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An awesome newsletter is visually engaging, attractive, and features a clear call-to-action. Apart from these attributes, there are lots of other qualities of a newsletter. Newsletters are functional, and they come in bright colors. Furthermore, they feature captivating videos and talk about the most important things. 

Business owners are always looking for newsletter content ideas that are creative and perform better than the regular confirmation emails. Such newsletters are customer-focused, and they are designed to offer real solutions to most of the challenges faced by customers. An effective newsletter is intended to address the issues that customers are facing and at the same time, engage and entertain them. Not only that, they are structured to gain people’s trust and confidence. 

Making your newsletter stand out from the numbers of emails flooding the inboxes of your customers requires some effort on your part. Based on the findings of DMR, about 121 emails get in the mailbox of an average person per day. 

You must make your email distinct among the other hundreds of emails received by your customers. So, how do you make your email stand out? 

How to Make a Great Newsletter? 

  • Give your reader what will add value to them 

One of the ways to make your newsletter exceptional is by including information that will add value to them. Know that you can have direct access to the lives of your prospective customers. Therefore, you need to send something that is of high quality to their inbox. 

Most importantly, you must be meticulous enough when crafting your inbox as it must be free from broken links, mistakes, as well as grammatical errors. You should be able to provide your customers with information that is helpful and actionable. Furthermore, do not hesitate to incorporate things you are sure will enrich their knowledge. 

Rather than pushing sales content to them now and then, you can build a great relationship with your clients by sending them engaging and educative content. 

  • Give room for communication and feedback 

You must strike a conversation and allow them to respond. Be as curious as possible. Look for helpful information about your readers and try to know what exactly they want from you. 

This strategy will make your customers see you as someone that has them in mind, and they will be willing to give positive feedback that will promote the image of your business. 

  • Keep your newsletter with fascinating with excellent copy and better design

Another way by which you can get people to read your newsletter is by making it simple to understand as well as incorporating a creative design. The fact is that you can have an excellent copy, but it will not make any difference if it is hard to read. So, you must strive to strike a balance between the readability of your newsletter and its designs. 

  • Take good advantage of your list 

You can boost the effectiveness of your newsletter through what we call segmentation. When you employ this strategy, you will be able to increase your customer base. Based on the findings of DMA, 58 percent of total revenue comes through segmentation. 

This method allows you to group your customers based on specific parameters or criteria, and you target a campaign at them.

Let us imagine, for example, that you want to reach out to customers who have bought your product in the past, but have not checked back since that purchase. You can compile the list of this category of customers and deploy an email marketing campaign that will encourage them to patronize you. 

  • Do not treat your customers as someone unknown, treat them as individuals

The mistake that most brand owners make is that they focus solely on the newsletter; they do not consider the individual on the list. It is, therefore, essential that you treat customers on your list as an individual. 

Instead of writing to a crowd of subscribers, send emails to individuals on your list. This method will make them feel closer to you and engage them effectively. You will succeed in answering some of their unanswered questions. When you treat your prospective customers individually, they will be convinced to patronize your product because you have addressed their needs and showed them the reason why the product is ideal for them. Next time, they won’t hesitate to open your mail as it gets to their box. 

How to Structure Your Newsletter? 

One of the features of high-quality newsletters is that it is carefully structured to attract the reader’s attention. Readers decide whether to close your letter or continue reading seconds after opening. Most times, their decision depends on the structure of your newsletter, whether or not it provides enough value to act on your CTA. 

You can always provide a clear value to your prospective customers if you follow the right techniques. Here are a few strategies that will help you to convince your prospects the moment they open your newsletter: 

  • Scannable text is essential 

As a business owner aiming at crafting a sales-converting newsletter, you must not lose sight of the fact that more than half of your customers will be accessing your newsletter from their mobile devices. Therefore, you must make your content concise. The voluminous texts will create a bad user experience as your prospects will be made to scroll and scroll before they read your mail. Therefore, it is crucial to make your newsletter shorter and concise. 

  • Add links to your newsletter 

The most effective way to drive home your point is to add studies, quote, research findings, as well as studies. These elements show your customers that you have the fact and that your information is not dependent on guesswork. When you provide them with quotes, data, among others, they won’t have reasons to doubt your information.

However, you must provide a link to your sources. For instance, if you quote a company or make use of information from a website, make sure that you give a link to the source. The advantage of connecting to your reputable sources is essential. Here are some of its benefits: 

  • You add value to your reader as they can also consult your link for more clarification
  • No one will doubt your information 
  • It is lawful and the right thing to do anytime you refer to information on another website.
  • Take note of your Call to action (CTA)

Using a CTA is an essential strategy you should consider when structuring your newsletter. Note that if you give your reader a lot of choices, they will be confused as regards the right decision to make. In other words, too many options affect conversion. 

For instance, if your primary aim is to get your customer to sign up for a webinar, then include a CTA to that effect. You should not tell them to like your Facebook page, redeem a coupon, or book an appointment. You won’t be able to achieve your primary goal if you include too many options. 

Newsletter Content Tips 

  • Personalize your email 

One of the secrets to a sales converting newsletter is to customize it according to your target audience. As we have discussed earlier, email segmentation allows you to group your subscribers based on different categories so that you can address them individually. One of the qualities of a great email is that it should be audience-focused. Meaning that you should have the needs and interest of your prospective customer at the top of your mind when structuring your newsletter. 

  • Make your email easy to read 

Whether you keep your newsletter short or long, it will make any difference if your message is ambiguous or the texts are not correctly structured. If possible, keep your writing concise and readable. Note that customers may not have the patience to read large blocks of text. Some of the tips that will enable you to keep your content short and concise are as follows: 

  • Use short paragraphs with 2-3 sentences per paragraph.
  • Use bullet points to introduces lists
  • Make your email count 

Trust is essential as far as your email marketing is concerned. It is an excellent opportunity for you to gain their trust once they have given you access to send newsletters to their mail. Therefore, you should provide them with information that will not only earn the confidence of your customers but will also add value to them. This way, your email campaign will yield a positive result and increase your customer base.

As a rule, do not include any content that does not worth their time and attention. In order words, make sure the information you are providing will add value to your reader, and they will look forward to reading your newsletter next time.

  • Avoid grammatical errors 

A newsletter that has a lot of mistakes shows that you did not put enough time and effort into putting it together. So, grammatical blunders in your newsletter send the wrong message to your reader. We do not dispute the fact that errors occur once in a while, but it can turn your customers off when it becomes habitual. Be careful not to lose your credibility as well as customer’s trust. Before sending your newsletter out to your respective customers, check them over and over to correct any form of errors. 

Best Newsletter Examples

  • Harry’s 

Harry’s is a company that sells men’s shaving and grooming products. In its newsletter, it sends educational as well as instruction email that is in line with its line of business. The company provides value to its customers by telling explaining how they care for their skin and have a better shaving experience. All these pieces of information come in a concise, attractive newsletter. 

  • Bombas 

Bombas is a stock company that employs the use of a referral email. They use a simple and straightforward headline in their newsletter, which is, “Refer a friend, get free socks.”

The company did not make use of a large block of texts; instead, they make use of lists that are short and numbered. There is a clear separation within the text, and the primary CTA stands out at the end of the text. The newsletter differentiates the “Get free stock” button from the “Refer a friend here” button. 

  • Casper Labs 

Casper Labs is a research branch of the premium mattress company. They employ simple storytelling as well as a problem-solution framework to tell readers how they proffer solutions to problems. They use simple graphics to boost the format of the story and also reinforce their branding. They make use of “Learn More” CTA. Apart from that, they also use the play button in the header GIF. Another notable feature of their newsletter is the clickable URL. This feature enables them to see the number of Kickstarter engagement they can generate via their emails.

  • Toms 

Toms is a shoe company that makes use of a creative image in its newsletter. They use a seasonal approach to show customers the relevance of their product to Halloween using an interactive newsletter. It is a unique way to introduce your brand to your product while distinguishing yourself from others. 

  • Tailors Brand 

This company adopts an incentive strategy to lure subscribers to fill out an online survey. In some cases, you have to employ an effective strategy to get feedback from people. The newsletter from the Tailor brand looks carefully outlined, beautiful, and straightforward. It uses color contrast effectively to direct your attention to different areas of the newsletter. What differentiates this email from others is its clever use of colors. 

  • Anthropologie 

This company deals with home décor as well as women’s clothing. Their newsletter perfectly combines promotions with an advertisement. It provides tips on home décor styles to customers and at the same time advertise 20 percent off sale. This newsletter is an engaging dual-purpose email that understandably conveys the message with the aid of beautiful product photography. Apart from that, their use of the font is excellent as they use it to enhance personality without affecting the readability of the texts.


With the tips and examples given above, designing an engaging, sales-converting email should not be a problem anymore. Follow the ideas above for a positive result on your email campaigns and expand your customer base. 

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  1. Comment From Roderick Lakes

    Even though we’re in a more modern setting, newsletters can still give you some great pointers of addressing your audience. The engagement, bold letters, and formatting help me get a higher conversion rate.

  2. Comment From Christa Harmon

    Value is something that goes beyond just a product or service. I found that providing more value in the information helped increase my overall sales on my product pages.

  3. Comment From Herman Westbrook

    I started leaving a survey at the end of each newsletter as a way to get immediate feedback on spots. This helped me tremendously not only with content but what products to sell moving forward.

  4. Comment From Florence Danzig

    I split my newsletters up into different segments of my audience. By segmenting the market, I could better target people for specific products and services.

  5. Comment From Felicia Roberts

    I tend to think of my audience as a working family rather than simple customers. When I started to send emails on a more personal motif, this helped me create long-lasting business relationships.

  6. Comment From Ramon Crews

    I used to create long and drawn out newsletters, which resulted in little to no engagement. By toning down the amount of words and making the letters more scannable, the conversion rates improved drastically. It helped me realize that less is more when it comes to digesting content.

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