Best Shopify Marketing Product Feed Apps

Shopify app store is contained with great marketing tools to capture the interest and loyalty of customers by means of social media, and using loyalty programs, contest and many other things. In this article I have listed 10 most useful shopify marketing product feed apps. They are;

1. Awesome Facebook Product Feed

This app automatically builds product feed. All you have to do is to set it, and other things with follow on its own. You will need to create your dynamic ads in your Facebook Ads manager and this Ads will promote products to people who have shown interest on your website, or anywhere on the internet. This app will continue to update your product feed each time you add new products or you change an existing one. You have two options to choose, you either include all products, or you include products from selected collections in the product feed. The Facebook product catalog is not hard to set up, Facebook do offer great tutorials for you to do a quick job even at your first attempt. ?

2. Google Shopping Feed

Here, there is no need to submit feed URL and set fetching frequency and other settings, all you do is link your Shopify store with merchant center and the app does its job on its own. It has a robust interface and you can add Google Product Categories, Custom Labels, gender, product condition, age, custom product values either in bulk or product by product and others. It also has advanced filtering options, you are able to filter the products based on several parameters such as; by age, by product type, by tags, by promotions applied, by custom labels applied or not applied, and so on. This app allows you to use SEO descriptions or/and SEO titles as your product description and titles respectively.?

3. Bing Shopping Feed

The Bing shopping feed syncs attributes such as; color, price, variant images, ISBN, age group, product conditions, product types, GTIN, sales price, brand name, item group ID, custom labels, custom product details, product and variant IDs, etc. it has robust filters and bulk edits that allows you to fine tune your feed to get the maximum out of the submission. They use custom labels to assist you to filter products, create multiple campaigns and AdGroups to achieve better management and control. This app has been supporting stores with products (over than 100k) in them and it is a free package that covers almost 30 live products.

4. Advanced Google Shopping Feed

It has a 14 day free trial period, after which you will be charged $7 per month. With this feed you have an audience in many countries around the world with multiple currencies. With this one app, your Bing Shopping, Facebook Products Ads and Google Shopping can easily get set up. It has unique features such as; extended title options like color and size that will ensure the correct product variation is shown within Google Shipping and the variation will have its own unique image, ability to choose (if you want to) an auto generated GTIN numbers and/or set all identifiers to FALSE. This app does not support translation apps, and the size of the feed is limited to 50,000 products in addition to all variants. ?

5. Feedo

This app allows you to create, optimize, update and publish your product feed to Google very easily. Its interface is built to handle extremely large feed. It globally maps product categories and other custom variables with the Google Merchant center (GMC) values. It allows users to update merchant center-specific attributes either in bulk or by individual product, before sending them to automatic optimization. With just one click you publish directly to GMC after optimized feed review. Optimization is made easy with feedo. It has advanced filter that allows you to find what you are looking for speedily. 

6. Imageagram

It comes with a 14-day free trial after which you are billed $4.99 per month. It is easy to install and integrate anywhere on your store. It has never been easy to implement a set of gallery with lot of customizing features. You can display your products in a new way for your customers to see here. It integrates Instagram photos to your store with just simple steps to customize it. It works well even with all screen sizes and is very responsive as Instagram Gallery, Image detail popup works smoothly with your PC, mobile or tablet. 

7. Lotus

Here, anytime you create a new product, a message is automatically posted to your twitter and facebook page instantly so your customers can know. It also increases your facebook and twitter outreach, and also saves you time you will spend on this social media platform so you can do other important things. Once you have this social media account, you can set up lotus by simply authorizing lotus’s access to these account.

8. Flexify

It has shopify’s Facebook pixel integration that is compatible with dynamic ads. With this app, you can easily sync your product catalogue to Facebook’s business manager. This Facebook dynamic product Ads helps in promoting relevant products to shoppers browsing your product catalog on your mobile app or website. Applying the Google product categories you already set with Shopify’s Google sales channel will eliminate double work here in flexify. You have up to 1000 products (along with their variants) in a single feed.

9. Koongo

Koongo connects shopify to over 500 marketplaces, comparison sites, and affiliate platforms. It has API marketing integration that transfers data instantly to marketplaces such as miinto,, amazon, wish or Your marketplace orders can automatically upload to your shopify store, and you can choose to fulfill these orders directly in your store and handle them as regular shopify orders.

10. Instafeed

You can use instafeed to boost sales by using your Instagram feed to inspire your store visitors. You can also expand the reach of your Instagram posts to your store visitors. You display your Instagram feed exactly the way you want it, and also make it blend easily into your store. Instafeed has cool features such as; simple to set up (by using its intuitive editor), compatibility with all themes and devices, displaying a title at the top of your feed, tagging products on your posts by creating a shoppable Instagram feed, and so on.

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    Anyone tried the advanced google shopping feed? Is it really different from the basic one?

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