10 Best BigCommerce Customer Service Apps

Customer service apps are useful in BigCommerce as they help shop owners to provide additional value add to their customers and keep them satisfied with services being offered. If you are looking to keep your customers better engaged and gain more insights into their visits with a look to improving revenue and reducing cart abandonment, here are some of the best customer service apps to integrate to your store:

1 - OSI Feedback

OSI Feedback is one of the coolest and most feature-filled customer service apps in the BigCommerce ecosystem. It can help to improve customer retention, reviews and referrals exponentially. With a free 15-day trial to get the hang of it, enjoy automatic collection of customer feedback after orders and support requests. OSI Feedback also helps you to share the results of your customer activities and analysis with the rest of the team with detailed, comprehensive reports with insights. It also helps to generate traffic, get sales and even save you funds through an easy affiliate program that helps improve revenue growth.

2 - Helpjuice

Helpjuice provides you with an easily accessible knowledge base that customers can use to find answers to most of their questions. This helps to reduce the number of support emails you receive and keep your customers happy while they are visiting your website. Helpjuice offers an Instant Search feature that completes what you are looking for without having to type it completely. It is also flexible and customizable to match your website’s colors and font types. You can also get a report of the most popular searches on your website to know what people are looking for.

3 - Callexa Feedback

Callexa helps you to create easy 1-click customer survey forms that offer the Net Promoter Score standards of analyzing customer satisfaction. By using this, you can understand better how likely customers are to recommend your website to their friends and family. Callexa Feedback is extremely adaptable and can include your company graphics, colors and personalized texts. You can also track the results as they come in to know how well you are doing via a full-featured dashboard that also offers comprehensive reports.

4 - Robin

If you are looking for an easy to use customer service app to use on BigCommerce websites, then ROBIN is the app for you. It helps you to focus on customer acquisition, retention and efficiency of conversion. ROBIN has a nice dashboard that contains everything you need. With an easy to install widget, you can get seamless email and live chat support for your customers. ROBIN also provides full eCommerce data integration that ensures that you can analyse and track customer behavior in real-time. You also don’t need to always be at work to monitor ROBIN as it has iPhone and iPad applications that provide real-time customer notifications to keep you on track all the time.

5 - Social Intents

This app integrates your eCommerce website chat into Slack or your web browser so that you can communicate with your customers no matter where you are. With a wide customer base of over 50,000 users, Social Intents is a trusted solution for seamless customer service management with unlimited live chat agents and no chat limits. You can even personalize the chat for your website to contain agent pictures, preset information for customers and customizable questions. Customers leaving your site can also be notified by a custom pop-up to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase customer feedback.

6 - Answerbase

Answerbase helps you to provide a comprehensive question and answer section to your product pages. This section ensures that your customers can ask any questions they want about the product and get answers. Answerbase boosts your SEO efforts with the constant new content that is added to your online store. The widget is easy to install by follow simple instructions. Answerbase also provides answers to questions that have already been answered to prevent duplications. Where there are new questions, it is transferred to a service agent to respond.

7 - Re:amaze

Re:amaze combines the features of a customer messaging app with those of a helpdesk. The coolest thing about Re:amaze is that it is completely integrated into BigCommerce so that you can have access to all your store’s order information from one place. Re:amaze organizes all your phone numbers, emails, social media accounts and live chat chatbots all in one place and helps you to optimize staff and support needs. It also provides sales and marketing automation features like the Re:amaze Cues that sends messages to customers with reminders and prompts. The platform is easy to use, intuitive and helps increase store revenue and customer satisfaction.

8 - Zendesk

This popular customer service application on BigCommerce provides one of the best customer experiences on eCommerce stores. Zendesk is powered by features that allow it to remain competent whether your store serves 100 customers or 10,000. Zendesk supports just about any messaging app or platform like Facebook, phone, email, web forms and any method your customers use to communicate with you. The result is improved customer relationship that is productive and gives rise to better revenue. Zendesk is further integrated with BigCommerce which ensures that tickets created in both platforms can be addressed in once place which improves customer support response times.

9 - Live Chat

Live chat for online sales can be a breeze with Live Chat. This app works by creating a chat window on your website that customers can interact with and get in touch with a live agent immediately. You can also use LiveChat to prompt automatic messages to customers based on their activity during their visit. It is easy to customize and personalize to how you want it to look and feel as well as the colors. LiveChat helps with queue management where there are many customers online and also provide integration with most popular merchant apps that make business easier.

10 - Live Sales by Yahoo

This app helps you to take Live Web insights everywhere you are. You can monitor sales happening on your store in real time via a mobile phone. Live sales can initiate conversations with customers and assist in closing sales. It also provides detailed real time visitor information to help you know where they have been on your website and which pages they are visiting. Live Sales also provides a comprehensive log of all chats and visitor sessions for review and future insights.

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