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Best Shopify Experts

If you are just going to do what the other person is doing, you'll just end up with the same results. With this, you cannot use Shopify just because it is user friendly. If you'll just use it with its built-in apps and themes, you'll get a website that just looks like another online store on the Internet. In this age where branding is very important. It is also important to fully customize your online store to provide your customers with a unique user experience. And you can do this with the help of Shopify experts.

What is Shopify Experts

Shopify Experts is a directory built within Shopify that contains a list of experts ranging from designers, developers, marketers etc. These people offer services that can enhance your online store.

Why Do You Need It

As I have said earlier, it is no longer enough to just create an online store simply because there is a platform for it. The Shopify platform by itself is very intuitive and easy-to-use. Its dashboard is quite similar to WordPress - settings on the right and navigation on the left. Each navigation tab leads to an area in the website that you can customize. Aside from this, the website also showcases a variety of themes so that Shopify stores can look different from each other.

However, there are times when themes are not enough. There are times when you also need to customize your website not only to be unique but to fully express your brand’s personality and story. As shown by websites that have captured the hearts of many and raked in an amazing amount of conversions, design is really important. And that is not just about ordinary design but customized design.

But what can you do if you know nothing about design or coding? That’s simple. You outsource it. Only this time, you don’t need to head over to those general freelancing websites just to find the right person. Instead, you can work with a person who is already used to the Shopify Platform. These are Shopify Experts - a team of talented service providers that are experienced in enhancing online stores in the said platform.  

How to Choose a Shopify Expert

Now that you know that a Shopify Expert is your bridge from an ordinary website to an extraordinary one, you may be excited to hire one. But before you jump into the first ‘expert’ you see, let me give you some tips. This way, you can filter the diamonds from the rest.

Define What Service Do You Need Help With

A certain number of freelancers have a pet peeve. This is when clients approach them with a vision instead of a particular task that they need help with. This happens when a client has a vision of what they want to happen, yet they cannot translate that vision into an implementation plan or a set of action steps. Because of this, freelancers are often confused on what to do. Freelancers are actors. They are not there to think about your business with you. They are workers and not a sounding board for your ideas.

With that said, it is very important to define what you need from your ‘expert’. First, you need to define the output. Then, you need to define the steps that they need to take in order to achieve that output. This is if you want them to take a particular path. If not, you can give them the leeway to exert their creativity until they achieve your desired output.

Also, don’t forget to write everything down. This will be your organized vision and implementation plan that you will only share with the right ‘expert’.

Choose Your Location

Location is one of the things that you should consider when choosing a Shopify Expert. Every expert is based in a different country. Ideally, you’ll want to work with a company that you can call and talk to. This way, they can express your brand better.

Look at Their Aesthetic

Every person has a different aesthetic. This is the reason why some people like some artworks while others don’t. And it is not because a particular artist is not talented nor is there a lack of creativity. It is merely an issue of aesthetic.

With this in mind, you should choose your expert based on your desired aesthetic. How do you do this? You look at their past works of course. This can come in the form of a portfolio or you can simply look at their website. This will give you an idea on what they view as ‘good’ and will give you a glimpse on how they will design your project.

Look at What Other People are Saying

But don’t take the expert’s words for their own work. Instead, look at what other people are saying about them. A good Shopify expert would have worked with several clients already and all of them should have something good to say about him or her. And it should not be general comments. It should be a real review of their service. Some of the things that you’ll learn here is your expert’s skill, communication and customer satisfaction rating. This will help you to ultimately decide on who to choose for your website design.

Talk to Them About your Needs

However, merely skimming through a list of experts and just noting their aesthetically pleasing portfolio and glowing reviews is not enough to get the best Shopify expert for your site. Instead, you should talk to them about your needs. This initial contact will help you gauge if the expert really understands your point-of-view and has the means to bring it to life. And it not just about feeling understood. You also need to see if the expert has a plan of action based on your vision. If not, use the plan that you made in the first part and show it to them. Remember that the goal of this relationship is to improve your website so there should be an action plan to do that.

Make Your Decision

After talking with several experts and sharing your vision and action plan, it is time to make your decision.

Once you choose your expert, it is time to roll your sleeves and start working. Remember, communication is key.

Top Shopify Experts

To get the ball rolling, let me show you to my top secret list of Shopify Experts. These are the experts that I haven’t tried myself but they have aesthetically pleasing portfolios and good reviews. This can serve as a starting point in your search for the right experts for your project.

Chic Workshop

Chic Workshop inserts a minimalistic and modern feel into their designs. What started as a small design company based in Hong Kong in 2006 grew to be one of the top design company in Shopify. They are accepting projects starting from $1,000 and their services include setup.


Elkfox is a company that is based in Melbourne. They joined Shopify as an expert in 2013 and has been serving customers for 4 years now. They accept projects with a $10,000 budget.

People love them for more than just their marketing skills. They also offer invaluable advice to their clients when it comes to layouts and conversions. With this, they do more than what is expected of them and this makes them one of the top experts in the field.

The Hope Factory

The Hope Factory is another company that is based in Australia. It also started in 2013 but have a lower budget of $2,500.

What they boast is their amazing service despite the price. They keep their customers happy through their transparent communication and constant updates.

Lucent Innovation 

This company named their company right when their design is able to change based on the needs of their target market. The best part? They accept projects that are as low as $500.

For this company, lower price doesn't equate to lower quality. In fact, they have a team of knowledgeable experts in the UI/UX, SEO and App development. No wonder they have a continuous stream of clients.

eShop Genius 

eShop Genius lives true to its name by being one of the highest ranked websites on Google for Shopify Experts. With this, their claim on their expertise is not just created out of thin air. They are able to demonstrate their marketing skills through their ranking. Truly, a genius indeed.

SoftPulse Infotech

Have a vision on how to implement your brand in your online store but don't have the budget? No problem! Now, you can watch your Shopify website come to life in as low as $500. Their reviews don't lie. You get the same quality service for the fraction of the cost.

Minion Made 

Looking for an expert that is based in the US? Then, Minion Made is what you're looking for. What makes this company special is that they do more than just design. They also do user research and stakeholder interviews. That is market research at its finest. Plus, they accept projects for as low as $100. How cool is that?

Go Web Baby 

Go Web Baby boasts their list of projects that are done on demand. They have developed over 14 Shopify apps and have created as much 700 stores. On top of this, their apps have as much as 10,000 users. Truly, you are working with an expert if you work with Go Web Baby.

East Side Co 

Classic and edgy. That's how fashion and lifestyle stores should be. East Side Co understands this aesthetic and this is why their design is geared towards this market. They boast a list of over 450 clients and over 30,000 app users. They have been the instrument behind the 250 million pound earnings of all of their clients combined.

Zago Sweden 

Looking for a Shopify expert in Australia, the US or London is not that big of a deal. But it is not often that you see an expert that is based in Sweden. Zago is one of the top providers in the area and they accept projects starting from $850.

We Make Websites 

We Make Websites is as direct in their message about what they do and it could not get any simpler. They assist companies set up their Shopify websites. Based in the UK, they are accepting projects from $8,000. I love how they have showcased all the companies that they have worked with.

Cyber Workshop 

Edgy, direct, impactful. Such is the aesthetic of Cyber Workshop. It is one of the top experts in a country outside the common ones. This one is based in New Zealand. Their customers are always happy because they always listen to what they have to say before acting on the project.

Belle Digital 

Stylish, sleek and lifestyle-centered. Belle Digital is another company that is focused on lifestyle-oriented online stores. They are known for their bespoke store designs as wekk as minor online store customizations and integrations. The best part is that they are always ready to assist their clients in all of their needs.

Now that you have seen some of the top providers in the Shopify Experts directory, it is time to hire them.

Remember, you are not alone.

The Shopify Experts directory has a ton of professionals waiting for you to ask for their help. You don’t have to figure things out on your own. You can always hire someone. Whether it be for photography, design or marketing, there are experts in every category. Hiring them is an efficient way to get your online store up in less time. 

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  1. Comment From Nathalie

    The themes Shopify offered wasn’t what I was looking for, I came across this article in the search for a way to outsource other themes because I did not want to deal with coding, finally an answer to my dilemmas!

  2. Comment From Coby D

    I have worked with Minion Made and I definitely recommend them!

  3. Comment From Raul

    Oh, so it is actually alright to contact different experts to see who would be more comfortable to work with? I was planning to do that earlier but was having second thoughts, thanks for this!

  4. Comment From Roi

    A good way to say a review is real is when there are some cons in it too, if it’s all pros it’s hard to believe an expert could be that perfect.

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