 30 million of people buy their jewelry online on a daily basis. Buying and selling your jewelry online is a big business and it could turn out to be very lucrative. With these stats it’s obvious that it’s a huge competition. But, why should you sell your jewelry online?Why Sell Jewelry Online?Jewelry has turned into a million dollar online marketplace and there’s no reason not to Read More >>

5 Drip Campaign Strategies You Should Try Today

Most email marketers are already familiar with a drip campaign – a series of marketing messages that are triggered to engage potential customers and make them convert. What you may have missed out are the crucial pointers that can make your drip campaign work. Everyone is doing drip campaigns. But not everyone gets to taste success like a boss!! You’ve clearly come across multiple strategies and tips for your drip Read More >>

What is referral rate?

What exactly is a referral rate?Let’s talk about referral rate, if you don’t know what that is, it’s the volume of referred purchases as a percentage of your total purchase. So 1 percent referral rate is equivalent to 1 in 100 purchases come from your referral program. It happens when an ambassador shared the referral link on places she wants such as through PM, email, social media platforms, and a Read More >>

5 Ways To Optimise Your B2B Website To Improve Its Ranking

We all have been following the same rat-race of website SEO for a while now.And in this race, we have forgotten to explore different avenues of SEO.For example, we have made “keywords” pretty much synonymous with SEO. However, targeting keywords with the sole intent of getting organic traffic is not as effective today as it was erstwhile.Hey, I am not saying that keywords are any less essential today as they Read More >>

The Top Black Friday SaaS Software Deals of 2018

Black Friday is fast approaching, are you ready for the deals you need to grab? Have you already figured out which sites would be having the best deals? If not, don’t worry because we got you covered. Listed below are some of the top eCommerce SAAS companies who would be having amazing deals on black friday and even some of them are good through cyber monday. What are you waiting Read More >>

Best Magento Sales Extensions

When it comes to having an online store, one can have some great products, but that doesn’t always translate to sales. It’s important to have some good consistency to help a store stay afloat. That’s why there are some good extensions out in the marketplace that can be some great assistance to help with the bottom line. Here are some of the best sales extensions.1.OSI Affiliate Software by OmnistarPrice – Read More >>

Best BigCommerce Abandonment Apps

Cart abandonment is something very common and it occurs when the customers add items to their online shopping cart but the customers exit without completing their checkout. This has become a major issue since 2015 and this happens for a lot of reasons. Most of the reasons for shopping cart abandonment could be tackled by optimizing your customers shopping and checkout experience. There are also a lot of apps that Read More >>

How to Setup a WordPress Affiliate Platform

What is WordPress?WordPress is one of the most simple, most popular way to make your very own blog or website. This powers more than 32% of the websites you can find on the internet. Most of the websites you visit are actually powered by WordPress. On a more technical level, this is an open source content management system that is licensed under the GPLv2, this means that any person can Read More >>

How to Select a Designer for Your Shopify Store

When it comes to creating a store, you not only want the right product and content, but a great design to match. This is how you entice people to stay on your site, especially if you intend to sell something to your core audience. Picking the right design for website is like choosing someone to create an interior for a retail store. You need the right lighting and fixtures (graphics Read More >>

8 Shopify Success Stories

Building a great ecommerce store takes a lot of work. You have the right product or service, and people need to identify with your brand. Some people take years to truly develop a profit from their persistence. However, there are some that have broke through the threshold in a short period of time. There’s a lot one can learn from these brands. If you plan on starting your own Shopify Read More >>

What is The Best SAAS Affiliate Software

With SaaS, there’s no need to run and install applications on your computer or data centers. This means you can eliminate the expense of hardware acquisition, maintenance, and even provisioning. There’s also no need for licensing, support and installation anymore. Aside from that, your SAAS company can benefit from Affiliate programs to make your job easier and to be more successful.What Is SAAS?Software as a Service or SaaS is where Read More >>