Amazon Statistics Everyone Needs to Learn in 2020

If you have ever shopped on the web, one of the primary organizations that are well on the way to fly into your head is the name Amazon. Amazon has been the go-to shopping site to buy nearly any product you can consider and regularly at probably the most reduced costs around.

Ever since it was built in 1994, Amazon has expanded its business in a wide range of ventures.

Amazon is the pioneer of the internet business industry. As of late, the organization has supervised a fantastic move, driving the online retail industry into unbelievable statues. Amazon insights have indicated that the organization’s troublesome power has drastically changed the elements of the entire online business biological system.

Regardless of whether you’re getting ready to sell on Amazon, or need some inspiration to construct your online business site, these details will kick you off.  

206 million individuals around the globe visit the site each month

Amazon sells universally in numerous nations around the globe. Consistently, more than 206 Million individuals visit Amazon from around the world. That is more than double the number of inhabitants in Germany. For correlation, Amazon gets twice the same amount of guests as eBay, which reaches 109 Million Visitors for each month, and up to 4 fold the number of as Best Buy, which gets 55 Million Visitors for each month.  

Statistics About Amazon Users

  • Half of all web customers will go to Amazon to scan for an item.
  • About 66% of Americans have purchased products from Amazon.
  • 51% of purchasers wanted to do the entirety of their vacation shopping on Amazon.
  • 72% of all Amazon clients will spend somewhere in the range of $100 and $500 every year on the site.
  • Amazon Users spent more than 33% of all their shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving dollars on Amazon.
  • Millennials will, in general, be the most noteworthy market as they are twice as prone to utilize Amazon as a Baby Boomer.

Amazon is Taking Over Traditional Building Categories

Perhaps the most significant change in shopping conduct is the home improvement industry. Previously, purchasers would make a beeline for their neighborhood tool shop and have an ace assist them with selecting items face to face. However, Amazon’s 1.1 million home improvement products show a gather move up from disconnected shopping here.  

Individuals purchase a massive number of products on Amazon

Amazon itself has a stock of around 12 million products over the entirety of its classifications and administrations. If you go more extensive and take a gander at all the products that Marketplace merchants list, that number grows to around 350 million.   

An average Amazon Prime client spends more than $800 more when compared with non-Prime client 

Amazon clients who have an Amazon Prime participation burn through $1,400 — twice as much as non-prime clients. Clients decide to turn into an Amazon Prime part not just because it offers access to Amazon Music, free two-day conveyance, and Prime Video since they are steadfast clients. A few advertisers reason that clients who have an Amazon Prime membership want to justify them signing up as members  by going through $100 every year on the membership administration.  

Amazon sells more than 12 million items online at their site 

Amazon sells more than 12 million items under its inventory. This incorporates every product, from books to wine to bedsheets. What’s more, that is not 10% of the types of products recorded on the Amazon commercial center. On the off chance that you incorporate into this number the number of items sold by outsider dealers on the Amazon commercial center, at that point, this number would be as high as 350 million items.  

Number of items sold on amazon every minute 

Small and medium estimated business situated in the US sells more than 4000 products for every minute. It’s fascinating to take note that the more significant part of the products sold on Amazon’s stores worldwide is from little and medium measured business. That is only one proportion of the achievement that these non-supermassive organizations are accomplishing by working with Amazon. 

Third-party sellers comprise more than half of the sales you can count on Amazon’s market. 

53% of all deals on Amazon originate from outsider merchants in the commercial center. That is a bigger number of offers than by Amazon themselves on the platform they created. This number is anticipated to develop lately as increasingly more outsider sellers are running to Amazon. There are more than 2,000,000 outsider merchants that rundown their items on the Amazon commercial center. 

Amazon Seller Statistics 

  • 55% of shoppers start their internet shopping look around on Amazon.
  • Amazon outperformed Google in product search, which signifies its presence on the internet.
  • Amazon sells more than 353 million items.
  • Amazon produced $22.9 billion in outsider help incomes.
  • 66% of the best 10,000 dealers use FBA, which means Fulfillment by Amazon.
  • FBA gives sellers a 30-half increment in deals.
  • FBA delivered billions of products by everyone around the world.
  • Above 140,000 third-party merchants made more than $100,000 in yearly deals.
  • Just 4% of seller feedback they submitted is negative.  

Customers around the world purchased 100 million products and items during Prime Day in 2018 

Amazon’s Prime Day is usually the most significant shopping occasion of the year—and 2018 was the same. During this time, the online retailer offers astonishing arrangements, value slices, and advancements to its Prime clients and creates huge deals.

As indicated by the ongoing Amazon statistics, Amazon sold more than multiple times more items during its Prime Day a year ago than on Prime Day 2015. 

Here are a few statistics about Prime Day 

  • Prime Day is a record deal day for Amazon outperforming their deals for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • A more significant number of individuals join Prime on Prime Day than some other day of the year.
  • The Amazon site saw a sum of 187 million visits on the two days that Amazon Prime Day was active.
  • Fifty-three million Americans purchased some products from Amazon on Prime Day.

Final Thoughts About the Marketing Goliath Amazon

In case you’re thinking about getting into the Amazon selling business, these statistics give you that the interest is there, but on the other hand, there’s some exceptional challenge. Gaining from Amazon can help online business organizations become increasingly active.

If we consider the statistics above, Amazon’s transient development appears to be relentless, at any rate for the time being. The ongoing information of its enormous piece of the overall industry is astounding to observe, and it’s apparent that the retail goliath is the ruler of the web-based business realm. The organization has planned a broad canal for itself, and its predominance in the internet business field is a long way from disappearing.

The e-commerce arena is persistently changing, and Amazon has built up the skill to remain ahead with novel developments. There are numerous internet business stages for merchants out there that can assist you with selling items or administration on the web. With their recent innovations, for example, Alexa and Amazon Prime Air, Amazon stays an unimaginable alternative for some merchants.

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  1. Comment From Rick Owens

    I think it says something when over 200 million people visit a site monthly. That’s a lot of foot traffic. It’s important to capitalize off it by carving your own niche within the market.

  2. Comment From Robert Clarke

    One of the things that makes Amazon powerful is the upsell aspect. People intend to go there for one product but usually end up purchasing multiple items. There’s something to say about this because you want to get the most out of each customer that buys from your store.

  3. Comment From Gary Johnson

    Getting great deals can help turn your prospect into a loyal customer. I think by providing a certain loyalty package, such as an Amazon prime helps tremendously. Also, you’ll get a recurring fee in addition to any products sold. A long-term customer beats a new customer who may make a one-off purchase.

  4. Comment From James Wesley

    Designating a certain deal day can make things marketable. Think about the hashtags and the general buzz build by saying something like “Amazon Prime Day.” It captures a lot of attention even from people that don’t necessarily go on Amazon. It’s important to cater to your regulars as well as the prospect who’s curious about your brand.

  5. Comment From Grant Marrow

    When you have something people want, they’ll do their research to find it. Amazon is such a powerful brand that over half of internet shoppers start by searching on their site. That’s amazing because you can only imagine the impact this search query has on their sales.

  6. Comment From Travis Banks

    When it comes to home improvement, a lot of people would rather go to a specialist and get suggestions on renovation. With so many things online now, they’re getting everything discounted from the site. It goes to show that people value their time and money saved.

  7. Comment From Derrick Beverly

    Having a diverse amount of products can help you find different demographics. Amazon does a great job by having this catalog to help them compete with everyone.

  8. Comment From Zachary Allen

    You know your business is a staple in your customer’s life if they keep coming back. When you can make them spend hundreds of dollars a year on your site, that shows you that your business has longevity.

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