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Live chat software has the ability to increase your rate of conversions when you use it right. But if you aren’t convinced yet, you could check out these statistics:

  • As much as 29% of consumers share their positive experience with a live chat to their friends
  • As much as 38% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a shop that has a live chat support.
  • As much as 51% of consumers are likely to buy from a company that offers live chat support.

Live chat has an effect on the user experience but remember that it could either be positive or negative. It has to be intuitive for operators to use and at the same time responsive to the visitors and customers who need more information. Now, if you have started researching about getting a live chat software, you would have realized by now that it could be hard to know which one is the right one for your business. There are a lot of available live chat software and they all have differences that would fit different businesses. There isn’t really a best one because it would really depend on what the business need. So, in this post, we have 10 of the most popular live chat solutions to help you decide on the best one to fit your business.

These live chat solutions in our list were tested in the same way you would if you had the time to test them one by one. We installed them, got the perspective as the site owner and engaged it with companies to look for clarity in the tools features. Our team checked the responsiveness of the software, the ease of use, and all the other features. Now here we represent to you 10 best live chat software:

1. Olark

Olark is the first on our list, it’s one of the most popular one on the industry because it isn’t just limited to chat conversations to engage customers but it also has integrations and features that allow users to manage relationships with customers effectively with ease. This means, agents under support would be able to resolve concerns and queries quicker as it could also view customer activity and vital insights. The system also generates reports that could be used to monitor reports and make information backed business decisions. This software allows you to modify the chat box because of its customizability.

2. FreshChat FreshChat is a modernized live chat software that was built for customer engagement and sales. Businesses use this to let their team communicate with customers and prospects who are on their website, social pages, or mobile application. This software help businesses and their team focus on context driven continuous messaging experience. They have a lot of features such as sales bot, campaigns, self service integration, and others more. They help you convert your visitors quicker into leads and you can use it to automate your lead capture. 3. Live Engage Live engage is a leading live chat and messaging platform which reduces cost of customer care by as much as 48%. This software is cloud based and it allows the users to talk with consumers with their choice of channel. With this solution, customers could also reach businesses at any time. Clients are also notified whenever they receive a reply, there are also chosen customers who can do urgent inquiries and there are some who could be accommodated right away. They would be receiving an SMS that would inform them of their options if they want to be served first. This software works on any browser and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

Users of this software would be able to use it from wherever they are because they could enable receiving of SMS alerts.  But that’s not yet the best thing about this software, the best thing about this is that their data security has more than 15 years of experience in creating cloud based services. This platform wins in automation and surveys.

4. Intercom This live chat software does a very good job in converting visitors into customers who actualy purchases. It has the ability to engage the visitors who uses the application. This software allows the agent of the company to engage with anyone who uses the app, agents could use this to respond to concerns sent via different platforms such as chat, SMS or Email. It can also track events and allow users to get leads. This also comes with an event metadata that allows you to monitor the page views. This solution makes adding leads to the company possible. Whenever needed, a user could convert a lead into a user. The great thing about this application is it saves user data automatically and enables the business to group and message. This comes with multi language support, and it detects the visitor language automatically. From within the platform you can customize the messenger. You can also export user data right from Interco Live Chat. 5. Smartsupp Smartsupp offers businesses the ability to chat real time with the visitors. Support agents would be able to answer the queries of the consumers right away because they would be notified whenever they receive a message. Users would also be able to record the screen of the visitors through a screen recorder. This would help you in getting insights on the behavior of your customers. This software is embeddable in your website and it also offers tutorials on how you can integrate the software with other popular tools. This supports mobile devices so users could answer messages right from their phone. You can also customize this software by changing the position, colors, text, as well as the chat box so it would match your brand. This solution has the ability to make canned messages which would allow users to come up with custom rules that would send automated messages to the visitors. Messages are a good way to boost sales and conversions. This also supports multi language. 6. HappyFox HappyFox is a live chat and customer support software that is designed to cater to different companies. It has the ability to streamline relationships of customers and enrich the experience of customers. The simplicity and usability of this solution defines the excellent live chat and automation. This software have agents that provide support quickly. HappyFox is also customizable and could be personalized. It’s a CRM, a marketing automation tool, and a platform for project management. This software comes with flexible pricing, you can set it up easily and integrate it with the systems you are already using. 7. HitSteps

HitSteps is a live chat solution and site visitor manager. This software allows organizations to monitor their site visitors and track their activities live. It also comes with a record page that shows when and how long a visitor visited the page. Their live chat software has been known to be helpful in boosting customer engagement through the interactive and speedy conversations.

This software also comes with a page analysis function that allows the users to identify the website attributes that would appeal to the customers by showing which parts of the site is clicked on the most. This elements and buttons has been proven to be the one to attract visitors. The features and functionalities give the users and edge when we talk about conversions.

8. REVE Chat This software is an engagement platform that offer comprehensive live chat, video chat, voice chat, as well as FB, Viber messenger services to businesses who are looking to improve the customer engagement through their site. This platform provides support agents with the ability to assist site visitors personally. This could also be integrated into business sites in just a span of a few minutes. It comes with a lot of functions and features such as live chat, interactive video or voice chat. This makes the process of visitor engagement so much more easier.

REVE Chat improves the experience of your website and support agents could address concerns easily. Visitors who have concerns which are specific are catered by concerned departments so the qualified agents could handle the concern. This software allows multiple visitor engagement to increase the efficiency of your support. Customers have the ability to provide feedback that could help in growing your business.

9. Pure Chat

PureChat is a visitor tracking software and live chat which is designed to help enterprises increase their leads and sales this solution let you know your site visitors and engage with them right away. This software can handle multiple customers all at the same time so you can save time and make every minute count. This could be used from iOS and Android meaning your customers would be able to answer queries even if they’re on the go.

It also provides website activity, page visited, and location. You can also monitor conversations from the platform and have a transcript available. You can set agent preferences to make the reports according to it. Reports include total number of chats, the average response time, the duration of the chat. The chat box could also be customized to suit your website. Chat boxes could also be converted into email type when the support team is offline. You can also add users into the system and assign privileges and tasks.

10. nanoRep nanoRep is designed so you could increase your business conversion rate as you provide personalized and accurate responses to the customers. This software could also answer a lot of inquiries and enable the organizations to gain business insights that are valuable and useful to the growth of the business.

nanoRep supports multi-language and allows users to handle conversation in up to 34 languages so you won’t need agents who are multi-language. This software also captures inquiries while recording the answers of the agent. This information is automatically used for future reference.

11. Salesmate Messenger

Salesmate Live Chat is a part of a larger suite of features. Salesmate is a CRM that solves your sales, marketing, and service-related pain points. With the Salesmate Live Chat (better known as Messenger), you can capture more leads and provide real-time support to your prospects. You can directly bring the lead data to your CRM, build accurate profiles, and convert them to customers. You can view the timeline of a prospect, so you can ask the right question in every iteration. Salesmate Messenger is customizable so it can really suit your brand image and colors. Moreover, you can get all the conversation information from the backend, so you can assign leads to the most relevant teammates.


So, which live chat program is right for your business? Now this depends on what your business need. So, we have here a list of the best live chat software out in the industry. Remember that before you finally decide on which one is the right one for you, try the free trial first and have some hands on experience to know for sure.

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