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A well-designed logo has a lot of benefits when it comes to promoting the image of your business.  Apart from serving as a “face” of your establishment, it also represents your company’s identity. So, a logo helps to identify your business or brands instantly.   Many that, customers can quickly identify and pinpoint your company from lists of others when you have a visually appealing logo.

In most cases, the logo represents what the company stands for. For instance, the apple company uses an apple as their logo, and Nike makes use of the smooth. It is easy to recognize Facebook with its letter. 

It is, therefore, essential to create a simple and effective logo that is unique and easily relatable. The advantage of having a professional logo is innumerable. It makes you stand out from your competitors, enabling you to compete favorably with them. Apart from that, a professionally built logo will also boost your social marketing effort.  

Remember that your logo will also determine whether or not people will buy into your branding. With this in mind, you should not overlook the benefits that you stand to derive by creating a beautiful, professional logo for your business. 

If you are planning to get a logo for your brand or business, bear in mind that there are three significant types of logo designs. We have a logo that is made up of text only. Apart from that, some logos come in form pf symbol only. The last category comprises both text and symbol. A logo that consists of a symbol only may not be the option for a company that is just starting, or people are yet to recognize their brand. So, it is better to go with a text logo or a combination of text and symbol. That will facilitate quick recognition of your company or brand.  

Qualities of an Effective Logo

Irrespective of the type of logo you adopt, it must possess some essential features to make it achieve its purpose.  Here are some qualities that a logo should have: 

  • A logo should be long-lasting 

One of the fundamental attributes of a good logo is that it should be able to stand the test of time. Meaning that it should be able to represent your brand, company, or organization for many years without getting obsolete or outdated. So, it should still be useful in two, three, or even four decades.

  • It shouldn’t be complicated 

A good logo comes simple, and it is never ambiguous. It is designed to represent your brand or company in the simplest way possible. Simplicity is of considerable significance in logo design. It will be easy for people to relate with your logo if it represents your brand.

  • It should be easy to remember 

Note that your logo visually represents what your brand stands for. Therefore, it needs to make a fast impression, and it must be easy to recollect. 

  • A logo needs to be flexible 

Here is another characteristic of an effective logo.  Your logo should be able to shine across different mediums and applications. For instance, its appearance should remain the same when represented in different sizes or colors.  

In a nutshell, a good logo needs to be distinct, relevant, and straightforward.  Furthermore, it should give people a lasting impression of your business or brand so that people won’t forget about you in a hurry. For you to make as much use of your logo as possible, it must be versatile.

Free Online Logo Generators 

Instead of hiring a graphic designer, you can make use of free online logo generator to save cost. Here are the best online logo generators that you can use:

  • Shopify Logo Maker 

This app is one of the online logo generators that you can use to create your brand logo at no cost. It is fast and efficient when it comes to logo creation.  It will interest you to know that this online logo generator does not require any knowledge in design.  

Shopify Logo maker is perfect for online businessmen and small businesses that are just starting.  You can effectively create a logo on Shopify by putting stick imagery together. The only disadvantage of Shopify Logo Maker is that you may not be able to represent your idea visually.  

  • Wix Logo Maker 

With the Wix Logo Maker, you can generate a productive and customizable logo within a twinkle of an eye.

Before you can access the Wix Logo generator, you need to sign up on it.  Once you have an account, you can conveniently generate a logo for your business. You need to input the name of the company.  Here are other optional fields that help in customizing your logo: 

  • Intent 
  • Tagline 
  • Look and feel 
  • Industry 

With three simple steps, you are going to design a suitable logo on the Designhill Logo Maker. This free logo generator is different from other online logo makers because it provides you with extra features. It has a design marketplace where you can get people to help you design a business logo.  Note that you will be required to supply enough information that will help in making a good logo for you.

With BrandCrowd’s logo generator, you can create a stunning logo in a heartbeat! You can choose from BrandCrowd’s thousands of customizable logo templates or start from scratch and experiment with the different icons, colors, fonts, and more! BrandCrowd offers different templates for your various design needs, including:

  • Logo maker
  • Facebook Posts
  • Youtube Banners
  • Instagram Posts
  • Business Cards
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Twitter Headers
  • Pinterest Board Covers

With BrandCrowd, you can access the logo maker for FREE and start your design in just three easy steps:

Step 1: Input your business name
Step 2: Add keywords related to your logo (e.g., sports, fashion, food)
Step 3: Choose your preferred logotype (text only or icon and text)

Tada! Enjoy browsing the collection of awesome logo templates tailored just for you!

  • Logo Maker by Ucraft 

This app is another excellent logo generator that comes in the form of a free application. You can easily create your business logo with the aid of different prompts that appear on the screen. The logos created here are cartoonish in style.  One of the merits of this logo generator is that it enables you to download a free PNG file of your logo.  

  • Canva 

You can also use Canva to create a logo for your brand. It has features that are similar to professional design programs.  When using Canva, you will come across a lot of features that are similar to that of Adobe Photoshop. One notable advantage of this logo maker is that it is simple to use.   For instance, you can change the position of elements using drag-and-drop features. Furthermore, it comes with an extensive collection of free stock images that you can use to form your logo. 

  • Hatchful

If you are keen on creating a better log for your business, Hatchful is an excellent logo maker that will help you create one.  You can conveniently customize your logo according to your desire. Besides, it is pretty straightforward to use. What you are required to do first is to choose your business space, then you move further by selecting your visual style. Once you have successfully done carried out these two steps, you can then proceed to input the name pf your business and logo.  The logo maker allows you to play around with your logo, editing it until you have got what you desire.  

  • Online Logo Maker 

With this logo maker, you can add symbols and text without any hassle.  The quality that stands the Online Logo Maker out is that it allows you to upload your images. Apart from that, it makes several templates available to you.  OLM gives you the chance to include your finalized logo on your business cards.

  • Logaster 

Logaster enables you to create your desired logo in four simple steps. The first step is to supply your brand’s or company’s name; the second step requires you to select from the different logo concepts available. What you are required to do after choosing a logo concept is sign up and save the logo for editing.  You can edit your logo by playing around with its icon, color, or text.  

Logo Design Apps 

They work in similarity to the online logo generator.  What makes the logo design app different is that you can use them on your phone to design a logo.  Therefore, a logo design app is convenient to use and does not require too much processing power to deliver amazing logos for your business and brand.   

Why is a Logo Design App important? 

There are several reasons why you should avail yourself of the opportunity of a logo design app. Apart from the easy and fast access, many other advantages come with its use. Here is some reason for them:  

  • Easy-to-navigate Interface 

One of the peculiarities of logo design applications is that have a user-friendly interface when you compare them most web-based logo generator.  The app works in a way that you feel more focused on every step you take on the app. Furthermore, logo apps are better organized, allowing you to move seamlessly from one stage to another.  It has less clutter, so you don’t find it challenging to stay focused.   

  • Convenience 

You can use their features at any time or any location so far you have access to your phone.  You will be able to get jobs done efficiently and without delay if you have unrestricted access to the Logo design app.   

  • Well suited for B2C brands 

Another merit of logo design applications is that they seem to be a better option for B2C brands due to their excellent design.  

  • It is a cheaper option 

You are going to spend a higher amount when you hire someone to create your logo. With a design app, you will have your logo designed at a comparatively low price.  Ideally, you will pay the same price irrespective of the type of logo you create. Therefore, you can explore different design options before making your selection.  

Example of Logo Maker Apps 

  • Makr 

Makr is designed to provide you with a template for the creation of your logo.  It gives you a wide range of options to make your selection, the categories include activities, baby, business, animals, among others.  You can also decide to choose your preferred images and shapes to customize your logo based on your preferences. The app download is free, while the downloading of your finalized log comes at a price.

  • Watercolor Logo Maker 

According to its name, it provides a watercolor-styled logo design. The Watercolor Logo Maker is the right app for you if this type of logo fits your brand or business.  To create your logo on this unique app, the first step you need to take is to select a background, which is typically a watercolor-based. You can now proceed to include text, edit color, and customize your logo further. This logo maker app has a free version, but it comes with limited features. You will have access to more features when you use the paid version of the app. 

  • Logo Foundry 

This app is an excellent logo maker app that you can access from your iPad and phone.  It comes with over three thousand symbols and icons that you can incorporate into your design.  It is distinct because it is perfect for professional users and those without professional experience.  Furthermore, the app allows you to download other logo design for editing within the application. Once you are done designing your logo, you can export it a flat JPG file or a transparent PNG file. 

  • Logo Maker 

If you are set to make use of this app, you start by choosing a white and black logo template from the options available.  You will have access to more options when you go for the paid option. After selecting your preferred background, then you can edit based on your desire. Editing involves playing around with the fonts, colors, addition of your pictures and stickers, among others.  You will not be able to explore the full features of the app with a free version. Therefore, you should unlock the paid features to have access to a vast range of functionalities.  


With a simple and well-designed logo, you can create a lasting impression on your customers and boost the image of your brand.  Instead of spending a large amount of money hiring a logo designer, you can make use of the excellent options of the free online Logo generators. They are fast, efficient, and reliable.  You can also make use of logo maker apps, they are easy to use, and they have a user-friendly interface designed for both professionals and users without design experience.

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    A logo is much more than a simple way to identify your business. It gives your business more meaning, and can help people decipher the mission behind the image.

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