Best Shopify SEO Apps

Shopify apps has made it really easy to sell anything online. There are also many Shopify apps that can help you to grow your revenue using search engine optimization (SEO). These apps are designed to help you improve your store’s visibility so that you can sell your product.

So, if you are a Shopify store owner looking to enhance your SEO efforts, here are 10 of the best Shopify SEO apps to consider:

1. Omnistar Affiliate Software

If you are looking for your Shopify stores to go viral, OSI Affiliate software makes it easy for you to create and manage a referral marketing campaign. The app helps you to get more website visitors. It also makes it simple to hire and manage marketing agents to publicize your Shopify store. Other important benefits of using OSI Affiliate Software are that it helps you to generate leads to your Shopify website and also record feedback to help improve your business.

Features like page deep linking, web banners, automated customer enrollment and a capable multi-tier referral program will help you improve your store. The software team also provides excellent service support daily online and via phone????? for any issues you may have.

2. SEO Image Optimizer

This app helps you to leverage on SEO to drive traffic to your Shopify app page. Not only is it easy to set up under a minute, you don’t have to worry about making manual improvements. SEO image optimizer helps you to draw SEO traffic from Google Search Results.

The app is free, easy to install and requires little or no management from you. By making premium Alt tags, you make your store easier to use especially for people with visual impairments. This is one of the best apps to use if you are looking to get better Google Image search rankings for your store.

3. SEO - All in One & Automated

The SEO All in One & Automated app is a great tool for getting higher page ranking for your Shopify app storefront on all popular search engines. It makes your images SEO-friendly which enhances your ecommerce store visibility and traffic. It uses a simple easy-to-process template to help you create and apply Meta Tags for your products.

It also checks your Shopify store for SEO-related issues to fix them. The app also features an advanced meta settings, mobile-friendly checking that also helps you to check for broken links on your website. You can also easily view your website site and other metrics to see how to improve them.

4. JSON - LD for SEO

Getting organic SEO traffic for your Shopify Store is important to making sales. For a one-off cost of $69, the app helps you to drive more organic search traffic to your website without overly competing with other stores. Because the app displays your product description right in the search engine, you will be seeing better conversion from people who find you on Google, Bing and other search engines.

This app is really fast in acquiring Rich Results, even better than industry mean figures. You can also install the app and get it working under a few minutes without any technical know-how.

5. PageSpeed Guru

Better store webpage performance can help you to increase your revenue. It has been proven that every second that your pagespeed increases, you see a corresponding 2% increase in sales conversion. PageSpeed helps to enhance the customer experience when they visit your site and because loading speed is another factor that affects website ranking, your page ranks higher when customers search for you.

The app also helps to reduce your adexpenses since faster pages lead to less cost of advertising. PageSpeed Guru also provides service support within 48 hours of most requests.

6. SEO Doctor

Fixing Shopify store SEO issues can be quite annoying if you are not tech-savvy. Instead of hiring an SEO expert to help you with your store’s SEO problems, SEO Doctor can find and resolve all your website’s SEO problems with easy-to-follow suggestions on how to fix them. It can also find and fix 404 Errors, improve title and product description effectiveness and help you with better ranking product images for Google Search results.

SEO Doctor also helps you to improve page loading speed using its proprietary smart image compression function.

7. SEO Photo Optimizer

SEO using Alt Tags on product images is very effective and SEO Photo Optimizer helps you better Google ranking and revenue. This is the only Shopify SEO app that can help you resize, compress and then apply SEO-enhancing alt tags product images in bulk. The best part is that it saves the original product images for you for later use.

The apps also works well with all known image formats. With more than 40% reduction in image size, your Shopify apps pages load faster which improves your SEO ranking and sales.

8. FireAMP

FireAMP works by improving your mobile page speed which enhances your Google Search rankings organically. An important determinant of user experience is page speed especially on mobile devices. FireAMP helps to make your website’s mobile pages load faster that increases the number of visitors that you get.

This also helps to increase customer conversion and revenue. By making your website to load faster and better on mobile devices, you open up your store to a new audience that are easily converted. AMP pages created by this app are light on code and exceptionally fast.

You can try it for 15 days before deciding on monthly $7.99 subscription.

9. SPO (SEO Product Optimizer)

Save yourself the trouble of changing your preview links without knowing how to code. SPO takes care of creating and managing social media meta tags for your Shopify store owners. Suited to niche products and keywords, SPO increases your keyword visibility on search engines so that you are easy to find.

SPO is used to create custom link previews on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. It also provides keyword recommendations for your niche keywords with minimal competition and high search volume that would help you with social media marketing. SPO is easily integrated with all popular search engines, social media websites and Google Trends.

10. ReloadSEO

Here is one of the best Shopify SEO apps that drives visitors to your website by enhancing your website and product pages’ Google page rankings. ReloadSEO is designed to be easy to use without any technical skill. It provides important SEO features like keyword research, content optimization and backlink checking. It also provides a comprehensive competitor content analysis report that shows what type of content that your competition is creating.

It also gives you SEO suggestions to better compete with them. ReloadSEO also assists with fixing website crawling issues by finding and fixing SEO issues quickly.

11. SEO Manager

It's always important to have some kind of SEO campaign. However, managing it is a different animal. With this type of program in order, one can look forward to SEO scan, meta content tools, and keyword suggestions. These are just a few features to help keep things in line to create a pathway of the search engine deeming your material as more authoritative.

This way, you can take more control of your store in a manner that's a lot more effective for the long-term.

12. Amplify Me

With mobile only getting bigger and better, it's important to have a presence in this realm. More people these days are looking to their mobile device to do shopping or breeze through websites, especially during the down time moments of a busy day. This platform is great for speeding up one’s site to make this exchange better.

Having a speedy navigation is certainly helpful in terms of making the user experience great. This will also be great in terms of bringing in more traffic to the site.

13. SEO Assistant Buymaxx

While SEO is always a nice option in terms of getting one’s brand out there, it can take some time doing it all by yourself. That's why it's important to have everything in together as far as finding a good assistant who can help in this manner. Using this platform will actually help you save a lot of time when it comes to getting it all down into an organized plan.

 This is to help boost traffic, speed through the process of editing ?????meta data, and increasing your site ranking.

14. Alt Text

Without any kind of direction, one will be hard-pressed to get anywhere. You could have some great images on your site, but it goes for naught when there's no description behind them. The search engine won't be able to recognize the image, but they'll notice the text to describe it.

That's why it's important to make the alt text a lot easier. Also, think of your audience who can't see the image. They need to a proper description to get them to make a purchase like a t-shirt or something else you want to sell.

15. SEO HTML Sitemap

Through creating an ecommerce stores, it's important to make it easy to navigate for not only yourself but the customers. A sitemap helps you look at all of the links to the page and keep everything intact. Additionally, having things in the footer will make it better to go through the site without feeling lost.

You can also setup the way you have your products presented to keep things organized.

16. Plug in Speed

Speed is one of the main reasons why people use an online platform. It's one of those things that just have a certain level of convenience no matter what the context. In terms of different images, it can be a bit hard to keep the movement and loading on a site to something that's satisfying for a customer.

This particular app does a lot of justice, because it actually helps to optimize things better. This is absolutely perfect for both a desktop and mobile experience.

17. Rich Snippets for SEO

Having some good snippets are great in terms of drawing people into the site. Think of them as small crumbs that will essentially help create a lead to a particular destination. In this case, these small descriptions are quite helpful in standing out from everyone else.

Someone can look at it and immediately get a synopsis of what's going with a particular site. This will be better in targeting a niche audience.

18. SEOMetriks Marketing Tools

It's important to have the right internet marketing campaign to help setup the right layout for an online store. Without a good buildup, it's hard to get some solid promotion for the brand. Having some essential tools will make it great for coming with a good course of action.

Here you can analyze backlinks, go through audits, and even check out the competition. By taking the time to look at this stuff, it'll be better for long-term indexing. That's certainly need to create some solid staying power while developing a quality online presence.

19. Schema Plus

Without some good visibility, it's hard to make a name for yourself. You can have incredible products, but that doesn't mean anything if no one sees it. It's like having all the makings of a great party, but no one is there due to poor promotion.

This is something to add a sense of finesse to things already on your website. It's a necessary asset, because you may need to either truncate or fine-tune certain pieces of content on the site. It'll help with indexing and just different bots crawling the site.

20. Smartify Image SEO

Great images always add a certain kick or spice to a site. Text is great, but a solid picture is worth a lot more. However, a search engine isn't going to recognize the image itself.

That's why it's very important to think about the text behind the image. It'll be the perfect marriage between written and visual. This makes the overall content of a site have more authority.

This is very important when people start to narrow their search, and could be a nice leg up needed in order to get the content right on point. This is necessary to make sure your particular products are seen first.

21. UltraSEO

It's always nice to have a good ecommerce site, but traffic is the name of the game. Without enough foot traffic on a page, it's hard to make sales. Find ways to optimize each page in order to set a particular standard of excellence right from the start.

Also, this can be more simplified for the beginner. They cater to the client and make it a more powerful campaign for controlling the meta tags, keywords, and author tags to create better traction to the site.

22. Image Sitemap

Images are key, especially when it comes to running an online store. When these things are passed by, it easily results in losing revenues. That's why it's important to have a good method to keep the images and content around them in great working order.

It's easy to install, because it's a one-click process. There's no need for any coding. Also, you can monitor your Google indexing in real-time. This helps to keep tabs on what's effective in your SEO.

23. Marketing Audit

Not only is the visual aspect important, but you should always remember the technical side of SEO. There are different pockets of data that should always be looked at from a short and long-term perspective. This will help you see what's going on each page.

Find out what products or pages are performing best and the ones that need improvement. If there are any threats or something that needs to be addressed, there are alerts that go off to make you aware of what's happening.

24. Sputnik - SEO Setup

To the average person, SEO might seem a bit like rocket science. That's why there's always a need to breakdown it down into more of a common perspective. It'll be an easier concept to grasp, so that the marketing can be done more efficiently.

Sputnik helps in giving good keyword research. This is great for knowing how particular words perform, especially when creating descriptions for products. Also, the optimization of a page takes less than a minute.

25. Site Booster

A nice boost can certainly enhance your experience with creating things and the people will tend to get more out of your site. In this particular case, it'll be easier to show up in variety places from search engines, apps, review pages, and more. That type of visibility is very important to get more on the map to things like Yelp, Foursquare, and Pinterest.

This will give you more buzz to expand your traffic reach. By getting in multiple places, it'll lead to more longevity in your brand.

26. Easy SEO - SEO Made Easier

Getting quality traffic starts with an organic approach. While it's great to have targeted traffic from doing a paid ad or something like that, it's not always the most effective. In fact, it can drive a hole in your pocket if you don't know what you're doing.

That's why getting tremendous organic traffic can certainly be a better way to draw in different demographics. It'll be a good indicator of what resonates on the site most. This takes an easier approach to get things in great order for better analysis.

You can get an honest SEO score to help make good modifications for more efficiency.

27. ProSEOTracker

This is certainly a powerhouse. Often times, you'll need a few key apps to do different things. However, if you need a good measure of monitoring items in regards to a campaign, this is the program to have in your arsenal.

It's a powerful way of getting great insight into what your site is doing. Find different metrics from metadata, keywords, and Google analytics. This statistics will help you find out any changes that you need to make in your plan.

As a result, there's more room for better growth in your business.

28. Plugin SEO

There's always room for improvement with any site, no matter how big or small. Certain links could be outdated that not only slows down your site, but people click on it and can actually abandon it based on getting to a dead space on the site. This is the type of app to help clean things up.

Think of the impact this has on the user experience. Ultimately, it'll be a great way to see constant things one can improve with a simple installation. That's very important to help monitor things that could be a bit off with your site.

29. SEO Images All-In-One SEO

Having great images can certainly enhance your experience when it comes to looking at a site. However, image SEO is very important to make things better. This helps in resize the images in a manner that makes it more efficient for loading.

Not only that, but they're better optimized when people search for things on different sites like Google and Yahoo. It'll help to give your content more authority, so you get the organic traffic back to your site.

30. SEO App by Squirrly SEO

Squirrly is certainly a top-notch app to help with your SEO or Search Engine Optimization and just generally improving the way your products look on your site. Find out what people search intent lies in to help you come up with better tagging to get your products in the right circle for monetizing. By taking the small steps to increase your site’s appeal, it'll be better for creating a long-term brand.

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