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25 Best Shopify Designers

Chic Workshop believes in quality over quantity and they are listed as Shopify experts. Their web design studio was founded by a small group of professionals that have passion in what they do last 2016 in Hong Kong. They specialize in creating mobile optimized, attractive designs that are friendly user and optimized for search engines and Shopify. They also offer development services aside from their full creative designs. Their team consists of Art directors, Graphic designers, Web Programmers, Web Designers, and other relevant expertise. Their clients have been from all over the world. 

2. The Hope Factory   

They can build a stylish, high converting yet easy to manage online store or site. They use a data driven approach to make sure that you grow your business easily through content marketing, coaching, and conversion optimization. They are also participants of Amazon services LLC association Program which provide ways for sites to earn from advertisements. They aren’t like the regular purchase and goodbye businesses because they will be by your side on your whole journey. They make sure to help you achieve what you want to achieve and hit your goals. The reason behind their partnership with Shopify is because Shopify wholeheartedly helps in helping businesses grow successfully.


ElkFox focuses on digital commerce designs and development. They have worked with different type and size of businesses as they have been in the industry for more than a decade. Their experiences as digital ecommerce specialists has been well equipped to help you build a successful ecommerce site from zero.

4. eShop Genius

If you don’t want to compromise with quality, eShop genius can help you. They will give you store set ups and a dedicated team of experts in web development. The benefits that you could get from them are:

  • Team of professional designers and team
  • Direct contact with the people who will be working on your site
  • Economical rates that would fit your budget
  • Customized teams to exactly fit your source files


The goal of eChic is to help businesses make smart choices about their website decisions. If you are a startup with a microbudget but you need something fast and still on your budget then eChic could help you out. But even if you’re a thriving business who wants something new, eChic could still help you out. There are different approaches for different needs and they will find you the best approach to make your customers happy, and would give you great value for money.

6. Stead Lane

The secret to their success is “Pull don’t push”. Weird? That’s the reason why they have been successful and have worked with leading global brands like SurfStitch, HiSmile, Griffith University and a lot more. They make sure their work speaks for themselves. They are more about innovation and finding better and new ways to present your information and products. They don’t just go with the current trend, they always give something new. They aren’t focused on all fluff, they are about measurable ROI, and the real blend of technology.

7. 360 & 5

360 & 5 is all about branding and designs and they believe in the power of designs. They love brands, brands that believe in something gigantic and no detail is ever small.

They combine technology with good designs to make brands stand out and turn into opportunities for business. Their goal is to make the world a better designed place, they’ll be taking it one brand at a time.

8. Binary - Shopify Experts

Binary is mainly focused on ecommerce on Shopify and makes sure they are delivering the best experience a customer would have through the disciplined and integrated use of the best practices, ideas, technology and also people. They were founded in 2001, they are a growing team that consists of more than 70 strategic, creative, and technical people who are ver passionate in what they do; creative and digital industries.

9. Softpulse infortech

Softpulse infotech believes that the power of IT solutions can transform any business or individual, and when investment is done on solutions that are effective you can expect the best results. Their solutions are cost effective but very effective because they match it to the clients requirements. They are committed in designing and developing the best solutions in the best way possible. When things could be better, they suggest it to their clients. They are dedicated in their work because they get rewards in the form of the satisfaction of their clients.

10. Adex Labs

Adex Lab is based in central India, they are a trusted software development firm. They deliver development services and software consulting that’s full spectrum to their clients from all over the world. They have a team who works in different domains such as Internet Media Marketing, Web App Development, designing, and a lot more. They provide different things such as SEO/SEM, Web promos, Email Marketing, Maintenance, Ecommerce site development, and so much more.

11. Elephant Room

Elephant room was established in 2003 as an integrated digital agency and since then they have focused on growing the presence of businesses from Australia. They make sure there isn’t any stone unturned as they drive success through a comprehensive approach to web developments and marketing. They care about their clients and their goal is pretty simple. They want to provide business access to people who do great work, to a great team, at a price that they could afford. When clients grow, they also grow and that’s what makes them strive for the best.

12. Eastside co.

Eastside Co is UK based and their digital agency has been able to create a good track record of the professional shopify solutions that they have done for their clients. They have visions of digital innovation, not just growth. They have grown and has been considered UK’s leading partner of Shopify. They have over 450 clients from all over the world and 30,000 application customers. Their collaborations have helped their clients combine millions of euros through their stores. All of these achievements is because they believe their clients success is also their own.

13. Aeolidia

Do you have a great product? Do you have a growing customer base? But do you feel like you’re being held back from getting to the next step? Don’t worry because Aeolidia is the right place for you. They would evaluate your goal to make a stronger identity, they will make sure your packaging would stand out, and your ecommerce website would turn into a high converting one.

With Aeolidia, it’s time to say goodbye to whatever is holding you down.

14. Process

Process is based In Sydney, they have been building and designing swebsites for more than 12 years already. They can assist you in all the stages you would need help in may it be strategy, branding, discovery, design, builing, optimization, marketing, or even on every part of your journey. They make sure to work closely with their clients to identify the best strategy to realize the unique objectives of their business.

15. A & Z Designs

They are built of 7 persons who specializes in helping businessmen and women grow on Shopify.  They have been in the industry for more than 8 years and they have worked with many large businesses in Shopify who grew with their help. They know that this could be confusing for many and they will be there to help you in every step of the way.


Meecko.Asia is comprised of a team of expert innovators in ecommerce, content designing, IT developing and digital marketing specialists. They are passionate in helping their customers bring their company to a higher level through digital marketing and eCommerce. They work together to make sure they give their customers not just SEO, or a ready online store but also new ideas, a team of ecommerce gurus and inspiration.

17. Thriftizer solutions

As an established brand or a startup, there’s always going to be something that you haven’t tapped on, and these could be a great potential to grow your business. Thriftizer will help your business become a measurable return of income and will help you get more conversions in a rate that’s faster than what you’re on. Their team would work with you to grow your important points attract more visitors, and keep your customers excited to come back.

They are a group of experts in designing, developments, and digital marketing who will make sure that your goal is in mind all throughout the process of upgrading. They code their sites from scratch to make sure that you have the best.

18. Jeronone technologies

This shopify pro has been helping a lot of Shopify shops from small to medium sized go online for more than 7 years. They have designed over 270 stores that has a responsive design, custom functions, theme development, and an app development together with all the other features.

19. Lucent innovation

This is a small team of innovators that has a big heart to help their clients reach success. They have created a good track record when it comes to their specialty which is store and app building. They make sure that what they build will help their customers reach their goals by making sure it luxuriate customers and increase customer engagement. They concept ideas into a product globally while producing online retail experience. Their team memebers are all professional from different fields like UI/UX development, SEO, Development, App Development, Shopify customization and others more.

20. Flagship LLC

Flagship is dedicated in digital and creative marketing and they are based in Tokyo. They were the first Shopify experts from Japan and have been working closely with Shopify to cultivate Japan’s market and localize it. they have experiences in different relevant fields such as Shopify enterprise plan, Shopify Plus, and others more.

21. Liquify web design

Liquify web is a modern, beautiful website for shopify. They set up digital marketing campaigns that actually work. They can also customize Shopify themes and build functionality that you need in your Shopify store. If you need services such as theme tweaks, theme designs, app development, digital marketing or theme marketing for your store you could go to them.

22. The working party

The working party is a team that has passion for ecommerce, they are a company who works on customer experience and digital designs. They work with a very high volume of merchants as well as startups to provide their customers with the best customer experience.

23. Webcontrive

WebContrive was born when passionate creativity and innovative technology merged. From the very beginning they have brought ideas to life as they have launched more than a thousand websites to connect clients and businesses and clients from across the globe.  They take pride in their ability to integrate and adapt your ideas into every possibility in their fingertips. They guarantee you with a line of communication to make sure you get your ideas across and they get their professional outlook to you.

24. MakkPress Technologies

They make the easy process of Shopify way easier for your business plans and goals. They have more than 40,000 businesses using their service and additional features. They have years and years of acquired knowledge in developing Shopify niche, themes, all from scratch but still making sure to stick to Shopify’s guidelines.

25. Zyber

Zyber is a New Zealand based web designing agency who has already won multiple awards.  Their experience and expertise would definitely help you increase your sales and conversions.  They accept small or big jobs that you need. They could help you in ranking higher on Google through SEO, check and review your store to check what needs to be fixed, develop your apps, a monthly support, and a whole lot more.

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  1. Comment From Carlo Cruz

    I have tried Eastside co and I definitely love their work. It’s amazing that they’re also featured here.

  2. Comment From Martha Smith

    Thanks for this lovely article. This makes finding a designer easier than having to check them all one by one to know what they have to offer. Any recommendations from those who have tried any of them?

  3. Comment From Christopher Adams

    I’ll bookmark this for the next time I would need a designer. The last time I was looking for one I had a hard time checking their websites one by one!

  4. Comment From Kassandra Mathews

    I’ve been hearing a lot about Chic Workshop, has any of you tried them?

  5. Comment From Courtney Abens

    This would really be a big help for people who needs to choose a designer right away. Do you mind if I share the link on social media? Thanks!

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