Best White Label Software

1. OSI AffiliateOSI Affiliate software is a popular affiliate program that is preferred by a wide range of marketers. One of the main reasons why it so popular is that it contains many useful features. It is designed to help the user to establish an online referral system to boost any ecommerce business. It is a powerful tool that uses the power of social media and emails to help beginners Read More >>

How to Do Influencer Marketing for Your Shopify Store

Influencer marketing can be one of the key components in order to get your store into another level. It’s one of the better tactics to help you gain promotion not only for an organic perspective, but developing a good brand within your own circle that loyal people tend to follow. However, it’s important to come up with a great game plan so that things go off without a hitch. We’ve Read More >>

10 Best BigCommerce Customer Service Apps

Customer service apps are useful in BigCommerce as they help shop owners to provide additional value add to their customers and keep them satisfied with services being offered. If you are looking to keep your customers better engaged and gain more insights into their visits with a look to improving revenue and reducing cart abandonment, here are some of the best customer service apps to integrate to your store:1 – OSI Read More >>

20 Best Shopify Podcasts

1. Ecommerce Marketing Podcast – eCommerce Marketing Podcast covers the whole range of topics that make up eCommerce marketing. They feature experts in marketing to share their knowledge and top strategies for maximizing business growth. They cover both inbound and outbound marketing strategies designed to improve advertising conversion.2. eCommerce Fuel Podcast – eCommerce Fuel Podcast is a unique community-driven site that is made up of more than 1000 highly successful merchants that have Read More >>

Best Ecommerce Courses

It’s never easy to find great, high quality courses for ecommerce nowadays. That’s because there are lots of low quality courses on the market, so your primary focus has to be on finding the best course out there in no time. It’s definitely a good idea to use Udemy if possible, as this is a great website that allows you to learn new things about ecommerce, how to improve your Read More >>

The Best 5 Strategies for Writing the Best Sales Copy To Convert Readers to Customers.

Sales writing can be defined as an art of creating attractive copy that simultaneously informs and convince visitors to convert into customers. This type of copy differs from other kind of writing and is often described as “copywriting”. Copywriting, unlike contemporary content writing (which is what you see in most articles, like this particular one you are reading, and every other blog out there today) pays so much attention on Read More >>

Best Strategies To Promote Affiliate Links

Many affiliates use only one or two promotional methods to promote their affiliate links online and, if they do not obtain the desired results, they stop. To be successful in affiliate marketing, you must enable as many promotional methods as possible to promote your affiliate links. There are many methods to promote affiliate links, each has its own strength and weakness. Some of them work, while there are many that Read More >>

Best Shopify Customer Support Apps

Shopify Customer Support apps help merchants to handle customer reviews, feedback and other important metrics of customer communication and retention. Here are some of the best Shopify Customer Support apps.1. OSI FeedbackThis is one of the highest rated Shopify customer support apps. It allows you to measure and improve your customer experience in real time. OSI feedback can automatically pool customer feedback every day from customers who purchase or make a Read More >>

IoT Hacking: How to Avoid Bandwidth Attacks

The Internet of Things is a great concept which has allowed us to mechanize a lot of the tedious activities around our households. It has also allegedly allowed us to have better security by having automated tools which can perform all of the required checks and alert us if something is amiss. However, everything is not as perfect as it seems once you move past the surface.There is ample evidence Read More >>

10 WooCommerce Cart Recovery Plugins

There’s a huge need for a shopping cart recovery plugin among eCommerce owners. Given that the average online shopping cart is abandoned at a rate of over 68%, these plugins help to provide analytics and tools to prevent cart abandonment. The plugins help you to know where your customers arrive from and what part of your website is causing them to go away before making a purchase.There are literally hundreds Read More >>

How to Find Affiliates to Sell Your Products

Finding affiliates is a process that combines having an excellent affiliate program and reaching out to people who might be interested in promoting your products. Let’s not forget, generous commissions are also a big plus.Finding the right affiliates is not an easy task since there are hundreds of affiliates out there but not all of them can offer serious results.In this article, we’re sharing the best ways to find affiliates Read More >>

11 Strategies to Prevent Shopping-Cart Abandonment

One of the frustrating things that faces most Shopify sellers is doing all the work to get a customer to fill the shopping cart with items and not convert this to a sale. Shopping cart abandonment describes when an online shopper adds an item or several items to a website’s shopping basket but does not finish the transaction before leaving the website. This is a problem can be solved without Read More >>