27 Best Online Form Builders – Updated May 2023

When it comes to getting or capturing leads, market researching, industry trends research, online forms are very effective, even for getting feedback from customers it’s still very effective. The best simple form builder apps are usually similar and user friendly, and it has no shortage of options. Whether you would want to make contact forms, a survey, a signup form, form tools make it very easy to create web online forms that have drag and drop questions, different colors, structure options, and even multiple basic form fields. If you’re selling on Etsy, you may use an Etsy affiliate software.

To know more about them, read on below:

1. Paperform

Description: Online forms can be so much more than just a set of questions, it can be filled with relevant and engaging copies that would match the guidelines of the brand, this would lead to more sale and responses.This stands apart from the other form builders or website builders and it allows you to create registration forms as well as other forms by simply typing free texts like a doc, you can add logical questions, and even add donation and payment fields and others more. You can type into the pag, insert fields and make a form quickly.

These forms can be integrated and shared in different ways such as through social media, embedding, email address, and through Zapier. It has 3 different plans and the agent plan allows you to add clients or users as well as set permissions accordingly.

Pricing Plan

  • The essentials is $15 per month
  • The Pro is $39 per month
  • The Agency is $99 per month (more than 5 users + additional costs)
  • There are referral, annual, as well as charity discounts available

Check out the Demo

View their Templates

2. 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder is an advanced form builder that enables people from every industry and department to easily create secure data collection forms, contact forms, lead generation forms, surveys, quizzes, interactive content, and workflows.

They have an easy to use, drag & drop platform, offer unlimited forms on their mid-tier subscription, and integrate with more than 45 tools natively (along with 4,000 other app integrations you can make through Zapier.)

123FormBuilder is 100% secure, HIPAA-compliant, GDPR-friendly, and ISO-certified. Their forms can include file upload fields, e-signatures, payments, and more.

Pricing Plans:

They have a free plan which you can use to test out the product, and their paid plans come as follows:

  • Free plan so you can test out the product
  • The Gold Plan is $19.99/ month
  • The Platinum Plans is $37.99/ month
  • The Professional plan is $69.99/ month
  • Their Enterprise plan starts with $199  

Learn more about 123FormBuilder

Check out their 2,000+ pre-built available templates

3. Typeform

Description: this is a conversational form which means it’s for one question at a time types like quizzes, lead generation forms, surveys, and it has easy mobile creation. These type of online forms are used in order to engage users online one question at a time. It’s known for having an innovative flow and it has a mobile first approach.

This tool has been used by a lot of lead generation campaigns and it has been proven to be effective. They have taken more of an art-house approach into design and it focuses on a more holistic experience.

Pricing Plan

  • The Basic plan is free
  • The Pro plan is $35 per month
  • The Pro + plan is $70 per month
  • Annual and NGO discounts are available

Check the link for Templates

4. Wufoo

Description: This is for forms that need a powerful report generator such as surveys, contact forms, and other heavy data collection. If the reason for using this tool is to collect as well as organize data even without integrating your own reporting system this wufoo wouldn’t disappoint you. It supports “complex reporting and analytics”.

This doesn’t mean they don’t integrate though, they actually do with apps such as Salesforce, Capsule, Mailchimp, and Zapier. But as I mentioned earlier, it offers awesome analytics even on its own.

Pricing Plan:

  • They offer a FREE plan
  • They offer a starter plan at $19 per month
  • They offer a professional plan at $39 per month
  • They offer an advanced plan at $99 per month.
  • Annual discounts are also available

Check the link for the Demo

View the Templates

5. Zoho Forms

Description: this mobile forms integrate really well with other Zoho apps such as the HR forms, Construction forms, Business forms, and others. Millions of people use Zoho and if you happen to be one of them, and you are exploring mobile forms, this product was built for teams that are on the move.

Pricing Plan

  • The Basic plan is $10 per month
  • The standard plan is $25 per month
  • The Professional plan is $50 per month
  • The Premium plan is $100 per month
  • There are annual discounts available

Check the link to watch the Demo video

Click the link to view Templates

6. Conversational Form

Description: this one is a bit different from the traditional forms because this one really instigates a conversation with respondents. But you’re not limited to that because you have the option to choose to have a traditional form. This tool would need you to be a bit tech savvy in order for you to be able use it to its full potential.

You can see it in action to understand it better or you can read this amazing article to better understand the potential of this tool.

Check out their Examples

7. JotForm

Description: are you in need of a basic form right away? Are you aiming to create one for a smaller crowd? If you are then go ahead and start creating, build your form with our Form Builder, add your email add and receive as much as a hundred submissions per month at no cost at all.

They also have a new PDF generator and tons of themes which you could choose from to match your business.

Pricing Plan:

  • The starter plan is FREE
  • The silver plan is $39 per month
  • The gold plan is $99 per month
  • You could get enterprise pricing by request
  • There are “not-for-profit” discounts as well

Check out their Demo

View their Theme Store

8. Leadformly

Description: Leadformly does all the thinking for you, if you are a marketer who wants lead capture forms without the guesswork, this is the tool for you. Email, CRM, as well as marketing automation tools integration is covered.

The Pricing Plan

  • The essential plan is $37 per month
  • The Growth plan is $74 per month
  • The Team plan is $149 this is annual billing only

Check out the Demo

9. Google Forms

Description: It a non payment form at a good price, it’s for applications, school forms, feedback forms, and the like. Google online is a part of the free Google Docs suite, but there’s a more advanced part which is available in the business Google Docs. This is great for the forms that are o-fuss, and has a great pre-fabricated background if you don’t have your own brand yet.

Pricing Plan

  • Free for docs on G-suite
  • They offer a Basic plan at $5 per month
  • They offer a business plan at $10 per month
  • They offer an enterprise plan at $25 per month

Check out the Demo

10. Gravity Forms

Description: This tool, gravity forms is the solutions for people who have mastered and are using WordPress. Most builders could be embedded into the WordPress site, gravity forms are also dedicated to their integration with WordPress. The process of creating a form is in the WordPress admin site itself, and if you are successfully using wordpress then this is a seamless integration and is definitely a good way to go.

Price Plan

  • The Basic plan is $59 per year
  • The Elite plan is $159 per year
  • The pro plan is $259 per year

Check out their Demo

If you want to get a personal feel of it, check their Tutorial

11. HubSpot Forms

Description: When it comes to marketing, it’s no doubt that hubspot knows what they are doing. Their forms are designed in order to bring leads as part of a larger framework of their products. The only integration they have is Salesforce.

The moment someone fills out a form generated in hubspot, this is routed into the hubspot crm automatically. You can set tasks, emails, remindeers, and others. If you need a lead gen form and you want to take care of the whole marketing funnel but lack the tools this one’s for you.

Price Plan

  • The forms are purchased as a feature and the product page, and it’s not a stand alone property.

Check out their Demo

12. Formsite

Description: Formsite has payment forms and options available. But they also support Paypal,authorize.net, Braintree, Stripe. You also have the option to take payments through cheque which make it even more ideal for online orders and their forms.

They are integrated with a lot such as MailChimp, Dropbox, Salesforce, Dropbox, API post, as well as zapier.

Their Prices are:

  • They have a fre plan
  • They have a deluxe plan at $19.45 per month
  • They have a pro plan $59.95 per month
  • The pro3 plan is 99.95 per month.

Check out their Demo

Take a look at their Real Examples and Templates

13. Formstack

Description: this one manages all your information from across your whole org. It covers all of your admin bases, it has 10 payment gateways, more than 40 direct integrations, and more than a thousand integrations through Zapier. Formstack undoubtedly manages data collection really well.

Pricing plan:

  • Bronze is $19 per month
  • Silver is $59 per month
  • Gold is $99 per month
  • Platinum is $249 per month

Check out their Demo

View the Templates 

14. Formbakery

Description: this online form is super simple, you can even adapt it with your very own code. Generating your own code for your form is a fast and simple process. Creating the form would only require drag and dropping, having the HTML, CSS JS, and PHP code, and you have to customize it before embedding.

This would create a form source code which you could use on your server, you would not need to rely on the formbakery when you already have your code.

Pricing plan:

  • The professional plan is $19 per form
  • There’s also a $49 per 5 form pack

View their Demo

Checkout their Reviews

15. Formdesk

Description: there are forms that need powerful database which would be accessible on the internet. This is one of the best with a very powerful database. It has a complex reporting, backend, statistics, workflow that would make a CRM useless for other users.

It also has its own share of unique features such as the PDF Generator, barcodes, and even autosaves.

Price plan:

  • There’s a free 3 month trial
  • €49 per year for the standard plan
  • €1000 per year for the business plan

Checkout their Demo

Here are some of their examples: Expense Claim, Helpdesk, Online Service Request

16. FormKeep

Description: this is a form endpoint tool that allows you to use the backend to make sure you are managing your data well while allowing your to integrate with apps to benefit the form that you have created. If you make a lot of static websites this would benefit you well.

Price Plan:

  • Starter plan is at $4.99 per month
  • Freelancer plan is at $59 per month
  • Agency plan is at $99 per month

Check here for their Live Demo

17. Cognito Forms

Description: their byline says “easily build powerful forms” and they stand true to their word. Their forms are all robust and dynamic. It highlights their calculation, their data-based features, and their logic.

It even accepts payments and for sales generated through Stripe, cognito takes 1%. It also comes with WordPress, plugins, Zapier Integration, and also HIPAA compliant forms.

Price Plan:

  • It takes 1% from the sales through Stripe
  • The individual plan is free
  • The pro plan is $10 per month
  • The team plan is $24 per month
  • The enterprise plan is $99 per month

Checkout the  Demo

Here are some of their Templates: Contact Form, Sales Form, Employment Application

18. Device Magic

Description: this one is the most different from the ones listed above because this one offers mobile focused forms that are offline, are designed with logistical operations in mind, and would capture complex data. These forms are all about admin form replacement on and even off site and automation of the workflows. One of the great this is that they are even integrated with everything even SMS, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

If you are working in trade or the industrial workplace then this one is for you.

Price plan:

  • Standard is  $30 per month per device
  • Advanced is $40 per month per device
  • For enterprise please contact sales for the pricing because it’s based on volume and offers annual discounts.

Check out their Demo

Reviews from other people: Paterson Simons, International Committee of the Red Cross, Greenewable Solar

The moment your responses start coming in, most of the mobile forms would import each entry into your spreadsheet or centralized database and it would send you notifications when people finally complete them. The form tools today usually offer a lot of different features such as smart form fields, progressive profiling, and even interactivity. For every business needs or goal, there’s a form for it.

19. Pabbly Form Builder

Pabbly Form Builder is the only web-based form creator that does not restrict you in any key form features like form submissions, file uploads, payments, form views, team members and many more. If you get a form with Pabbly Form Builder, you pretty much get everything. There are no restrictions whatsoever.

Moreover, collecting unlimited payments via gateways like PayPal & Stripe is plain sailing. You can collect unlimited payments without any transaction fees.

Further, Webhooks empowers hassle-free integrations. The best part is, you don’t need to spend a single extra penny to unveil all these conversion-optimization features.

Besides, it also comes with a bundle of embedding options to display forms like full, sliding, & pop-up forms. With this, you can effortlessly capture more leads and optimize your conversion rates.

Additionally, this highly customizable form builder allows you to create, customize & personalize each element of your form seamlessly. Hence, you can adjust even the smallest elements of your form like the spacing, colors, background, and all other elements of your forms effortlessly.

Pricing Plan:

Pabbly Form Builder offers a single pricing plan that costs only $10 per month.

This means, you just need to pay for a single form and get access to unlimited features without restricting yourself at any feature..

Check out their Video Demo Here

20. Visme

Visme’s form builder allows you to create single-step and multi-step forms with various pre-designed templates. Simply select your preferred template from the library, then customize it with your brand’s colors, fonts, borders, background design, and more. No matter your role or level of design skills, with Visme your work life is easier.

Pricing Plan

  • Visme has a free basic plan that comes with most templates.
  • The personal plan for design professionals starts at $29 per month.
  • Business plan for SMBs at $59 per month.
  • Visme also offers an enterprise plan for corporations. You will have to contact the
  • Visme sales team to learn about the pricing for this plan.

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