20 Ways To Promote On Weebly

After building your website using Weebly, the next logical step is to get your platform in front of potential leads. That way, you will be able to boost traffic and sales. Do you know what that means? More money in your account. However, promoting your Weebly site doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Far from that! In this guide, you’re going to learn about 20 ways you can effectively

Struggling with Online Business Growth? Switch to These eCommerce Platforms

The following numbers have probably been repeated in the business sphere, but they are worth mentioning again: Only 1/3rd of businesses survive 10 years.  Let that sink in.  This means if 10 businesses have been started right now, only three of those will live up to 10 years. Half of all businesses survive only five years and 2/3rds survive only two years. So, what’s the main problem? Businesses aren’t able

How to Setup Squarespace Referral Program

What is Squarespace? In the most basic term, Squarespace is a website building platform with a reputation of being an all in one system that is very easy to use. Compared to numerous website builders, Squarespace is sleek with a designer’s quality themes that are very responsive to all kinds of screens. It is an ideal platform for individuals and organizations. For businesses that organizations that don’t have a dedicated

20 Best Ways to Get Traffic To Squarespace

After you have successfully created your Squarespace website, the next logical step would be driving traffic. Now, this is where most webmasters often get confused. Pumping traffic to your site is not so technical if you understand how search engines and social media marketing works. There are numerous ways to drive traffic, and you will discover them in this article. Here you go! 1. Start an Affiliate Program There are

20 Ways to Promote Squarespace

After creating your Squarespace website, you might begin to wonder what the next step is. There are many ways to promote your site and get the needed traffic and sales. However, many don’t know how to get on, or better yet, promote their platform. They are not a hard nut to crack; they are easy to implement. Here are 20 ways you can use to promote your platform and get

4 Proven Ways to Boost Traffic and Leads through Link Building

Haters would say that we use link building just to boost a solid backlink profile. However, this is not true. Sophisticated link building tactics are all about connecting with influential industry sites and creating quality, targeted content for them. This is the only way to increase your industry authority, gain your target audience’s trust, and generate valuable traffic and leads. Here are a few simple steps to take to maximize

10 Best Affiliate Marketing niches in 2020

Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn more money by promoting someone else’s services or products.  In simple words, if you set up a sale for the company, you get paid for it. So, if you are an affiliate marketer you will always target markets that have low competition and are profitable. But, it is not as easy as it seems.  You need skills to get into affiliate marketing, build

How to Get Followers on Instagram

1. Join Instagram Engagement Groups If you’re new to Instagram, this might sound a little strange. Perhaps you thought Instagram is all about posting pictures and nothing more. Well, sorry to burst your bubble. Just like Facebook groups, there are also Instagram groups that you can join and gain visibility for your business. There are tons of them, but it is paramount you join a group within your niche for

What is visual commerce, and why it matters for online businesses?

The e-commerce industry is taking a steep turn as brick and mortar store brands are also marking their online presence with eCommerce. The biggest leap of the e-commerce industry is visual commerce, which is taking brands to the next level. Now, everything is in favor of the marketers as they are helping their brand take a step ahead by providing exciting shopping experiences to their users backed up by technical

Amazon Statistics Everyone Needs to Learn in 2020

If you have ever shopped on the web, one of the primary organizations that are well on the way to fly into your head is the name Amazon. Amazon has been the go-to shopping site to buy nearly any product you can consider and regularly at probably the most reduced costs around. Ever since it was built in 1994, Amazon has expanded its business in a wide range of ventures.

Best SEO Tools – Updated Jan 2020

1. KWFinder Ever tired of looking for long-tailed keywords and end up without finding results? Not a problem!  This tool is designed to search for keywords in an ultra-fast pace setting with high-quality results. More importantly, most of its competitors will take too long to search for a keyword, but not KWFinder, for it’s the best SEO tool that you’ll ever find today! By the way, when we say long-tailed keywords, what does it

Ecommerce Hosting Ultimate Guide

The vast majority of people who have little or no knowledge about website hosting believe that finding the right hosting provider for their website or blog is really difficult. After all, many entrepreneurs have a decent idea of creating an online presence for their businesses (eCommerce and other types of online businesses) but don’t exactly know how they should go about it. That’s perfectly understandable. Truthfully, if you are a