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Batchbook is now integrated with Omnistar Affiliate Software

Customer relationship management is critical to the success of your business and managing all of your interactions with customers, partners, clients and prospective clients can often prove to be tedious and time consuming. Not with Batchbook!

Batchbook Social CRM helps cultivate and develop your client relationships. It allows for stronger relationships to be built by helping you to understand more about your customers needs and behaviors.

Batchbook Social CRM presents this information in an organized and manageable manner which allows for better customer service and more targeted marketing.

Contact management has never been easier. You can import contacts into Batchbook using either the csv format, vCard or the Batchbook import template. By adding the appropriate supertags, you can group your contacts and quickly retrieve information. Batchbook has also updated their social media integration. With the Search Social Media Button, you can quickly identify all of the social media site associated with a particular contact. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter messages and status updates are easily presented on one page. Batchbook also makes it easy to manage tasks with the To-Do list, and generate customizable reports and web forms. Your task and events are organized on the your Batchbook calendar. Using a Batchbox email address you can send contact information and To-Do list task directly to Batchbook for organization. All you need to do is cc or bcc with your BatchBox email account and your emails are forward and have them automatically stored with Batchbook. And pending sales and leads can be easily tracked and managed through Batchbook.

And now that we are integrated with Batchbook, anytime a new affiliate is added to your affiliate software they are also added to Batchbook.

Visit Batchbook to learn more about how you can grow your business using Batchbook and Omnistar Affiliate Software.

2 Response to "Batchbook is now integrated with Omnistar Affiliate Software"

  1. Comment From Fred Thomas

    Great. I have been using Batchbook the last year. This is a great integration

  2. Comment From Sam Kaufman

    I just tried it and it worked great!!

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