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Designing your ecommerce site? You may need some inspiration to make your store stand out from the rest. These days, it is not enough to use any old template and just run an ecommerce website in it, you should learn to be creative.

Let me show you a list of ecommerce website designs that you can take inspiration from.

1. Hyphen

I put Hyphen on the top of the list because I love how their design just stands out from the website. It seems as if you can feel the comfort of their mattresses just by looking at the site. I guess there is a reason why this site won the best ecommerce website design in ecommerce. It takes branding to a whole new level.

Hyphen won the best ecommerce website design in BigCommerce for a reason. It just works. It is minimalistic and it clearly shows what the website is all about - mattresses.

2. Emersion

Emersion combines minimalistic with modern. Aside from the initial minimalist design, it also has scrolling pages which is now common in website design. This is perfect if you have a single product that you want to showcase and you want to have a massive impact.

3. Carolina Herrera

If you are running a website in the fashion industry, then you definitely need to stand out. While minimalist designs are great, you need something that is catchy and will definitely get your brand remembered. I think that Carolina Herrera did a wonderful job in this area. You can see how different it is from a normal fashion brand for it showcases how the clients feel instead of merely showing the products.

Also, what stood out to me is the navigation bar. Their navigation bar is far from the ordinary ones that you see in other websites. It has a multi-level layout that directs the users to where they need to go. This gives the website an amazing visual appearance.

4. Human Solution

Websites are meant to be used and this is what Human solution has in mind. Their website is the most intuitive that I have seen so far. You can see everything clearly so ordering is a breeze.

What makes this amazing is that they are selling a unique product - standing desks. Then, they allow customers to customize the item based on their unique needs. This makes the website more user-friendly.

5. Buffy Comforters

?Here is another website that makes you feel comfortable even if you are looking at the site right from your computer screen. I think this has something to do with the contrasting colors that makes the comforter stand out from the site. From here, you can somehow feel how soft it is as well as feel the comfort that the models may be feeling.

6. Skinny Ties

There are times when you just have to keep things simple and this is what Skinny Ties did. You can see that this is more than your ordinary tie shop that is often rigid and ‘serious’. This tie shop has its own personality and it can be seen in the vibrant colors and in the way it is designed.

7. Bulk Nutrients

It is easy to assume that nutritional supplements often have the color black in them. For some reason, the color black attracts their target market and allows them to evoke a sense of power. But instead of taking the traditional route, Bulk Nutrients actually used this to their benefit by using the color to highlight areas in their website. This takes the eyes away from the usual navigation bar and into the products themselves.


While there are minimalistic styles in one side of the spectrum, there are also colorful styles in another. Most of this has to do with your niche. Fashion should be creative and fun and it should showcase why your brand is different from its competitors. It is about using colors without going overboard. I think Staud has managed to do a good job in doing this.

9. X-Doria – Latest Case Collections for New Device

One of the characteristics of good design is being able to showcase what the products can do once you see the website. But it should also draw the person in and encourage that person to buy. Also, it is all about user experience. You want them to be able to find what they need and be able to see it right away. And that is what X-Doria is able to do successfully.

10. Verk

And now we go back into some minimalist designs. If simplicity is the main trait of your brand or you just want your product to stand out of a white canvas, then you should adopt this style in your ecommerce website design. Showcase before selling. This will help your prospects get to know your products before they buy from you.

11. JM & Sons

You want to go minimalistics so as not to confuse your prospects. But you also want them to remember you. Going all black and white may not be a good idea if you don’t have a unique product to begin with. JM and Sons know this and they are not afraid to go minimalistic simply because they have an interesting product to showcase.

12. Bellroy

Minimalistic doesn’t always mean Black and White. You can also use muted colors such as brown, grey and orange. It is all about mixing these colors in the right amount so that it still evokes a relaxed atmosphere. I think that BellRoy is able to achieve this in their website design.

13. Obscura

The minimalistic design can really take you to different niches. In Obscura’s case, they have employed the strategy in Bags and Accessories. Again, I love how their products stand out from the white background. And they only reveal information when needed. This doesn’t overwhelm their prospects with too much information.

14. ETQ Amsterdam

The minimalist wave can also be applied to footwear. Again, it is all about the mix of colors. As you can see here, ETQ Amsterdam is able to mix the colors of their footwear successfully with the design of the site. It makes it easy on the eyes to order from them.

15. Diamond Exchange

And this is the minimalist design applied to jewelry. I don’t think that it should always be grey and white. You can employ subtle colors as well. In this case, they have a subtle hint of beige or orange. This makes the website more interesting.

16. The New York Times Store

If there’s one thing that you can learn from the New York Times, that would be brand consistency. As you can see in their website, the typography is just consistent with their brand. This is something that you should strive to have if you are planning to launch an online store.

17.  Native Union

Native Union is a seller of retail products. But instead of just posting their products randomly on an online store. They chose to divide their products into different categories while giving each category a different story. I personally think that this is a nice twist to not only light your prospect’s interest. It is also a visually appealing way of showcasing your products.

18. Modus Nutrition

Power is the first word that enters my mind when I visited the Modus Nutrition’s homepage. I think that it sends a strong message and is designed to sell more than their products. They are there to sell the benefits of their products. I love the focus on user experience and the beautiful overall ecommerce design.

19. Boxhill

I love how Boxhill designed their site. It evokes a sense of calm and takes you to the forest. I love the mix of colors and how they are able to showcase their products. I think that ecommerce owners can learn a lot from this as it can teach them how to showcase their product to their market.

20. The Dairy Fairy

What is the best way to get more sales? Narrow down your niche. This is what The Dairy Fairy did and they have an amazing design in its homepage to showcase just that. Just by looking at their homepage, you’ll instantly know what they are selling and they did it in a visually appealing way.

21. Good as Gold

From the minimalist designs, we now have another colorful design from the Good Gift Shop. Again, it is all about the mixture of colors. I love how they combined yellow and blue and how it gives off a happy vibe in the store. I also love how they use other colors for the font in the navigation bar. It is a unique twist that draws the eyes there.

22. UGMonk

UggMonk is a classic example on how you can sometimes get attention away from your products by putting so many elements in your website. The design may look simple but it works. This is especially helpful for prospects who are not there to be amazed by your website design but is just there to buy.

23. MotoXart

Motorcycles are a unique item to sell in ecommerce websites. But I think that MotoXart did an amazing job in crafting their website in colors that will remind people of motorcycles. I love how everything has this grey backdrop that is supplemented by random splashes of colors.

24. The Little Sparrow

This website is more than just the usual baby website that you see. It has the color brown as the base and it is supplemented by colorful photos. This is what I am talking about when I said that stories matter. People buy products for more than necessity. Sometimes, they want to support a story. Putting focus on that can also help your ecommerce website.

25. Shwood

Just look at the website once and you’ll know that it is all about wooden sunglasses. But instead of just using the brown color as the base, it plays with textures by putting the sunglasses in textured surfaces. The image is able to evoke that making the product stand out a bit more.

What can you learn from this? Learn to play with photos as well. It is not just the color of your site that matters. All the elements work together to create its overall aesthetic.

26. Satchel Page

What is the first thing that you see in this website? It is the satchel. The eyes are automatically drawn to it for a reason. It is the main product of the site.

Again, there is a play in colors. The brown color of the satchel just complements the shirt. The size of the image also plays a role in directing the eyes there. This along with the size of the text in its surroundings and the muted colors allow it to stand out.

27. Minna May Designs

This is what I am talking about when I told you that you can also play with colors when you have a minimalist design. Minna May Designs inserts the color blue which makes the overall design cooling to the eyes. This is a good route to take if you plan to have a minimalist design for your online store.

28.  Wrightwood

There is just something about wood combined with other colors that makes them relaxing and stand out. Wrightwood is inspired by nature in its website design. But this does more than relax the viewer. It also showcases all the different designs of their tables so that their prospects can choose a design straight away. Now, that’s how you sell and inspire at the same time.

29. A.N.Other

Minimalist design works. Even if you only have an image and a paragraph. This helps if you want to showcase one item or you just want to leave a statement. Again, a pop of color helps. In this instance, there is black. It makes the eyes go to that color right away.

30. Onychek

The focus should always be on your customer. This is what OnyChek had in mind when they showcased a picture of their target market and how the products look on them. Usually, a customer visits the website and they have the intention of buying. However, they have the question on whether it is right for them. Images solve this problem. You have to demonstrate that the product will look good on them for them to buy it.

As you can see, the designs are more for just aesthetic purposes. It directs the eyes to the products and solidifies the brand. It creates a story. It helps people see your brand in a new light and evokes the culture that you want to portray. You have to ensure that your online store is more than just a means to sell products. It should be a statement that should be designed to change people’s lives.

I hope this list has managed to inspire you with how you can design your online store. You should also consider checking out Squarespace Affiliate Software because they have been known to be very effective lately.

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