20 Best Amazon Affiliate Courses

When setting out to make money online, being an Amazon associate is one of the routes to get going. Starting might seem simple, but it’s not always easy to be successful. Being an Amazon associate is almost similar to being a saleswoman or a salesman.

You want to help your customers, or perhaps visitors of your website to make purchase decisions and buy products through your affiliate links. With comprehensible courses to act as a map, you will be able to scale through without any hurdles at all.

1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing + SEO

In simple words, affiliate marketing is referring traffic to a vendor’s site, in return for a commission. Amazon has graced herself as one of the most popular affiliate programs and is ever ready to pay for sales generated through your website. In this course, you must own a website and an Amazon account to generate both traffic and sales.

You will also need to be well versed in SEO and keyword research, which is what this course is trying to offer

Course rating: 4.5 of 5

Duration: 6 Hours

Students Enrolled: 18,780

Created by: The SEO Academy Leaders in SEO education

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: “Very detailed and informative. Took me 2 months to finish the course doing it part time. Thank you. Can’t wait to put them into action!” – Marilyn B

2. Complete Shopify Amazon Affiliate Course

If you are looking to own and run a prosperous affiliate marketing venture using Amazon and Shopify, this incredible course is the one for you. At the end of this amazing course, you will have impeccable and in-depth knowledge about how to develop and run a successful Amazon and Shopify affiliate business. It is for anyone who wants to learn the immense benefits of the affiliate program, and those looking forward to making extra money or perhaps, leave their 9 to 5 jobs altogether.

Course rating: 4.7

Duration: 4 Hours

Students Enrolled: 8,676

Created by: Tim Sharp

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: “This was really help full. i studied a lot about shopify and affiliate marketing. thank you providing such a great content” – Pruthvik Gowda

3. The Complete WordPress Amazon Affiliate Course

In this course, you can learn how to use WordPress and amazon to build a robust affiliate marketing business without wasting time – from scratch. You don’t need to have prior knowledge about WordPress, programming, or any technical skill. If you can use Facebook, you are good to go.

One of the requirements of this course is building and hosting a website using WordPress, which will serve as a funnel to your affiliate journey. At the end of this course, you will have enormous knowledge about how to build a WordPress website and earn money through amazon affiliate.

Course rating: 4.6

Duration: 3.5 Hours

Students Enrolled: 6,213

Created by: Tim Sharp

Access: Mobile and TV

Review:”Great course, so much valuable information and got some interesting ideas for niche websites. Thanks Tim”- Dave Martin

4. Amazon Affiliate Using Authority Site (Beginners)

If you want to learn how to build an authority domain and create a very active website for amazon affiliate marketing, then this is the course for you. In this course, you will learn how to identify a lucrative niche and how to build a website that attracts traffic. This course went in detail to explore the things to do, not to do, in other to make mind-boggling money through amazon. As an addition, students receive future updates and notifications of new update at no extra cost.

Course rating: 4.5

Duration: 1.5 Hours

?Students Enrolled: 546

Created by: KC Tan

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: “Kc is a fantastic guy i enjoy all his courses.” -Yasin Choudhury

5. Amazon Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

In this course, you get walked through the whole process of building a profitable marketing business. The creator, Maria Elodhi, is a successful amazon affiliate marketer who arrived through numerous trials and error. Today, he can walk others through, without allowing them to pass through the same failure he encountered.

As a bonus, he provides you with Spy Long Tail Software along with the course for free. It is best for individuals who have no foreknowledge about amazon affiliate. In other words, you don’t need to know the technical know-how.

Course rating: 4.5

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Students Enrolled: 3,608

Created by: Marie Elodhi

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: “Very detailed plan demonstrated by the instructor. Highly recommended for anyone who interested to begin affiliate marketing.” – Chan Anye

6. Amazon Affiliate Secret System With Free Software

You can quit your day job and get settled with a passive income just by being an amazon affiliate. But to make that happen, you need to learn the rudimentary level and how to make that very possible. In this course, you will learn how to find quality amazon products that worth promotion, and also how to rank your website easily on a search engine.

Bear in mind that every part is automated, which means you can run the system on autopilot. If you want to make money through amazon. If you want to rank your website fast without hurdles, then this course is the best bet.

Course rating: 4.2

Duration: 39 mins

Students Enrolled: 2,161

Created by: Hemachandiran kandan

Access: Mobile and TV?Review: “Covers the basics of really making money as an 

Amazon affiliate plus has a valuable software gift for students.” -Kim Regan

7. Amazon Affiliates: Easily Create Your Own Amazon E-stores Now

If you want a detailed guide on how to build an eCommerce store and make money through Amazon affiliate, perhaps this course will appeal to you. It discloses how you can create your eCommerce site and where and how to buy a domain name. Also, how to get a hosting for5$ a month, how to use WordPress and so many other guides.

The only requirement for this course is a domain name and hosting, a premium WordPress theme that supports WooCommerce plugin. Not just that, its recent update comes with mouthwatering offers that make the course worth a try.

Course rating: 4.2

Duration: 8.5 Hours

Students Enrolled: 1,633

Created by: Alistair McDowall

Access: Mobile and TV

Review:”He explains step by step without skipping a step.” -Qadar Ahmed

8. Easily Build Amazon Affiliate Niche Website E-store

Do you know that you can build an amazon affiliate niche E-stores without the knowledge of any code or skills? By the end of this amazing course, you will be able to create your niche site, based on amazon affiliate and make incredible passive income. In this course, you will learn how to choose a profitable niche, how to buy a domain and host it, how to install WordPress and so many others.

This course is for all kinds of individuals, like students, business persons who want to expand their business.

Course rating: 4.2

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Students Enrolled: 1,633

Created by: Alistair McDowall

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: “Yes, It’s a good match and above my expectation. But I still need to watch the videos a couple of time again to understand to put it into practice. I am highly appreciated.”- Maxwell Okyere

9. Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

If you are looking for a dummy course on Amazon affiliate marketing, then here it is. You will learn how to build an amazon affiliate website and make money from it. The course also has SEO as part of its curriculum.

You will be able to learn how to rank your websites on the first page of google without any hassle. If you are interested in making money online, if you want to make money right from your bedroom, then this is the right course for you.

Course rating: 4.4

Duration: 1 Hour

Students Enrolled: 749

Created by: Khalid Farhan

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: “Great instructor. He is one of the best and successful online entrepreneur in Bangladesh. In this course, I learned how to start affiliate marketing and also inspired me to start my affiliate marketing journy.

Thanks.” -Swadesh Baidya

10. Amazon Marketing: Work From Home As An Amazon Affiliate

You can work from home and still make an insane amount of money every day through amazon affiliate. This crash course guides you step by step on how you can make that happen. In this training, you will learn how to find profitable products and keywords that ensure your rank very high on a search engine. You also learn how to create an affiliate site, get traffic and conversions without indulging in the trial and error method. It has over 14,019 students, with excellent and positive reviews.

Course rating: 3.9

Duration: 2 Hours

Students Enrolled: 14,019

Created by: Barry North

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: “Very helpful and I suggest the people who wants to do affiliate marketing , don’t miss this course.” -Atta ur Rehman

11. Amazon Affiliate Marketing: The WordPress Autopilot System

In this course, you will learn niche research, basic SEO, link building, keyword research, how to purchase a domain name and web hosting, etc. The requirements aren’t overwhelming. All you need is a computer system or smartphone with an internet connection, and the willingness to learn and achieve great results. If you are looking for a way to make money, amazon affiliate might be the best bet.

This course will serve as a map that guides you. Whether you have an idea about affiliate marketing or not, this course will serve you.

Course rating: 3.7

Duration: 2.5 Hours

Students Enrolled: 6,471

Created by: Federico Fort

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: “So far it has been very informative clearing up allot of questions I had in regards to creating an affiliate site.The fact that this course is free impresses me more which is why I gave it 5 stars because the material is great information even though it is free” -Jason Muniz

12. YouTube SEO Secrets For Affiliate Marketing Amazon eBay CPA

Not only can you make money through a self-hosted website as an amazon affiliate, but you can also do so as a Vlogger. How this works is by posting review videos about products. In this course, you will learn how to utilize YouTube into making over $50, $100, or even $350 every day. Inside this course, you will learn about amazing offers that convert.

You will also learn how to create simple videos in 10 minutes with the aid of free software. By ranking your videos high, you will be able to make money from those views as an amazon affiliate.

Course rating: 4.3

Duration: 1 Hour

Students Enrolled: 521

Created by: Nick Tsai

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: “Useful and easy to understand.” -??? Lin

13. Affiliate Marketing In 1 Day: Home Business Success 2019

In this course, you don’t need a website to be able to make money as an affiliate marketing. In this course, you will get exposed to top-five aggregator sites pros and cons so you can find the best product. And also, eight helpful online forums where people discuss affiliate strategies, 25 top affiliate WordPress plugins, etc.

You don’t need to create a landing page that often time doesn’t work or the costly ad strategy. This course is structured in an easy way to entails that every guide is easy to follow.

Course rating: 4.3

Duration: 9 Hours

Students Enrolled: 17,674

Created by: Alex Genadinik Business coach

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: “I have been trying the strategies as I’ve been taking the course and while I am not expecting to succeed as an affiliate on day one, I am able to begin trying things quickly.” -Beniut Suix

14. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing Training

Just like numerous online courses out there, this site tries to guide students through how to create a WordPress website that aids in making money on Amazon affiliate. In this course, you will learn how to make money through niche sites, learn the various ways to promote products using SEO, videos, and Pinterest.

Course rating: 4.1

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Students Enrolled: 1,206

Created by: Michael Ingram

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: ” I was at first skeptic about how can someone explain affiliate marketing in just one hour? But Mike has done a good job. This course is easy to understand about the basics of affiliate marketing. I am satisfied what i learned in just one hour. I recommended it to anyone who wants to learn and understand the ABCs of Affiliate marketing.” – Suraj Sharma

15. Affiliate Marketing – Rollout Strategy Development

In this course, you will be made to understand what it takes to build and run an affiliate marketing program for any product or services of your choice. With little or no investment, you will be able to make you dream money virtually every day without hurdles. In this course, you will learn how to sell your products online through affiliate sites, find quality products to promote, etc.

Course rating: 4.4

Duration:1 Hour

Students Enrolled: 2,074

Created by: Dan Grijzenhout

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: “This class has given me so many valuable tips that I can use in my current endeavors to partner with large scale companies and projects while retaining my self-employed status.” -James DuMaine

16. Affiliate Marketing + SECRET SOFTWARE

Here is another affiliate course that will guide you on how to make money using affiliate marketing. Also, get in-depth knowledge about how to make the most profit from the program. You don’t need to have internet knowledge or affiliate marketing knowledge. This course will fill in the vacuum and ensure you get the value for your money.

Course rating: 3.2

Duration:1.5 hours

Students Enrolled: 3,806

Created by: Rufeena Jones S

Access:Mobile and TV

Review: “this is a very good affiliate course easy to understand.”-Md. Arafat Rahman

17. Affiliate Marketing Domination: Become A Super Affiliate

Learn how to be a super affiliate who makes 6-figures monthly without much hustle. No prior marketing or internet skill required. Furthermore, you will learn everything about the business, thereby giving you the leverage to succeed.

Common mistakes will be exposed, thus helping you avoid them, and so many more. This course is comprehensive, and the best map as long as amazon affiliate marketing is concerned.

Course rating: 4.3

Duration: 5 Hours

Students Enrolled: 18,532

Created by: Master It

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: “This has been the most eye-opening affiliate marketing course for beginners I have come across thus far.” -Felix Mawunyo

18. Advanced Amazon Marketing – The Complete Amazon Ads Course

This course is for everyone, whether beginners or advanced affiliate marketers. It guides its students on how to utilize amazon tools to steal competitive keywords that lead to more commission, and also how to create an optimized Amazon product listing.

Course rating: 4.3

Duration: 2.5

Students Enrolled: 1,367

Created by: COURSE ENVY

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: “Usefull and simple concepts for my great work!”-Alessandro Tomei

19. Amazon Affiliate Mastermind: Build Authority Sites

In this amazing course, you will learn how to earn at least $1000 every month within six months of starting your affiliate journey. The requirements are being familiar with buying domains and setting up a WordPress site, having an approved amazon associate account and ready to learn and implement actionable strategies.

Course rating: 4.4

Duration: 4 Hours

Students Enrolled: 175

Created by:Akshay Hallur

Access: Mobile and TV

Review: “Fantastic tips for newbies and experienced guys as well to build a solid niche site.” – Varun Sharma

There are tons of amazon affiliate courses on the internet that you can utilize into building your knowledge on amazon affiliate marketing. Choose the best course that appeals most to you, make sure you the finance and requirements and you ready to go. If you are yet to register for a course, perhaps now will be the ideal time to.

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