SendOwl Review and Price Update in 2019


Sendowl is a great external online platform to sell services and informational products from your website (whether ebooks in pdf, rar files, courses created by you), without having to host them directly on your server.

Thanks to this platform, you can automate the sales of your digital products at the click of a button and very easily. There are many platforms to sell online and since 2010 I have worked with the vast majority. Among all of them I have decided that SendOwl is the most comfortable and useful, being the one I recommend to all my students.

If I have opted for this tool, and not for another, it is because SendOwl brings you the following benefits:

  • Clean and simple interface: there are no 20,000 options, you only have what you are going to use, period.
  • Integration with Stripe and PayPal:  fast integration that makes life easier for your client so that they pay how he wants.
  • Compatible with EU VAT MOSS (European VAT):  allows you to comply with the rules required by the European VAT law automatically.
  • Fast and intuitive: putting a product on sale is as simple as filling in a few boxes and having an image of your product. Remember, 15 minutes.
  • Integration with email marketing software:  you can integrate SendOwl with Mailchimp and company to create a list of clients and do what you want with it.

In summary, SendOwl is a fast, intuitive tool that has no loss.

# 1 How to register with SendOwl

It’s easy to start selling with SendOwl. Depending on your needs, SendOwl provides different pricing options. The cheapest plan are:

  • Standard Plan:  $15 per month. For that price, it offers you the possibility to sell up to 30 products, place a watermark (PDF stamping), create an affiliate program, customize the sales page with your logo, and 3GB to store your files, although can also use Amazon S3 if necessary.
  • Basic Plan: $9 per month. If you do not intend to use affiliates or are interested in printing a watermark, this option is for you. In this plan, you can host up to 10 products, the ability to customize what you want, and 1GB of storage.

You have 30 days to try SendOwl for free in any of your plans. Click here to get your 30 Days Free Trial (No Credit Card Required).

# 2 How to start selling with SendOwl in less than 15 minutes

The operation of SendOwl is very simple. The only thing it does is create a page with your product that they host so you can sell without having to do weird things or install SSL on your blog.You can also integrate it with buttons on your own website, create shopping carts, etc.

Nothing to install, no code to add (except some small if you integrate with your website) or nothing at all. You only have to upload a photo of your product, assign a price and you will have your small online store.

As you will see on the dashboard, to create your sales page you only have to execute 3 steps:

  • Connect SendOwl with a payment system.
  • Add the product
  • Distribute the page

Let’s see how to do these 3 things.

1. Connect SendOwl with a payment system

When clicking, a small window with 2 options will appear:

  • Gateway: select the payment option you want. It allows you to choose between, Stripe and PayPal. In this case we select PayPal.
  • Account Details: here you only add your email account. Click on “Add” and voila, there is no loss.

2. Add a product

You can do this action from this same window or in the “Products” section of the menu on the left.

When you click it, you will see 3 options: Product, Service and Bundle.

As you may have imagined, the first two are aimed at selling products and services, while the “Bundle” option is used to sell several products in one pack.

Here you just have to add the name of the info product and select the file in «Attach file».

Once you have added it, you will see that the watermark option appears (PDF Stamping) so you can add it. You only have to enter the price and press the «Create Product» button.

3. How to distribute the sales page created in SendOwl

Right after creating the product you will see a very important page: the one that shows you how to promote your sales page.

It offers you 3 options:

  • Quick Sell: is a link that you can send to any friend or person who wants to buy your product.
  • Share: allows you to directly share your product on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.
  • Sell from your website or blog : here is a code that you can insert in any part of your website with a “Buy Now” button or integrating it with any button you have created on your website. You just have to copy it and paste it into the entry or page that you want.

#3 Other interesting functions within SendOwl

Interestingly, there are other important functions within SendOwl that are worth seeing..

a. Enter your business data

To enter all the data of your company, keep in the “Settings” section of the left menu and enter the “Company” section of the “Profile and Account” section.

Here you can enter the following data:

  • Name of the company:  fiscal name of your company (if you are autonomous is your name).
  • Address:  postal physical address of the company.
  • City:  city where the headquarters of your company is located.
  • Postal code:  zip code of said city.
  • Country:  country in which you are registered.
  • VAT Number:  identification that allows exemption from VAT in commercial operations within the European Union (only if your business entity is located in Europe).

Once you fill in the information, you will have already registered your company in SendOwl to be able to make any payment and create invoices.

b. Create discount coupons

To establish offers with coupons you have to enter the “Discount Code” option under “Marketing” in the left menu.

To create a new discount code, click on «Add».

Now you just have to input the following data:

  • Name of the coupon:  name the coupon in question.
  • Type:  select if you want it to be a percentage or a fixed amount.
  • Minimum Cart Value:  Specifies whether the coupon can only be applied to a purchase with a minimum amount.
  • Product limited: details if the coupon is limited to specific products.
  • Use limited: specifies if the coupon is only for a specific use.
  • Time limited:  controls whether the coupon is restricted to a period of time.
  • Auto-Generate or Custom: if you check the first box, the program will generate the coupon automatically. In contrast with “Custom” you can write the text or word that will define the coupon.

c. Put the clients email to your e-Mail list

Within the “Marketing” section of the menu you have another important tab called “Mailing Lists”, from which you can integrate the emails of your customers into a list of subscribers. Do not forget that the list of subscribers is the biggest asset of your business. By putting your customers to your newsletter, you can deepen your relationship with them and build loyalty to get recurring sales.

Are you interested to use SendOwl to sell your digital products and services? Let us know in the comments below!

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