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The 10 Best Marketing Slogans Of All Time

What’s a slogan?

In the business world, a slogan is a catchphrase used to identify a product. It’s also a group of words combined to sound worth remembering in order to identify a product/company. The reason why companies have slogans are the same for why they have logos, it’s all for advertising. Slogans are audible ways to present a brand while a logo is visual. They both are made in a way that it should grab the attention of their customers. They are also aimed to be simple to remember and understand.

But what is its goal? It’s supposed to leave a message in the mind of consumers. If they can’t remember the advertisement, the slogan would definitely be stuck in their mind.

10 All Time Marketing Slogans

1. Have a break, Have a kitkat- by KitKat?

The concept of KitKat was from 1937, it was a chocolate bar that men could eat during their break time at their workplace. Break on their slogan was meant for breaktime as well as breaking the bar off the KitKat. The Slogan was actually coined in 1957, 20 years after the concept was created. In 2004, they lost and put the slogan to rest after a legal battle. But recently, as you would notice, this slogan is back to work. If you come to think of it, this slogan has been around for around 60 years.

2. Because you’re worth it- by L’oreal

This slogan was the first slogan that was written from the perspective of a woman. It used to be because I’m worth it but was changed into you’re. It was changed because woman didn’t agree with the way it was said.

3. What happens here, stays here- by Las Vegas

The bond of Las Vegas and the customers was and is freedom. In Vegas, you can do what you can’t at home. Its slogan is equivalent to a place where people could go wild in and face no consequence.

4. The best a man could get- by Gillette

As the brand was still starting, they were having a hard time advertising both the quality and its masculinity together. This slogan was what combined and promoted both the quality and masculinity. Gillette dominated the shaving industry and their slogan was translated into 14 different languages to reach different parts of the world.

5. There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard

This slogan which was created in 1997 is award winning and was a campaign used in almost a hundred countries and translated in 46 languages.?

6. Betcha Can't Eat Just One- by Lay’s

In all seriousness, has anyone even just eaten one chip ever? This slogan actually stands true for all of the chips companies but Lay’s was the only on to pick it up. It’s slogan is amazing because it isn’t about the taste, it’s more focused on being human.

7. I’m Lovin it- by MsDonald’s

From 2003, up until now this slogan is used in every McDonalds in the world and is translated to different languages. Though their food isn’t the healthiest, but you’ll no doubt love the taste and convenience.

8. A diamond is forever- by De Beers

A famous slogan by De Beers, just after two years of using it their sales increased by 55% and diamond rings has been in our culture. In 1999 this slogan was called the slogan of the century.

9. Melts in your mouth not in your hands- by M&Ms

This slogan was released in 1954 with the M&Ms that were peanuts. It was to make their candies different from their competitors which have candies that eventually got messy on the fingers.

10. Got Milk? By- California Milk Processor Board

This slogan started from advertisements that showed people who were having a hard time from having dry treats without milk to drink. It almost didn’t pass, their advertisement staff said it was too lazy and that the grammar was wrong. Micheal Bay was the one who directed its first ads that eventually won awards. A year after using the slogan, 2.8 Billion gallons of milk were sold just in California.

What characteristics do a good slogan have?

First of all it should be memorable. It should be able to be recognized easily. It should be able to differentiate a brand from the others.


These 10 Marketing Slogans has been around for years and is still working its magic. There are some that’s short, some that’s long but they all have an impact on their brands consumer. When you plan on a slogan to use for your brand try to get tips from the 10 best listed here.

6 Response to "The 10 Best Marketing Slogans Of All Time"

  1. Comment From Nancy Newman

    Have a break, have a kitkat has been my all tome favorite and it has also done an amazing job to be remembered even during those times when they weren’t using it.

  2. Comment From Joel-Exactly

    It has to be memorable, recognizable, and unique! Some people try to rhyme with already existing slogans and it’s just so wrong! In order for it to be remembered it has to be unique and related to your brand.

  3. Comment From Alexa

    I have always thought it was what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I like the original version better, I guess the Vegas version started because of the movie? Anyhoo, slogans are good strategies that should be used.

  4. Comment From Criss Prat

    People nowadays don’t use slogans that much anymore, I mean I don’t see them as often in small businesses like before. I guess it should be used more in order to be more catchy. Good article!

  5. Comment From Audrey Dionisio

    Nice article! You reminded me of my childhood when slogans where the thing and we would be hearing and reading them almost in all marketing strategies.

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