Best Cross Channel Marketing Automation Software

Cross channel marketing automation is used to engage with your prospects or customers across all digital platforms and devices. It is a modern marketer’s tactic used to transform ecommerce and marketing in general into a growth machine. With cross channel marketing automation, you can stir up interactions and automated feedback together with contents on your customers’ behavior. This makes your communications have better meaning and relevance.  Here are some marketing Read More >>

Best Shopify marketing analytics Apps

Get the attention and dedication of customers through contests, social media, loyalty programs, and more. Shopify is widely known as an excellent e-commerce platform for any business of any size to grow. They offer the opportunity to millions of people to boost sales in an easy and fast way online. Here are some marketing analytics software you can use on Shopify to market your product more effectively.Justuno: Justuno conversion optimization Read More >>

Best Ecommerce Resources

1. blog makes it easy for you to learn the ins and outs of the ecommerce world at your own pace. The blog is designed to be very simple to use, convenient and it brings in all the necessary support and assistance you need when it comes to accessing the best information and high quality content you want. It’s designed to be very professional, convenient and it does a great Read More >>

eCommerce Marketing Tips to Build a Retention and Rewards Program

 Most business owners are aware that gaining new customers is drastically more expensive than retaining current ones; however, most are zeroed in on bringing in new buyers instead of engendering loyalty among current shoppers.While drumming up new business is important, this is a terrible misallocation of resources considering that it costs seven times more attracting new consumers than it does to retain those you already have. Moreover, research conducted by Read More >>

Shopify Success Stories

1. Mindzai??Mindzai started in the year 2006, which was a blog before restructuring into an e-commerce store. They are a DIY toy platform that allows customers to purchase toys as blank canvases for themselves to paint on. The price point for the cheapest toy is around $10 with a unique selling point that every toy has the capacity to be unique, the inventor of this idea found a niche market that Read More >>

How To Write Product Descriptions In Your Online Store

Paying attention to product descriptions on an online store is very important if you want to ever sell off your goods as fast as possible. This is because, the product description page is where the vast majority of users will go. And, normally, users who come directly to a product card because they wrote the name of that product on Google, are very close to buying.Why is it important to Read More >>

Setting up a Stripe Recurring Program

Stripe is a software created to help more than a hundred countries accept payments online and set a new standard on online payments. They handle billions of dollars on a yearly basis because of their advancement in the business world. They provide fraud protection, technical, and even bank infrastructure to operate an online payment system. Stripe’s APIs are designed carefully to provide powerful functions that would help you have possible Read More >>

5 Essential Email Marketing Strategies for Affiliates

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to make sales online.It provides a unique opportunity to create sequential communications with your audience and guide it through obstacles and towards the decision to make a purchase.That’s why, it works incredibly well for promoting affiliate offers – if you can build a list of targeted prospects, you can then nurture them to build trust and recommend multiple products over multiple Read More >>

Compare 50+ Affiliate Marketing Software Services and Companies

We are constantly researching the affiliate marketing software service niche. We decided to share the results with you, so you can make your own decision. Depending on if you have shopify, bigcommerce or woocommerce or a custom cart we have tried to make this a complete list of affiliate marketing services, affiliate tracking apps, and their software to help you find the best solution.Affiliate Marketing helps companies to spread the Read More >>

Physician Referral Software

In any form of health care, it’s important to be able to have the right type of organization. There needs to be a system in order to go over important medical documents and keep track of your patients. This is pivotal for running a smoother operation. Physicians can use something like a referral software system in order to set goals for the long and short term. This can keep them Read More >>

How to Create an Ambassador Program for Your Store

An ambassador program is a way of gaining different supporters to help you spread your brand. It can be from a monetary perspective or even just a method of acquiring more traffic to your site. It’s very important that you know your target audience. It’ll help you weed out the people that may only be there for the one-off purchase. It’s about building a community, a true following, who will Read More >>

Best 20 keyword Rank Checkers

In order for you to boost your online presence and generate your leads you need to find and use the best keywords and monitor them as much as possible. You always need to take your time as you try to find the best keywords, as this task is quite challenging and comprehensive. With that in mind, you should always consider using ranking tools. They work great, you can adapt them Read More >>