Best Shopify Customer Support Apps

Shopify Customer Support apps help merchants to handle customer reviews, feedback and other important metrics of customer communication and retention. It’s also something that works really well with shopify affiliate plugins. Here are some of the best Shopify Customer Support apps.

1. OSI Feedback

This is one of the highest rated Shopify customer support apps. It allows you to measure and improve your customer experience in real time. OSI feedback can automatically pool customer feedback every day from customers who purchase or make a support request. The app allows the results of the customer metrics be shared with the website’s team to help improve customer retention. This app can be easily integrated into most systems like Shopify,, OSCommerce, MailChimp and even PayPal. You can also integrate OSI Feedback into all your existing tools and use it on your Shopify store seamlessly with minimal technical support required. It is available for a 15-day free trial period after which a subscription plan of $27 is needed to use it monthly.

2. Easy Contact Form

This app allows you to create personalized customer feedback forms on your Shopify website. You can add a nice background picture to provide a unique experience for your customers. Creating forms is also easy with many custom templates to choose from to collect customer reviews and feedback. This app canfeedback. This app can be used as a standalone app or embedded into a website. Using this app is easy as no coding skills are required and installing it is a breeze. It can also be used on mobile phones. Easy contact form also provides regular informational and marketing emails from relevant ads.

3. Tidio Live Chat

This app allows you to get all your live customer chats, emails and Facebook Messenger communications in one easy dashboard. Tidio also provides a mobile app that allows you keep track with your customers even when you are on the go. Use intelligent Bots to reclaim incomplete carts and also boost your shop revenue by reacting quickly to detected customer behaviors. Tidio Bots can also reply automatically to more than 40% of the most common types of customer inquiries. Installation is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. The bots also automatically transfer a conversation to a human operator.

4. SumAll

If you are finding it difficult to convert traffic to sales, then SumALl is a great app to add to your store. Enjoy automated responses on social media, performance posts and tweets to drive customer engagement and visibility. SumAll connects to all your Shopify stores, social media accounts, ad accounts and simplifies the management by providing automation for most of your everyday tasks. There’s also a Product Post feature that selects a product from your store at random and shares it on your Facebook page alongside a link to where customers can buy it. SumAll easily integrates with PayPal, Twitter, YouTube and most common social medial accounts.

5. Contact Form by POWr

Contact Form by Powr helps you to optimize your store forms by making it easy for you to collect customer data. It generates instant notifications for you and sends automated responses to customer inquiries. This app allows you to add all the contact forms that you need to your website seamlessly. You can also customize the form type and fields to include dropdown, fixed text, multiple choice and pictures where possible. A dashboard also provides you with reports of customer responses and actions so that metrics are easy to track. Email alerts and confirmations ensure that customers are aware that their requests have been received. Contact Form has both a free and paid version for more features.

6. Pure Chat Free Live Chat

Pure Chat helps businesses to relate with their online visitors better at the times where attention is most necessary. It is designed to handle teams of operators and provides a flat rate which saves you money on additional team members. Adding Pure Chat to a website is very easy and no coding knowledge is required. You can make all the changes you want from the Pure Chat dashboard and create reports on visitors, collect customer contact details and also carry out file transfers. The premium plan of Pure Chat has even more features such as allowing an unlimited number of users, real-time visitor tracking and analytics, automated actions and SMS alerts.

7. Chatra Live Chat + Facebook

Chatra allows businesses to converge all their live chat and Facebook chat windows into a simple mobile and desktop app. This allows you to respond to customer requests, enquiries and other interventions quickly. This boosts sales and increases the order value size on your website exponentially. Chatra also assists with cart recovery, real-time visitor lists, Facebook messenger integration for easy management and group live chats to deal to allow multiple agents deal with a complicated customer issue all at the same time. Chatra works on all platforms and integrates with most common messenger apps for easy use.

8. Return Magic

Return Magic can create a personalized portal for carrying out cash and gift card refunds and exchanges. It can also create shipping labels from more than 50 carriers globally. You can also use Return Magic to provide many options for refunds for your customers which gives them more confidence to shop at your website. Return Magic can be integrated with any Shopify store to help your customers return products easily. This also helps with refunds, gift card returns and also issuing of gift cards in exchange for products being returns. The cool thing is that all you need to do is approve the return while Return Magic does all the back-end processing. The app does not affect the loading speed of your website.

9. Order Desk

This app is especially useful for businesses who do lots of drop shipping. Order desk can process orders via supplier and help to direct them to the correct dropshipper for processing. Orders can be sent via email singly or in bulk via a CSV file. You can integrate Order Desk with EasyPost to create shipping labels to most carriers around the world with easy. You can also gain lots of savings via a special commercial plan with USPS. Upgrade to the Pro version to gain access to direct printing using a thermal printer. Order Desk also creates reports and analytics as well as process all kinds of refunds on behalf of customers.

10. Tracking Genie

TrackingGenie helps to keep customers waiting for their delivery calm and confident. Instead of customers tracking their orders using the real tracking numbers, TrackingGenie can provide an estimated delivery date for orders and notify customers accordingly. This way, customers no longer have to ask you for an ETA on expected deliveries. It is perfect if you do lots of drop shipping as it would help you to reduce delivery and tracking inquiries from customers, allowing you to focus more on your business and expanding. TrackingGenie requires no installation and can be easily customized to your store’s text fonts and colors.

11. Returnly Returns Manager

Returnly is a great way to manage customer returns without letting customers go completely. You can use it to create return credits for customers to use to order new items from the websites. Instead of refunding money to cards, increase customer retention by giving them multiple options of things to use the credits for. Returnly helps to streamline business operations, create labels, manage refunds and remove shopper wait-times for processing returns and refunds. This helps to improve customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood that they come back to shop from your store again. It is available for a 7-day free trial after which it would cost $59 monthly.

12. Re:amaze Live Chat & Helpdesk

Re:amaze helps your Shopify business by creating an easy-to-manage customer service center for you. By integrating all your conversations from live chat, email, Facebook and other social media networks into one convenient inbox, customers get faster responses and can thus make shopping decisions quickly. Re:amaze sends out automated messages to customer to give out promotional information or remind the customer that their cart needs to be checked out. This is one of the most highly rated apps on the Shopify app store and also works perfectly for Shopify Plus stores.

13. Clicksit Return Center

This is a totally free app to install and it provides comprehensive returns management for any Shopify store. If you are in the UK, you can even offer CollectPlus returns for an unlimited amount of returns. Clicksit provides you with a self-service customer returns platform that allows customers to seamlessly process their returns. It also allows you to manage returns easily without having to go through each request individually. Tracking of returns is also easy as well as it can be hosted on your domain easily with little experience with coding and technical works.

14. helps business owners to create simple surveys that have a high rate of responses compared to industry averages. It also provides comprehensive analysis of responses to provide valuable insights in its generated reports. You can also create a section for customer satisfaction on different customer verticals. also allows easy integration of customer testimonials into your websites that will increase customer confidence in your website and motivate visitors to shop. is easy to install and is pretty much automated which means you don’t have to worry about fiddling with settings and the likes. It is also easily integrated with Slack, Google Analytics and other apps.

15. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk enables your agents to engage customers across any online platform and build relationships with them anywhere they are. Zendesk Chat allows access to customer Shopify data so responding to customer inquiries is faster and more seamless than ever before. This also improves customer satisfaction and helps them to get the information they need to make orders as required. Zendesk also helps to ensure that agents don’t have to delay customers since they have all the information that they need in one spot. Zendesk is free to install but you need to have a subscription to access some premium features like Team plans.

16. Intercom

Intercom helps to integrate your shop into your chat so that customer can even check their order status without needed to contact a customer care agent. Help customers to get the most of your website by using real-time live chat and messages. You can get a full detailed report on customers and helps you keep them as leads until they turn to customers. Intercom also lets you send messages to customers to remind them of order status with personalized emails and messages. This helps you to contact customers after their visit by targeting messages to them depends on what they were doing on your store.

17. Survey + Poll

One of the easiest ways to interact with customers is through the use of surveys. Survey + Poll makes it easy to create surveys and customer polls and get feedback from it. A built-in dashboard helps to generate reports that you can export and study. These surveys are easy to implement on any website and can be used to reach customers. It also allows attachments from customers who want to send documents and images to you. You can also add multiple email addresses where feedback can be delivered to. Survey + Poll can limit users to only one submission to avoid data skewing.

18. Analytics Buddy

This is a great app that works by helping you to generate actionable data reports from the website about customer activity. It collects data from your store’s Google Analytics profile and shows you in your Shopify admin. Analytics Buddy provides comprehensive automated reports that remove confidential personal data before transferring to Google Analytics. It also tracks checkout errors so that you can investigate reasons behind cart abandonment. Tracking these errors help to increase revenue. This app is free and easy to implement on a website.

19. Gorgias ? Customer Service

Gorgias helps to create a unified helpdesk that helps business owners to monitor and respond to email requests, live chat, telephone messages and social media accounts. Agents can also merge conversations and respond without causing any issues. Gorgias is easy to integrate into Shopify, Slack and most apps that are useful to Shopify users. There are templates to improve automation, macros to help reduce agent times by 30-50%. This helps to improve customer satisfaction and help them make shopping decisions faster.

20. Product Questions and Answers

This app allows you to manage questions about your products from your product pages. Each question and email can be transferred to a designated email address that helps you to respond comprehensively. The frequent questions help to improve on-site SEO on the product pages and also help customers get more information about the products that they are looking into buying. These questions also serve as FAQs for customers to rely on alongside other FAQs that may be on your website.

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